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I really don’t want to blog anymore tonight, but I have to inform everyone that pics are up on my flickr. [flickr: miss604]

And if I don’t feel like blogging tomorrow? Too Bad!! We were already down at BarCamp earlier this evening getting all registered. Tomorrow I’ll be surrounded by 119 other Vancouver bloggers, geeks, podcasters sitting in on workshops and sessions from the Workspace office downtown.

John’s going to have his ‘Matt Good experience’ post up soon [audihertz] and I see ZonaBoy’s got his pics up on flickr now too [flickr:zonaboy]

I better get to bed, we’re leaving for BarCamp in about 6 hours.
Sleep time now.

EDIT: If you are going to use any of the pics on a blog post, be sure to link back to their source on Flickr (as with any pics you scoop from anyone else, eg. ZonaBoy cause his pics are rad ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

GOOD Stuff – Live Blogging from Matthew Good's

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Click to view My Flickr Photos, click to view Zona Boy‘s wickedly awesome Flickr Photos and click for the recap podcast we did on Radiozoom

So here we are and here’s the why/how/who

[72 hours ago Matthew Good put up a post on his blog [mblog] to say that he’s inviting 20 fans to his house for an acoustic show in the living room. “It will be 20 fans, two dogs, a little security, one guitar, and that’s it.”]

Friday night in Vancouver and we’re about to witness a lil slice of Vancouver, BC, Canadian music history with Matthew Good…in his house.

7:30 pm: It smells like Bounce dryer sheets – which are apparently bad for you. Current count: 8 people, 2 dogs, a squeaky toy.

7:40 pm: For everyone concerned, the doggies will be staying in Canada at Grandma n’ Grampa’s house. Current count: 16 people, 2 doggies, 1 laptop, 1 guitar and a fan that is keeping me alive right now (after RUNNING here from BarCamp in Gastown).

7:50 pm: Out of about 280 emails, these 20 people are here from all over the lower mainland, 1 from Texas and 1 girl JUST flew out here from Edmonton this afternoon. Some are old friends, some were chosen at random. The line up of people is now trickling out into the hall way and into the solarium, which is full of boxes. We’re all sitting on the floor, cross legged – and Matt’s on a chair near the window. I just had a flashback to kindergarden – but it’s certainly not nap time.

8:00 pm: I never knew White Tower Pizza (which is actually very close to where we live) had such an interesting history :p.While sitting here telling stories of drunken times of yore, Matt’s warming up on the guitar (which he says he hasn’t touched since his last tour stop). We’re still waiting for one more person so the show hasn’t quite started yet. The pups are keeping us all pretty entertained.

8:10 pm: DJ Jazzy Jeff does not amuse easily. The warm up sounds like Near Fantastica notes mixed with loungey, country tunes with lyrics of “Benjiiii….”. The sun is going down behind the window so the room is getting dark. The pups are losing steam and everyone’s auto-flash is going off now when they take pics. There’s such a mix of people here – I wish I had beer. Some people have beer. I didn’t bring any:-(

8:12 pm: The REALLY nice guy who came here from Texas gave us beer ๐Ÿ™‚

8:17 pm: Tripoli – he forgot the words, we’ll google them.

8:20 pm: Where has my head gone. Okay the dry eyes are becoming scarce and we’re only on song 1. Sun’s gone down and the sky is pink looking out West. Completely amazing.

8:27 pm: Pause. Mom and Dad are on the phone.

8:34 pm: Metal Airplanes. You Know it’s True/There’s Nothing I can do. The songs are peppered with the sound of B and C’s squeak toy, but still beautiful.

8:37 pm: ‘Did you get the glove?’ Just trying to come up with lighting arrangement and W from Maryland just arrived! There’s a whole whack load of people in the apartment now. Strange Days was just requested so it’s up next.

8:44 pm: Outside the window you can see balconies full of people at the hotel across the way – just wondering what’s going on in this empty apartment (full of boxes) with people sitting on the floor around a man with a guitar. Strange Days was amazing. The applause scared the pups who promptly barked and wrestled in the middle of the floor when they erupted.

8:54 pm: Banter banter funny witty fun banter. Stanley Park is a great place to live although the West End ain’t too shabby.Requests? Avalanche. One foot in front of the other….

9:02 pm: I believe the dude who runs the biggest Matt Good fan site, Near Fantastica [NF], is making a video of the performance. Matt just performed Avalanche and Benji made the high notes along with him.

9:05 pm: Prime Time Deliverance.

