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I was reading Airdrie’s blog post about not joining Twitter [wiki], where she links to a Rocketboom video about how annoyingly addictive the service can be.


I decided to start Googling around found a couple funny Twitter spoofs. Now I’ve never been a huge Star Wars [wiki] fan, and I have been blogging all night doing a live blog my other site, but I found this pretty freakin funny.

Recent updates from Darth Vader’s Twitter.

* Just used the Force to scratch that itch that’s been bothering me inside my helmet. Its good to be a Sith Lord.
* Met some new people today. My kind of scum for the most part. Except for one… IG-88. Call me old fashion, but I just don’t trust robots.
* Finding that dust and fingerprints show up too easily on gloss black. I should have opted for the Solar Yellow or Sedona Mist helmet color.
* Memo to self: Sell my shares in the Tibanna Gas Mine on Bespin. I have a feeling prices are about to plunge. [Chatterwocky]

Once you recover from that (and the realization about how dorky I am), a few website notes for

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2, and it’s pretty neat. There are still a couple things to get used to e.g. there is no longer a preview button that will jump you down the page to view your post before publishing, but the auto-save makes up for it. We’re still working out some kinks – like getting my blogroll to display by rating and not alphabetically, and sorting my categories in that drop down menu on the sidebar. If you notice anything isn’t working normally, please contact me.

Amazing Race 11 – Episode 7 – Live Blog (Leg 7 AND 8)

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Sorry folks, no time to blog Episode 6, for a full recap and all the airport woes that left several teams DAYS behind, check out the official site.

To make up for it, heres’s a LIVE BLOG – SPOILER ALERT! (Updated every commercial break)

Eric & Danielle = ED
Uchenna & Joyce = UJ
Dustin & Kandice = BQs
Oswald & Danny = OD
Charla & Mirna = CM
Joe & Bill = JB

Teams take off from Zanzibar to head to Warsaw, Poland. Everyone jumps out of the gates and heads to a travel agent. UJ try to connect by phone but teams that are present in the Travel Agency, urge the attendant to hang up on them. Trying to book the best flight out proves to be a bit of a struggle, everyone trying to get to Poland before a 12:00pm arrival.

The BQs get the first booking (arriving at 9:10am), and the flights fill up. UJ have the same luck, meanwhile CM, OD and ED are all still waiting at the Travel Agent. CM and OD are on their way while ED are sitting out on a curb, pouting and questioning their relationship.

Due to the LATE LATE arrival times (almost 12 hours apart) from the last Episode, JB are just leaving while other teams are already on flights. They get booked on the same plane as ED. Unfortunately their connecting flight was late and their plane is on the runway, with no turning back.


Eric, “We’re going to be about 3 days behind the other teams now.” JB and ED check into a hotel while UJ and BQs are connecting in Frankfurt. UJ have to pick up their connecting tickets in Frankfurt but they get yanked off the flight for some reason.

On the ground in Poland the BQs (the only ones in the country right now) have to make their way to a palace to find “Chopin” playing the piano to pick up their clue. OD and CM arrive in Warsaw ahead of UJ who are still in Frankfurt. ED and JB are finally leaving Africa for Europe.

DETOUR: Chose between

Perfect Pitch: Go to the palace, chose a grand piano and tune it – then a pianist must play Chopin and determine it in tune to get their clue.

Perfect Angle – Pick up a mannequin and carry it to a lab, use an x-ray to locate a clue inside their mannequin.

BQs – Perfect Pitch – one of them determined which key was out of tune (she’s been playing piano since she was 6) and they get to work right away.

Teams must now figure out the name on their clue is to a monument, where they will find their next clue.

CM are running around Warsaw, trying to find someone “friendly looking enough” to help them. They are getting frustrated trying to find the palace. OD pass them in a cab and they chose Perfect Pitch.

BQs reach their clue at the monument, they need to search the grounds to find the mat and check in. They’re team #1 and they win a prize – but is the race over….?

CM finally get to the clue and chose Perfect Pitch as well.

UJ finally get to Warsaw and instead of searching for “Chopin” playing the piano on the grounds of the palace, they start wandering around the school of music. They get back on track and head to Perfect Pitch. OD have troubles tuning the piano, and actually break 2 strings. CM has also been there an hour and both teams give up and consider heading to the other challenge.


OD don’t give up and get the job done, praising their pianist, “If I were in town, I’d ask for your number!” CM stay a while longer but after OD leave, they head for the other task with the mannequins. UJ arrive to tune pianos as CM head for Escada and grab mannequin to transport to the lab. Walking down the street they don’t have any more luck getting instructions from locals. Meanwhile, OD check in as team #2.

CM find someone to help them, and while walking their mannequin down the street body parts start falling off. They arrive at the lab to get xrays and hopefully find their clue. UJ finish up at Perfect Pitch and head to the mat, finishing #3.

JB and ED are getting on their final flight to Poland while CM head to the mat in the dark, #4. It will now be a head to head battle to the pit stop between JB and ED, who have all been traveling for 30 hours.

