would you like fries with that?

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 — 2:30pm PDT
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i have laryngitis ๐Ÿ™ um looks like i’ll be walking the sun run at best… *sigh*.

changes and charities

Friday, April 21st, 2006 — 8:12am PDT
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It’s only been in the past week or two that i’ve heard about the changes to my morning commute. granville street from robson to cordova will be shut off to vehicle traffic for about 2 years – starting monday. you can check out the new stops etc at www.canadaline.ca. as i stepped off the bus this morning there was a chick handing out cute lil cards with pop-up route maps to inform commuters.
on the elevator this morning there was a blurb about Glam Day.

Glam Day© is Ovarian Cancer Canada’s new awareness initiative. It’s happening on May 12th, the Friday before Mother’s Day….Think of Glam Day© as the diametric opposite of wearing jeans to work and you’ll get the picture!

Coming up next week we have Jeans Day April 27th – benefitting the BC Children’s Hospital. Sunday is the Sun Run, this year it will be benefiting The Vancouver Sun’s Raise-a-Reader campaign and B.C.’s amateur athletes. There’s a whole bunch of fun activities going on in the city which help support some really great causes. As previously mentioned we’re also thinking of participating in the Run for Light – for BC Blind Sports and as noted on a podcast we did yesterday (which I don’t think is posted yet) the Weekend to End Breast Cancer is coming in August.
EDIT: the latest ‘miss604 on RadioZoom’ podcast episode is now posted.

geant ferre

Thursday, April 20th, 2006 — 9:26am PDT
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i watched Biography on Andre the Giant yesterday. The man lived to be 46 and weight 540 pounds yipes! i remember him from Wrestling in the 80s (the part of his career i was alive for). my brother and his friends were into it then – it was the time of hulk hogan and the junkyard dog. Although Andre was known for more than just wrestling – he was in movies as well. a big super important one being the Princess Bride :p ‘go away or i’ll call the brute squad’ …’i’m on the brute squad’…’you ARE the brute squad!’
nothing like being at home sick all day and watching really weird shows on tv. i’m not into the soap operas like Lolo, game shows are okay… i actually watched Martha for a bit – but that just made me really hungry and my throat hurt so i was just torturing myself.

the South concert was supposed to be tonight – it’s been cancelled. we have Mates of State tomorrow – I hope i’m 100 % for that one. i came into work today and my boss told me i looked like crap :-/ Sunday is the Sun Run so I better be able to breathe by then…hopefully. i really didn’t want to take another sick day.

i still want a frog hat

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 — 11:24am PDT
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Check out our group blog if you’re as in love/addicted to the Amazing Race as we are.

Also, if you’re at home sick from work – do NOT leave on TLC’s – A baby story while you get up and go over to your computer for a few mins. The sounds coming from that show will haunt me for the next while ๐Ÿ˜

EDIT: Mastercard just called to let me know the SOUTH show tomorrow night at the Red Room has been cancelled – i confirmed this on the House of Blues site and Ticketmaster as well. ๐Ÿ™

duck n cover

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 — 10:54am PDT
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i’ve never lived through a natural disaster. no big floods, extremly dangerous storms or an earthquake powerful enough to make me think it was anything more than my chair moving back from my desk for a few seconds.

when john’s family was here they asked about tsunamis – and wouldnt we get one head on should there be an earthquake out in the pacific. well, where we’re located we wouldn’t get the full force – the west side of vancouver island and further south along the coast of washington state. we’re slightly protected in vancouver although still in a path of danger. and we’re always waiting on that ‘big one’ – the big earthquake we’ve been prepping for since san franciso.

i just listened to the podcast john compiled yesterday. he uses audio sent to him by a friend/former co-worker at the radio station. it’s amazing to hear the police scanners, personal accounts and details. by far, it is not on the same level as tsunamis in indonesia or hurricanes in the gulf coast. but still – it’s moving, it’s scary, and it’s real.

is it because i'm from surrey?

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006 — 7:22pm PDT
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why the heck is it so hard to get listed as a “vancouver blog” on other vancouver blogrolls? my best pal laura who started a blog because i told her she should (about a month ago) is listed in more places than i am. as well as my american husband who just moved here in october – not saying their blogs aren’t worth the read, they’re really great. laura knows everything there is to know about the hottest shows (posts are peppered with her usual sassy commentary) and john offers up a perspective of an iowan living in canada/vancouver.
but what about the vancouver blogger since ’04 here? i blog about life in vancouver, growing up in surrey (now living downtown), living/travelling around north america and the canucks. dude! what’s more vancouver that that? also i’ve noticed that i’ve been removed from blogrolls *sigh* i dunno man i dunno. everyone’s tastes change as we go along, but still – i’m going pout about it. (although i may have done it to myself, i was messing with my feeds and yeah…oops)
i’m also noticing some clichés in vancouver blogs. who HASNT blogged about Hon’s? sheesh!
speaking of food, darren barefoot had a post recently about Stepho’s. john’s been on a calamari kick lately so anywhere and everywhere around the city he’ll order it for dinner. per some comments in darren’s post we decided to check out Taki’s last night. it’s on davie just 2 doors down from Stepho’s. the food was REALLY good. it had a higher quality, more refined, more flavourful – so good. the only thing that couldn’t beat Stepho’s was the price. about 4 bucks more per entree – but it’s definately worth checking out.