Victoria Times – The Delta Ocean Pointe

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Every year we come to Victoria and every time we stay at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort. Originally we would get treatments at the spa, but it then just turned into our main hub for the weekend.

Location wise, you can walk across the Johnson Street bridge or take a water taxi and you’re in the heart of downtown.

Delta Ocean Pointe - Best Hotel in Victoria

It’s comparable with any other full service hotel you’ll find when it comes to price. It also has a pool, fitness room and restaurant/lounge. But where it really takes the cake, is the customer service. There’s all those little things you come to appreciate, especially how much a big ol’ resort like that caters to the young’uns. There was a wee-sized robe in the closet when we got into our room and every night at 8:00pm they have a story time for the kids, complete with milk and cookies. There’s also a free shuttle that will take you out on the town or bring you home safely. You can even knock on the door of your mom’s room then run down the hall with your 6 year old niece giggling… and no one will say a word.

It was nice to see familiar faces and to make it back for another girls weekend – we missed last year because I had that whole “getting married” thing. But I did take John to the OPR in November of 2005, and we had just as good a time. It’s always a pleasure.

Feeling Disconnected

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What was old will be new I started my new job on Monday and it’s a complete 180 from anything I’ve ever done. I’m not at a computer all day, there is a LOT of paperwork and hardly anyone I work with probably knows what a) a blog is b) computers can be used for more than typing memos and keeping spreadsheets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic company with really nice people, it’s just leaving me feeling really… disconnected.

I went into the IT room this afternoon and I felt like I was “with my people” for the first time all day. I’ve made such a transition lately on top of going away for the weekend and starting a new career – it’s all a little too much to take in right now.

Update: May 1st, 2007 I started an even better job where I’m at a computer 24/7 and work with like minded people who talk and think geek all the time, just like me!!

Discollection Sale This Weekend

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Thanks to Northern Voice, we’ve been lurking on the back channel all week. Enjoying the conversation, getting tips, advice, sharing links and just sometimes forgetting we’re still logged in, oops. But thanks to this lovely portal into the world of a Vancouver social media chat, I learned about a sale this weekend at Discollection.

Come to Discollection this Saturday at 12pm and be ready to shop till you drop. We are offering four sizes of bags ranging in price from $20 – $175.. You get to fill the bag with as much stuff as you can squish in.. so be creative, get rolling, folding and practice packing, so on Saturday you can get the best bargain in town []

Photo credit: KK+ on Flickr

Discollection is run by Kim (Kdon) – stylist and shop keeping woman extraodinaire. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because with her help that Kris Krug (local photography guru) has put together some captivating and unique shots, as featured on Flickr. It was he who tipped us off about this not-to-be-missed sale this weekend.

Unfortunately, I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow for Victoria for a girls weekend with my mom, sister and niece. It’s a shame I’m missing out on the event, especially since I just started a new job and REALLY need some new clothes (I haven’t gone clothes shopping in years… yeah, no joke).

There’s no better time to ‘shop local’ so be sure to check it out. There are some great vintage items (including accessories, shoes, boots) and the fill-a-bag style of sale means you’ll leave with a huge haul of goods and your bank account won’t hurt. Discollection is located at 324 W. Hastings Vancouver, BC (across from Dressew) [GoogleMap].

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #23

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I’m back for an episode of win-streak snappage and trade deadline frenzies.

Dave was a healthy scratch for this episode, but the rest of us gather to take on the past three games against L.A.(W), Dallas(OTL), and St. Louis(L). Also, we dive into the excitement of the NHL trade deadline, look at what the Canucks got, and examine how other teams in the division made out.

Record as of this episode: 36-22-5
Northwest Division: 1st
Western Conference: 3rd

Ryan Smyth going to the Islanders took a bulk of that attention in terms of the trade deadline, but that doesn’t make us Oilers fans by any means. Also, Bertuzzi going to Detroit means that we still might see him back in Vancouver before the season is over. We also look into some listener feedback, especially about the topic of the Canucks playing a game next season in the U.K.(Note: NHL confirmed that the Kings and Ducks would be doing this next season as of today, not the Canucks as our European friends might have hoped.) Additionally, we were given a scoop to a rumor on the new uniforms for next season, fueling the fire for a potential change to the logo.

* Alanah on Kukla’s Korner: Ducks and Kings Heading to London
* Buzz Bishop’s Website – New Canucks Uniforms
* Our blog posts about the jersey rumor: J.J., Alanah, Rebecca, John

Run Time 61:44, visit website for Episode 23 show notes and links.

Transit Pass Tax Credit

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post-003.jpgSince moving downtown I haven’t had much of a commute to work. Being that I’m starting a fancy new job tomorrow, I had to buy a monthly bus pass that will enable me to get to and from work. My future employer is across the bridge, I will need to hop on a bus. I can either walk to the far bus stop or get on a bus near my house and transfer to the other one. Whichever way I choose, I will be needing a pass.

On July 1, 2006, the Government of Canada began its program to offer individual Canadians a non-refundable tax credit to help cover the cost of monthly or longer duration public transit passes. Because it is a non-refundable tax credit, anyone who applies does not receive the money in the form of a refund. Instead, the amount claimed is multiplied by the lowest personal income tax rate for the year (15.25% in 2006) and then is deducted from the amount of tax owed for that year []

I purchased a monthly 1-Zone pass from my local fare dealer and recently learned about the tax credits I can receive on my 2007 taxes next year. My mother’s known about this since the system first started last summer, so she’ll be adding them to her 2006 taxes. Although it’s not technically a “rebate”, I suppose the credit does help, along with warm fuzzies you’ll feel by knowing you’ve made the clean, environmentally conscious choice of riding public transit.

If you’ve been purchasing monthly bus passes just make sure you keep a) the receipt and b) the pass to make sure you can get your tax credit – every bit helps.