To Feel Good

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When I think of gyms and fitness clubs I get shivers, and I also think about that Friends episode where Chandler and Ross want to “quit the gym”… and end up “quitting the bank”. Overpriced, filled with spandex-clad ‘roid monkeys and Lululemon-loving yoga bunnies the gym can be a scary place.

I had a 3 month pass to Fitness World about 3 years ago. After a couple weeks the novelty wore off and I was just too tired to get up and drive to the gym after work – it seemed like such a hassle. Yeah, lazy, I know. I’ve done cardio kickboxing and 5km runs at 6am but nothing seems to leave me coming back for more. So like a bagillion other people, I’m going to start working out this New Year but I’ll try a different approach.

Yoga would be good for me since I’m pretty high strung at times (spazzy, stressy, high blood pressure, the works) and I could use the workout combined with chilling out but it’s just not my cup of tea. and I just wouldn’t fit in. I’m going to try a different route. Not just because it’s within walking distance from my place, it’s also extremely inexpensive compared to most other options, and lord knows we’re frugal.

So while John continues his conditioning and running during the day, I’m going to give this other option a try for 1 month. I’m not going to disclose where or what it is, you know just for personal/safety purposes. I’ll post updates now n’ then since this place may not be the gem my expectations have built it up to be, and we’ll see how I’m feeling after 4 weeks.

This American Life Podcast

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Every now n’ then John will make a post about what he’s listening to [audihertz], linking to various podcasts. He listens to far more than me, but when we head out to New West on the weekends I plug my headphones into his iPod and we both listen to whatever he’s got on his playlist that week. Recently, he’s had a couple episodes of This American Life with Ira Glass [ThisLife]. I have to say, I am becoming a fan of the radio talk show style and its theatre of the mind.

This summer I was hooked [Ms604] on Theory of Everything podcast with Benjamin Walker [TOEradio] his storytelling is mesmerizing and the tales he spins are both preposterous and entertaining. I think that’s where this all started, although if I really want to reach back a couple years, I suppose my liking for the genre began when I used to listen to John’s earlier RadioZoom podcasts.

These guys have such great voices and delivery, not to mention the content is intriguing, humorous and compelling. A recent episode of This American Life talked about reruns. One of the acts was about how married couples hear the same stories hundreds of times throughout their relationship (so true). The latest episode we caught was themed ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’. Stories from all walks of life, told in such a captivating way.

For more of what I am listening to check out the podcast links on my sidebar.

Road Hockey Rumble

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I spotted this show, Road Hockey Rumble, on OLN today and caught the last 15 minutes of the episode. The premise: Two guys travel across Canada, landing in communities and assembling road hockey teams who will play 1 game in the town before they move onto the next. The series premiered last week in Trail, BC and today’s episode saw them in Prince George, BC. They’ll then be traveling West to East, stopping in everywhere from Lloydminster, Alberta to Summerside, PEI.

Meet two ferocious road hockey obsessed rivals, Calum and Mark, who make their way across Canada in a 13-game grudge match series of road hockey on the new original OLN series Road Hockey Rumble.

On the road they tap into the rivalries, legends and elbow-to-the-face grit of Canada’s most colourful and competitive towns. In the border town of Lloydminster, AB, it’s the Albertans vs. the Saskatchewanians. In Toronto it’s Torontonians who were born there against players from other Canadian cities who now live in Toronto, but despise it. [TSN]

The premise is sort of Kenny vs Spenny-ish. Two friends battling each other to win a competition, cheating, calling names, while the winner gets bragging rights, the loser always gets some form of humiliation. In this case, the guy on the losing team was sprayed with Supersoakers containing blue dye, that they said would last a week.

The idea of roaming around the country and sparking up street hockey games is pretty fun, and I don’t have a problem with the low-budget Canadian programming. If it was more of a documentary style, I think I’d be much more excited. I think the over-compensating cheese and raw manly humour (fit for SpikeTV) is what makes me not like this as much as I should. Although, this is only episode 2 so I’m willing to give it another chance.

