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[Matthew Good] is going to do a completely unplugged acoustic show – no amplification whatsoever – in [his] now empty living room for 20 lucky people…20 fans, two dogs, a little security, one guitar, and that’s it [mblog].

Before he leaves Vancouver for an undetermined amount of time to undisclosed places, Matthew Good is inviting a couple of fans into his house for a very intimate and interactive performance.

I will be there tomorrow night for some live-blogging.

I’m unsure how I got this lucky horseshoe stuck up my butt but I’m certainly glad it’s there (a strange admission, but not too surprising, I know).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Matthew Good, check the wiki. I can’t believe my first MG Band show was 9 years ago…

The invite is for 8:00pm (Friday, Aug. 25th) so stay tuned.

EDIT: *Blogger is being extremely bloggin’stupid this afternoon (yeah, I still use Blogger *sigh*). I have a backup plan in place in case it’s still being bloggin’ lame while I’m attempting the single most exciting blogging event of my little bloggin’ life :p

ready to crash

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Spent time with my sister, her kids and my mom yesterday. It was completely awesome but completely tiring. John and I have barely been home in the last two weeks and it shows. Lack of sleep and lack of down time is really starting to wear on us.

Tuesday night we went to the Metroblogging Meetup at Library Square Public house [mbv]. There were only a few people there but it was still good. Finally met our fearless leader, Jeffery Simpson, and spent more time with Ryan, Maktaaq, Keith, Matt and Jonathon.

Yesterday (after stuffing our faces all day with pulled pork, corn dogs, candy apples and scones) we met up with Preston for his ‘I’m outta bankruptcy so I’m going to buy you all a big expensive dinner’ dinner. Saw some people I haven’t seen since before I went to Boston and ate soooo much Chinese seafood.

I need a nap. It shows. I wrote about toilets this morning [mbv].

because 7 8 9

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Laura and I ventured to Chinatown on our lunch break to pic up some cream/coconut buns, steamed buns and weiner buns. It was a bun-ny good time. In the meantime, I received an annonymous comment in regards to the “Andy” google search mystery (of sorts).

As noted on the Drudge Report, there’s word of a major shake up over at Saturday Night Live [snl] which will see four cast members lose their jobs.

WHAT’s going on be hind the scenes at “Saturday Night Live” this month may be more dramatic than any thing you’ll see on the two prime-time shows starting this fall based on the famed late-night comedy.

Four cast members are about to be fired – they know who they are, but the public doesn’t. [NY Times].

Andy Samberg [wiki] is rumored to be one of the ‘safe’ ones and for all those looking, there’s a pic for you above ๐Ÿ™‚

andy, you're a star

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I was having a bit of a grumpy morning. Last night we made some cheese bread in the toaster oven. At one point John thought someone was BBQ’ing outside but then we soon realized that a small fire has ignited under one of the slices. The butter n’ jammed toast he then made me this morning tasted like smoldering cheese.

I need coffee. The sales guys are probably going down to s‘bucks soon and probably won’t come back here to ask if anyone wants them to grab something for them. So…yeah, no coffee for me.

When I started browsing the local blogs, my blogroll etc. I found Teen Girl Squad [hsr] over on 2BitStudios [2bit] – it made me chuckle, which in turn made others poke up from their gopher holes and wonder a) what that strange noise was b) why I was laughing at it.

I’m still kinda grumpy.

I was checking my stats this morning on SiteMeter. I don’t get that much traffic. On a ‘good’ day I’ll have about 50 people on my site by noon. It’s currently 9:30am and I’m past the 80 mark wtf!

I’m looking at my ‘referrals’ to see if some wicked-cool fancy site is linking to me, but that’s not the case. All the hits are coming from Google image searches for “Andy%” and when you look at the sources, it’s people ALL over the world who are coming to my site, via an image of the SNL cast. Is this for real? Did something happen to “Andy” and that’s why so many people are looking up “Andy” picks today? Or is this some kind of “Andy” spam bot crawler weird thing that I don’t know about? I do know that Andy Samberg from SNL is currently filming in Vancouver [hnr], is that why?

If you are reading this and came to my site via the SNL pic/Andy image search… welcome, but um, what’s going on?

noon, nine, and all around

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A while back I posted about the 9 o’clock gun [604] (which still makes me jump at 9pm if I’m not paying attention). Well there’s something else that happens EVERY day in Vancouver (at 12, noon on the nose) that you may or may not notice. After bringing it to my attention a few months ago, Laura’s done some research and figured out the source.

…I found out today that it is actually produced from a horn on top of the old BC Hydro building at 970 Burrard, between Barclay & Smithe. The poor customer service lady at BC Hydro said “It actually has nothing to do with us but yes, it’s ‘O Canada’.” [LoloD]

Do you know of anything else like this that happens around the city that you may just not notice?

Around some other Vancouver blogs, The Vancouverite is on a Craigslist binge lately [TV], Gus Greeper had her ‘last night of freedom’ in anticipation of her wedding (which is merely DAYS away) [GG], and Matthew Good, in a further effort to purge his life of cursed-bad-horrible things almost made my sister cry with this clever and cleansing post [MG].