With teams spread so far apart, BQs are starting Leg 8 while two teams are just arriving in Poland, not even at the Detour yet.

They need to head to Auschwitz, first locating a monument which will feature a box containing tickets. Teams must pick some up for one of two charter buses. Departure times are 4 hours apart.


JB chose the mannequin task while ED head to Perfect Pitch. JB are having troubles locating the clue in the mannequin, CM had to turn it in its side to get the right reading of the clue. ED break a string and get frustrated.

OD depart for Leg 8.

JB can’t get a proper reading and start guessing words. ED tune their piano and head to the statue – where they will find the clue that points them to the mat. Both teams are en route via taxi, ED run over to Phil and finish #5.

UJ rip open their clue and as per usual, are wide eyed and excited about their destination. They always truly appreciate the places they visit – the history, significance, the natural beauty etc. With Auschwitz you can only imagine how somber teams must feel, I wonder how it will affect them.

Joe and Bill come in #6 – but it’s NOT an elimination leg. They are now MARKER FOR ELIMINATION and must make up 12 hours in Leg 8.


Teams on bus 1 are UJ, OD, BQ. Eric and Danielle (ED) have a lovers’ spat over spending money on coffee while they wait for charter bus #2. Joe and Bill (JB) depart on Leg 8 and head to get on a bus. They are on the 5:00pm bus along with ED and CM. The first bus arrives, in the fog a candle lit path leads them to a note about the history of Auschwitz. Teams get choked up as they read about the genocide and tour the grounds, which remain standing as a reminder – not to forget.

Teams then head to taxis, driving 40 miles to find a theatre in which they will find their next clue.

INTERSECTION – teams must join forces with another team until the next task is completed, then they can split again.

There is also FAST FORWARD in the box: The joined team must climb two towers, calculating the amount of steps in each tower. The sum must be right when they tell a nearby guard, in order to get their new clue. Since there are only THREE teams at the intersection, the BQs are out of luck and have to wait for team #4 to arrive so they can join up (this means waiting about 4 hours – sucky!). OD and UJ are on their way to the Fast Forward task while the BQs have to wait for another team, then go on and complete a DETOUR.


The combined team of UJ and OD climb the first tower and count 111 steps together, on the second they come up with different numbers. Uchenna and Oswald go with their gut, 348 steps total as they ALL head to the pit stop directly – no more tasks!

JB, CM and ED arrive at Auschwitz and read their history letter. All teams observe a moment of silence and light a candle before heading to their taxis.

There is a thick fog covering the land, the next team to get to the clue will team up with the BQs.

UJ and OD all arrive at the mat, all linking arms like the Wizard of Oz group – all joyful and ALL deemed team #1. There is only on “first place” prize and OD give it up to UJ “our pleasure, we just won’t be giving away the million dollars.”

BQs sitting at the clue box for hours contemplate which team they would want to pair up with the most, chosing Joe and Bill. CM are the first to arrive so they really have no choice, coming out from their hiding place the girls all team up.

DETOUR: Eat it up or roll it out.

Eat it up: Use traditional methods to make 1 three inch link of kielbasa sausage. Then each person must has eat 2 feet of sausage.

Roll it out: Find a bakery, roll out 20 bagels, make their way on foot to deliver the fresh bagels.

CM and BQ experience “female bonding over sausages” in the Eat it up task. JB and ED head to the roll it out task.


The girls team gear up for their 2 feet of sausage each. ED and JB couldn’t find the roll it out task so they head over to eat it up. The all girl team of CM and BQ try to down their meat while the other conjoined team finished their kielbasa making and chows down.

Meanwhile, JB are at the mercy of their now team mates, ED, since they have the 30 minute penalty. Just as Dustin and Kandice finish their plates, one of them leans over and spews chewed up sausage all over the floor, Eric comments “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss California!”

Charla makes herself vomit into a bucket, inducing stinky, smelly, noisy gagging noises – making the other team lose their appetite. They all finish at once.

Newly separated teams must find a marked car and drive to a castle where they will find their next clue. It’s everyone for themselves now. BQs find their car first and snag a taxi to follow in order to reach the next clue the quickest.

It seems like no one’s ever driven before, they’re all amazed they have to “drive themselves” to the next clue. *Screetch!* “That must be Mirna trying to start a car”… “which one is the brake?!”

JB stop at a gas station to get directions. CM follow apparently TWO taxis down the road, and try to ditch one – would suck to pay for both, although I’m sure what they’re screaming isn’t coming across in the translation. The two cab drivers are bartering for fares, wasting CM’s time – then they slam the door in their face and take off. The girls start crying “please show us where to go, I’m begging you!”


BQs arrive at the ROAD BLOCK first. One person must don a full suit of authentic medieval armor and lead a horse to a castle, handing it off to a stable boy. From there they get a clue and head to the pit stop.

