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free of crime, although, overrun with ferrets

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 — 8:44am PDT
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In addition to the note i added onto a post yesterday, the concern about Patullo Bridge is again in the spotlight due to another tragic accident that claimed the lives of 4 people. If you’ve ever driven over this bridge (as i have many times a week for the past 25 years..well as a passenger THEN as a driver when i was old enough) you’d know how freaky it is to hit that almost-hair-pin curve especially if you’re stuck in the middle lane. it’s not that i don’t trust myself enough to stay in my lane and go the speed limit, it’s that i don’t trust other drivers. i’ve driven over that bridge at 10pm and seen an SUV with no lights on straddling the middle lane – coming my way. so many of the accidents are in THAT spot and they involved head-on collisions. meridians won’t really do much, I think the new Surrey Mayor has it right when she says – we need a wider bridge — better yet a new bridge.

While we’re talking about bridges to Surrey, why on earth did they only add ONE lane to the Port Mann? Sure it gives us a HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane heading East but from 5am to 8pm westbound traffic is backed up for miles regardless. why could they have not made it a counterflow? they only somewhat solved the solution for one direction of traffic. There’s also the issue of twinning the Port Mann.

anyone who’s had to take the Patullo or the Port Mann KNOWs that some vast improvements need to be made to the major arteries around here. although more space/breathing room and quicker travel times (not because of speeding) equals potentially more vehicle traffic – and i believe that’s a main fear most people have. in an article by the Tyee “… widening highways to reduce traffic is like buying bigger pants to fight obesity: more room on highways will just encourage more people to drive.” If we build it, they will come.

this offering of cookies and milk

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006 — 2:06pm PDT
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Laura is buying me cookies. she’s on her break and just called to tell me there’s a 70% off sale at Athlete’s World. Our office is attached to Pacific Centre and at the north end all the stores are clearing out. so on top of all their boxing day/week sales, they’re all having lease expiry blowouts. i believe holt renfrew will be taking over that entire side of the mall (from the food court all the way up to old navy) nuts eh? i wonder what it will be like for us office people who walk through there to get to food on our lunch break – i don’t want to have to pass through Stuffy McSnob’s to go get a panini from Cafe Supreme. (which probably won’t exist after this…)
I ended up getting a sub for lunch today, although i would have prefered a nice soup and sandwich from Suzette’s – with the big ol thick multigrain bread and alfalfa sprouts mmmm…
today is shaping up to be just as slow as last week – it’s all going to start again soon though…the 12 hour days, the weekend shifts… earnings season is coming! for now, i’ll try to enjoy this slow time and put a top coat on my nails before i leave for the day.

EDIT: Bridge of death strikes again. I’ve blogged about it before and even John (after living here for only a few months) calls it the “bridge of death”. it’s utterly insane how unsafe that bridge has been for decades.

there's nothin' to block your view

Monday, January 2nd, 2006 — 8:25pm PDT
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last night at work i replicated the FIFA World Cup 2006 logo on the white board (as best i could). this summer we have the World Cup of Soccer (from Germany) which will be pretty exciting to see. I don’t follow a lot of football (soccer) but I really enjoy the thrill, excitement and skills displayed at the World Cup. It’s also pretty neat to see people in this city (which is pretty darn ethnically diverse) go absolutely bonkers in support of their country/team.
In world junior action, Finland vs Canada in the semi-finals and USA vs Russia. The Canucks lost to the worst team in the league last night. Do we need a new goalie? Do we need to fire our coach? So many rumours in the air.

Ack – there’s so much hockey going on right now yipes! Spengler Cup, World Juniors, NHL, the upcoming Olympics eee! We took a year off and now we’re making up for it. Although the Giants (WHL) were still on last year and they seem to be having a pretty nice season so far.

Tonight i’ll sleep like a baby. i mean i left here at 10:30 pm yesterday and was back at 8:20am today. that, combined with the sore parts from the long walk yesterday and i may even need to have a nice hot bath…oooh! i need to rest up if i’m going out this weekend. we have a Giants game to attend and then whatever is going on for my bday.

i just told Gus that if i would have walked all that way in heels i would be fine – but since i wore my new flats, my ankle feels like a cannonball. i’ve attached a map for effect :p (basically from our house – which is not on the map – down to beach ave and then that loop). we could have made it a little longer and gone around by science world but i did have to come in at 6pm last night, so we couldn’t go too nuts.

I kept throwing suggestions out there for John – how about the maritime museum? Planetarium? Science World? All places I haven’t been to since i was in elementary school. i enjoy what vancouver has to offer – places to learn and experience – whether it be about the north west passage, constellations or how electricity works. though i think what people enjoy most about vancouver is a nice sunny day after weeks of rain and wind. nothing compares to just getting outside (when it’s +10 degrees Celcius), having a view of the mountains, ocean air tickling your nostrils along with the fresh scent of the trees… the most valuable and popular tourist attraction in vancouver on a clear day…. is just being outside.

first and 365….