The official website is up and running although some features are not-yet-functional. They already have a blog and MySpace page setup, as well a Flickr account. The show airs Wednesday nights on OLN [Episodes].

For a slightly different representation of a Canadian guy wandering around sparking up hockey games and in search of the sport in remote unlikely locations, check out Dave Bidini’s The Tropic of Hockey (book) and The Hockey Nomad (documentary based on the book) [miss604]

Last Day of Staycation

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Snowy English BayI’ve had two weeks off work and haven’t done much, although I think it was well overdue. The reason why I had 12.9 days saved up was because I didn’t take any time off last year, aside from lieu days for working my butt off even more. John took some time off as well, sure he doesn’t have a 9-5 to go to everyday but he slowed down on the blogging, podcasting and various other projects so we could enjoy some time together. Next week it’s back to work for me and our calendar seems to be filling up again.

Tomorrow, for Hockey Day in Canada [cbc], they’re showing the Canucks/Leafs game on GM Place’s big screen at 4pm and then the UBC Thunderbirds will take on Regina [mbv]. They’re hoping to obtain a record for attendance for a university hockey game as Nelson, BC hosts the nation via CBC for other festivities.

We bought our tickets for the event today after I discovered another Ticketmaster location downtown. I had only known about the kiosk adjacent to the Lotto booth in Pacific Centre but after browsing the website I found another. We walked over to Cathedral Place (on Georgia, across from the Hotel Vancouver) [Flickr]. I’d never been in there before but the shopping space on the main level is pretty small so we easily found SAK News. It’s a tiny mom n’ pop newstand nestled in the corner. They were very courteous and helped us pick out some great seats. The ticket total was only $24, although there are better deals for families of 4 and UBC students [Canucks]. We’ll be there, hopefully filled with a couple ‘frosty beverages’ (that’s Dave-speak) and looking forward to some great hockey.

Update: Alanah is liveblogging Hockey Day in Canada, head over to Canucks & Beyond for all the action (she even tosses in a few trivia questions here and there, try your luck)

RadioZoom Episode #123

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We recorded Episode #123 of RadioZoom tonight, and for the first time in about a month it was a full in-studio episode complete with Vancouver trivia. As talked about in the episode, we’ve included links below to sites we mentioned during the show.

RadioZoomOur first episode back in the studio after quite a while. We’ve been having too much fun with the video podcasts, so it’s about time that we got back into the groove of the strictly audio world. We recorded this just ahead of watching the Canucks play on TV, so you’ll hear the sound of glass bottles clink in the background just a little bit. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out what’s inside of them.

I’m posting this during the second intermission, so I’ll make this brief.

Artist links:

58:43 minutes – Click here for

Scenes From An American Highway Rest Stop

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I wish. I hadn’t heard this Phil Ayoub song since I played it on the Six Song Donut Spectacular way back in October [RZ#115]. Ever since John played it again the other morning it’s been stuck in my head and I think I’ll probably lobby to have it included in our next podcast.

After being couped up indoors all day yesterday, we took a leisurely stroll down to English Bay. We’d already ventured into the park last week and since more damage has taken place (and more snow has fallen) we decided against wandering past the “Do Not Enter” signs this week.

We walked around the West End, staring up at cute little apartment buildings, talking about their unique features and what would attract us to them if we ever decided to move.

Everyone and their dog was out today to enjoy the sunshine and sub-zero temperatures. I mean that. Lots of pups running around in the snow and even bounding into the Pacific to retrieve a ball. I seriously didn’t know that snack dogs could swim like that, let alone have the guts to hop into the ocean with chilled waves crashing all around them.

John captured some scenes with the trusty camera phone, and he’s posted the results [audihertz]. Who says you need to travel to hot tropical destinations to have a good vacation? My stay-cation is working out just fine.