CM reach the clue box and Charla dressed up like a knight and having a lot of trouble leading the horse. Dustin is in gear for the BQs. ED and JB reach the clue box at the same time. BQs get to the mat as team #3 – which I believe they rightfully deserve, after having to wait at the intersection for so long.

CM are having a lot of trouble as Charla keeps doing face plants, but they still manage to arrive team #4. JB arrive #5 and have to serve their 30 minute penalty, with ED right on their heels, who arrive #5 instead. Joe and Bill check in and have been eliminated.

(Original Post by Rebecca Bollwitt on the Amazing Race 11 blog)

In Case You Forgot

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At 1:10 am I fell for a prank. I was all sleepy snuggly on the couch until I got up to check my computer one last time before bed. There on my screen was a random IM that freaked the pants off me. I perked up, told John what I had just read, then tried to do some sleuthing. I started to get kinda worried about what I read because every sign pointed to … “this isn’t really possible”. On a whim, I sent Brad (frequent site commenter and friend of my sister) a message on MSN. I briefly detailed what I had read just minutes before and mentioned how it was distressing me. After a couple replies he finally asked me if I knew what day it was today.

Google TiSP

As tears were welling up in my eyes, I looked over at John “do you know what day it is today?!” He started laughing. Bradley was laughing. I’m so happy to be his first April Fool’s Day victim of 2007.

Feel free to share your stories below in the comments, either pranks you’ve played or things you’ve seen on the web e.g. the Google TiSP. It might make me feel like less of a sucker.

Prospect Point Battle Scars

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We went for a 3 hour walk in Stanley Park today. We’re no strangers to the park and its winding trails. We’ve taken tons of pics during the summer, walked through in the rain, done a video podcast after the storms in December and today was just to get another look. More trails were open than they were 3 months ago but the devastation is none the less jaw dropping. Not only can you smell and hear the ocean when you’re on the Rawlings trail but you can now see it through the clearcutted passages left on the hillside by the Christmas wind storms. We took some pictures right after the annihilation so we tried to take a few more, kind of a before and after – just to see how much work and restoration is going on in the park given the millions of dollars people have poured into the cause. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves *Note, these were all taken with my camera phone.

Stanley Park Trek
Parking lot of the baseball diamond. Any tree that doesn’t get hacked up and tossed back into the woods to become one with nature again gets piled up here.

Stanley Park Trek
Looking into the forest from Prospect Point.

Stanley Park Trek
I ran up to this fallen tree shouting “I want to go see how old it is!” As I approached I could see someone beat me to it, the rings were counted and a big “400+ Years Old” was written in pencil.

Stanley Park TrekStanley Park Trek
I fell shortly after this last one was taken. Chicks dig scars.

Video shot with camera phone, optimal for video podcast size, not really You Tube so quality is a lil sketchy.

Hockey Still Loves Me

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Update: My shirt arrived today, thanks Paul!

Photo credit: uncleweed on Flickr

Paul from Kukla’s Korner emailed me today, I won the super fantastic “400 member” celebration contest.

Today, we welcomed our 400th member which also means a random drawing will be held for a $25 gift certificate to Any KK member from #1 to #400 is eligible and I will post the winner in this post shortly. Another random drawing will be held when we reach 600 members. Also, don’t forget about the latest KK Challenge, where you have to display your writing skills to be eligible for an authentic NHL jersey of your choice.

update 3:00pm, KK member Rebecca is the winner of the $25 gift certificate to! Congrats Rebecca!

Please visit KK often and look for more random drawings and KK Challenges in the near future. [KK]

I’m pretty stoked that I get to use my “contest” categories tag again, it’s been a while since I won anything hehe. I have to say, it’s nice to know that hockey still loves me. Thanks Paul! We’ll have to have you on the podcast again some time soon.

Sparta at the Commodore Tonight!

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Sparta @ Richards on RichardsWe interviewed Jim Ward last November at Richards on Richards before their big break out with their new album Threes. Quick, brief intro: He’s one of 4 band members in Sparta and since then have played Conan, Craig Ferguson, done so many events and toured across North America. I was just listening to the radio and they were interviewed on the 6 o’clock rock report – man, our interview was SO much better hehe (it’s all about being organic and grassroots eh, Dave!).

Their first single was “Taking Back Control” and one of my favourite tracks (that they’re playing on the radio right now) is “Erase it Again”. They kick ass and they’re back in town tonight at the Commodore – go get your ticket!

Jim Ward Interview Audio on our RadioZoom Podcast
Jim Ward Interview Post on Miss604

Sparta @ The Commodore

Update: Doors @ 8:00pm, Attack in Black @ 9:00pm, Moneen about 10:00pm and Sparta from around 11:30pm – 1:00am.

Update: FANTASTIC time thanks to Ed, the tour manager, Keeley of Sparta, and the staff at the Commodore, not to mention the entire band – what an awesome show 🙂 Pics will be up on Flickr shortly, tag: sparta

Sparta @ The Commodore Sparta @ The Commodore