9:09 pm: We’re prank calling his brother.

9:16 pm: Sort of a Protest Song.
9:23 pm: Matt’s just asked for QUESTIONS from the commenters/readers of the blog. Please put them in the comments. He’s going to give me his camera so I can take some pics and upload them as we go ๐Ÿ™‚

9:37 pm: The mood lighting is back and John’s taking pics that we’re trying to upload for you folks. Getting into a few more personal/emotional tunes right now. She’s in it for the money and love don’t mean a thing….

9:44 pm: Alert Status Red. Slowed down. Benji is the alpha dog.

9:48 pm: There are people here without hotels. People who took the first flight outta their city to get here for the show. W from Maryland just told us all that her bag is still at YVR going around the carousel because she didn’t have time to grab it and get here on time. THIS (plus the 50+ comments on my site, the MOST traffic my site has ever seen) is a testament to how much this guy means to not only Vancouver, but people all over the world. Now we’re into the airport stories….

10:07 pm: Some off the record comments about old times – a lot of which were questions asked in the comments that I’m just not at liberty to disclose via a blog (or ever really). Sorry for the top-secretness but it is out of respect. I can tell you that it’s been decided that Seth McFarlane is a genius, and that Matt prefers American Dad to Family Guy. He sorely misses the Town Pump in which he attended Pearl Jam shows ‘way back when’ along with a total of 10 other people. I am now totally blinded by flashes.

10:27 pm: Answering misc. questions and talking points:

Will miss: The edgy Vancouver that no longer exists. Empire Stadium beats BC PlaceCanada should only have 2 hockey teams: the Leafs and the Canadiens — and the Habs should be able to draft QMJHL players before ANYONE else.I just told Matt I grew up in Whalley so we reminisced about Whalley Little League & Gold n Guns.

Now playing: Fated.

10:29 pm: This is the first time in a while I’ve talked with someone who grew up in Vancouver about old Vancouver things – and it’s with Matt Good. Granted he’s got a few years on me so he remembers far more eg. seeing Whitecaps games at Empire Stadium before it got turned into a parking lot, when Yaletown was overrun with hookers, rats and unique sketchy warehouses in which to jam with your West Coast hardcore band.
10:33 pm: Matt asks if he can ‘not’ play Appartitions. We’ve allowed the pass.
10:36 pm: House of Smoke and Mirrors. (Benji sings along….again)

10:43 pm: In a World Called Catastrophe. Who on earth flies at 4am? Losers.

FYI: people in the room are calling out requests so I type what I believe he’s about to play — turned out to be something else, I was too quick to publish :p

10:48 pm: No one should do Bob Dylan but Bob Dylan. There were a few bars of Watchtower. Pause in the music, talking about the new MacBook – considering a demo. Okay, we’re going to have a Mac demo.

10:52 pm: Um, the new MacBook is neat.

10:55 pm: One more song then he’s gonna call it – we’re welcomed to stay and hang out… they just noticed a person in the alley looking up and taking pictures. We’re still missing one participant so there’s talk it could be him… or if he doesn’t look demented – I think he’s getting invited up regardless.

11:00 pm: Nope, guy in alley was just ‘guy in alley’…. with a camera.

11:02 pm: Nevermind – he’s sitting beside us right now… with his camera. He’s scared, he thought we were all yelling at him in the alley to tell him to piss off – but we were trying to figure out who he was. Um…welcome alley guy!

11:04 pm: I forgot to say hi to Lisa in NZ – Matt n’ company … said hi :p

11:07 pm: To answer a question that I can answer: what do the neighbours think? They’re over here right now (well a bunch of them at least) and having a ball.

11:12 pm: John and I have to go get steak from Olympia on Denman – we’ve been told we HAVE to try it.

11:29 pm: I think that’s it for songs tonight.

11:32 pm: will have some more answers to questions along with a video (probably, most likely, via YouTube) so check out those guys in the near future.

11:33 pm: There will be another album, do not use Bounce*. We’re signing off for the night. Time to get my pics with Matt. Good night!!

Please check out our Podcast – John and I will talk about our experience so stay tuned. AND check my flickr site in the morning, I’ll have ALL our pics up. Thanks for tuning in tonight everyone, glad I got to share this with you ๐Ÿ™‚

12:09 am: Thoughts now that we’re home…. John should have remembered his camera cable and we should have befriended Matt a long time ago – it just took us about 9 minutes to walk home from his place :p It was an experience of a lifetime: laid back, casual, full of emotions. We’re looking forward to hearing about his travels abroad and keeping in contact with such a great Vancouverite, musician, uber interesting and super cool guy who we’d just wanna geek out with.