Sunday, January 1st, 2006 — 10:00pm PDT
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i fell asleep while john was watching the Outback Bowl this morning – football bores me. I’ve decided to include lots of new years pics in this post, although i’m still waiting for copies of anne’s pics from her visit. it was a good time, pretty mellow but it was with people i care most about.

earlier that day we received a parcel from john’s friend Don – the Rev – he sent us a lovely letter and package full of goodies, including DVDs of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. He also included a puppy for each of us, because well, everyone needs a puppy.

the evening started off with a visit from Tanya – haven’t seen her in ages. she’s fresh off a trip to calgary. She stopped by for a few mins since she was downtown.

then we got to work on the margaritas, john’s family recipe which is bascially… the nummiest thing you’ve ever drank :p

my brother brought some food from my mom’s house – SO much food. pizza, lasagna, pita bread, greek salad num num. we had a nice base in our stomach – we could now fill our bellies with much margarita goodness.

we played cranium and the girls beat the boys this time – my sister and i really aren’t used to losing hehe. nothing beats john’s version of “bloom” and here’s jen’s Eye, Full, Tower.

Also, just for reference – you can take a test here…

we got pretty silly. watched silly shows and then jen and sean passed out. jen had to be up for work at 6am in north van so it’s understandable. we weren’t hung over on sunday but we still stayed in all day. watching documentaries, eating cheese n crackers, enjoying the last few days off work until …well…easter? i think that’s the next stat.

i’m at work right now – we went for a humega walk around town today. took the water taxi to granville island, walked along the seawall on that side until the cambie bridge – crossed over and back around to english bay via yaletown. i tried my first soy mocha – the cream usually gives me a belly ache, it wasn’t too shabby at all. i look forward to the year ahead.

i have no resolution, i usually don’t. i just hope that everyone is healthy and happy in the year tocome. remember a job is just a job, family is first, live your life and always support your local podcaster:p 2005 was a bit rough and full of transition, who knows what 2006 will hold, i can’t wait to find out. is making sure i don't fall asleep

Friday, December 30th, 2005 — 9:13am PDT
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Dine out Vancouver is back! January 20th to February 2nd. We’re going to participate this year since we have dinners out a lot anyway :p Last night we got take out from Hon’s – MAN was it ever busy, all them Robson holiday shoppers going for dinner. We haven’t gone out much recently since the flu’s had us both eating crackers and ginger ale for most of the week. i’m doing okay (besides the absolute boredom of being at WORK today) and i believe john is coming around as well.
The Canucks play the Mild in Minnesota on saturday. it’s a pay-per-view game but we’re going to order it anyway.

the following weekend is my birthday. i have that day off so we’re going to spend the day wandering around vancouver, i’d like to head over to kits and even the museum of anthropology. that place is really great – it’s near to my heart and i think john would really enjoy it as well. we used to go there about 3 times a year on field trips in school – it was our box factory, and we always loved it.

i’m not sure why it’s the only thing i can think of to do that day. my sister always comes up with something fun – i’m always open for suggestions. i think that saturday (jan 7th) we’ll be heading out on the town for whatever she/the city have in store for this soon-to-be 26 year old! (AHH!!) whatever we end up doing (and however it’s documented on jen’s digital cam) i just really want a candle in my pancake in the morning and i don’t really care what else i do. oh my, that sounds rude….i swear, it isn’t.

tony the pooh

Thursday, December 29th, 2005 — 10:52am PDT
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i had 77 visitors to my site in one day about a week ago when i posted the SNL “Lazy Sunday” vid (an all-time high for this lil blogger!). I have no idea who’s reading this but it seems as though there’s people from the UK, Canada, USA, Finland, Germany and Australia ‘tuning in’ to my daily not-so- adventures. i just try to write anything that’s on my mind – work, city events, family stuff… so i hope it’s somewhat entertaining. feel free to leave a comment anytime :p

now on to the canucks who broke their 5-game losing streak and defeated nashville (and their 6-game win streak) last night at the Garage 4-3. after being trampled by the alberta teams the ‘nucks slipped from 2nd in the division to 7th but after last night (and a loss by edmonton, calgary and the avs) they’re back on top in the north west. richard park got the game winning goal – i’ve got a soft spot for that kid.

the family is still passing around the stomach flu. this morning my belly sounds like bong water – i think i’m just hungry although still feeling a bit queasy. i haven’t done much for work today – just a bunch of invoicing and catching up on filing and reports. i work for a newswire service – we put out news over the wires. that’s right. i don’t want to get into too much detail, but it’s a pretty darn good gig.

I’ve posted some Christmas pics on my flickr. I’d love to put up more of my sister’s kids since they’re so freakin cute and funny and silly and adorable but she’s kinda iffy about that… and yeah i understand her not wanting pics of her children on the internet :p in the meantime, there’s pics of john and i, me in ikea with a lampshade on my head and me posing with the “Ladies Thong” my mother brought me from london that has the lovely logo on it “mind the gap”. Thanks Ma!

i think i’m going to run down to Tim Ho and get me a bagel for my rumbly/bubbly tummy. i heard that there’s msg in Tim Ho coffee – could this be true?

Edit: I’ll add some more suggestions for New Years in another post but I just found out there’s no First Night Vancouver – although there’s on in Surrey oooh! And I’m going to try and convince John to do the polar bear swim new year’s day…shhh ๐Ÿ˜‰