EDIT: (Aug. 29/06) Just a note here — the podcast is up

golden ticket – blogging with matt good

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[Matthew Good] is going to do a completely unplugged acoustic show – no amplification whatsoever – in [his] now empty living room for 20 lucky people…20 fans, two dogs, a little security, one guitar, and that’s it [mblog].

Before he leaves Vancouver for an undetermined amount of time to undisclosed places, Matthew Good is inviting a couple of fans into his house for a very intimate and interactive performance.

I will be there tomorrow night for some live-blogging.

I’m unsure how I got this lucky horseshoe stuck up my butt but I’m certainly glad it’s there (a strange admission, but not too surprising, I know).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Matthew Good, check the wiki. I can’t believe my first MG Band show was 9 years ago…

The invite is for 8:00pm (Friday, Aug. 25th) so stay tuned.

EDIT: *Blogger is being extremely bloggin’stupid this afternoon (yeah, I still use Blogger *sigh*). I have a backup plan in place in case it’s still being bloggin’ lame while I’m attempting the single most exciting blogging event of my little bloggin’ life :p

ready to crash

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Spent time with my sister, her kids and my mom yesterday. It was completely awesome but completely tiring. John and I have barely been home in the last two weeks and it shows. Lack of sleep and lack of down time is really starting to wear on us.

Tuesday night we went to the Metroblogging Meetup at Library Square Public house [mbv]. There were only a few people there but it was still good. Finally met our fearless leader, Jeffery Simpson, and spent more time with Ryan, Maktaaq, Keith, Matt and Jonathon.

Yesterday (after stuffing our faces all day with pulled pork, corn dogs, candy apples and scones) we met up with Preston for his ‘I’m outta bankruptcy so I’m going to buy you all a big expensive dinner’ dinner. Saw some people I haven’t seen since before I went to Boston and ate soooo much Chinese seafood.

I need a nap. It shows. I wrote about toilets this morning [mbv].

because 7 8 9

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Laura and I ventured to Chinatown on our lunch break to pic up some cream/coconut buns, steamed buns and weiner buns. It was a bun-ny good time. In the meantime, I received an annonymous comment in regards to the “Andy” google search mystery (of sorts).

As noted on the Drudge Report, there’s word of a major shake up over at Saturday Night Live [snl] which will see four cast members lose their jobs.

WHAT’s going on be hind the scenes at “Saturday Night Live” this month may be more dramatic than any thing you’ll see on the two prime-time shows starting this fall based on the famed late-night comedy.

Four cast members are about to be fired – they know who they are, but the public doesn’t. [NY Times].

Andy Samberg [wiki] is rumored to be one of the ‘safe’ ones and for all those looking, there’s a pic for you above ๐Ÿ™‚

andy, you're a star

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I was having a bit of a grumpy morning. Last night we made some cheese bread in the toaster oven. At one point John thought someone was BBQ’ing outside but then we soon realized that a small fire has ignited under one of the slices. The butter n’ jammed toast he then made me this morning tasted like smoldering cheese.

I need coffee. The sales guys are probably going down to s‘bucks soon and probably won’t come back here to ask if anyone wants them to grab something for them. So…yeah, no coffee for me.

When I started browsing the local blogs, my blogroll etc. I found Teen Girl Squad [hsr] over on 2BitStudios [2bit] – it made me chuckle, which in turn made others poke up from their gopher holes and wonder a) what that strange noise was b) why I was laughing at it.

I’m still kinda grumpy.

I was checking my stats this morning on SiteMeter. I don’t get that much traffic. On a ‘good’ day I’ll have about 50 people on my site by noon. It’s currently 9:30am and I’m past the 80 mark wtf!

I’m looking at my ‘referrals’ to see if some wicked-cool fancy site is linking to me, but that’s not the case. All the hits are coming from Google image searches for “Andy%” and when you look at the sources, it’s people ALL over the world who are coming to my site, via an image of the SNL cast. Is this for real? Did something happen to “Andy” and that’s why so many people are looking up “Andy” picks today? Or is this some kind of “Andy” spam bot crawler weird thing that I don’t know about? I do know that Andy Samberg from SNL is currently filming in Vancouver [hnr], is that why?

If you are reading this and came to my site via the SNL pic/Andy image search… welcome, but um, what’s going on?