Is There Anything They Can't Do?

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I just stopped on a channel showing a movie that’s pretty dear to me: The Wedding Singer. It’s made to be 80s, it’s hokey and I used to watch it with my sister (over and over again) before she got married, cause it made us giggle. There’s a part where they briefly show a television and the Dunkin DonutsTime to Make the Donuts” commercial is on. This reminded me of something I heard this morning: Krispy Kreme is coming out with a new whole wheat donut.

The 100 percent whole wheat doughnut — with only 180 calories — has a caramel flavoring and is covered with the doughnut-maker’s original glaze [BusinessWeek]

This is fantastic because the “original glaze” is 200 calories, according to online nutritional info. Thank goodness we can save on 20 of ’em with this new product. But really, if you’re watching your figure/weight, what are you doing in a doughnut shop in the first place?

If a nice scrumptious Tim Horton’s donut plain glazed is your poison, you’ll be ingesting 260 calories. For something less artery-clogging, try a maple, chocolate or honey dip – they are only 210 per serving [TimHorton’s].

Photo credit: Audihertz on Flickr

A ginormous doughnutty event is happening right now in this fair country: Roll Up the Rim to Win at Tim Ho. Here in BC we get the shaft. Although you may spot a free cookie or coffee when you roll up your rim, chances are if you’re in Ontario you’re far more likely to win that iPod, TV or car. If you take a look at the official rules and regulations, you’ll find that our stores have only received 18,164 cases of 1,000 contest cups. Compare that to 152,402 in Ontario. Yeah, they like their Tim Ho back East. Home of the fabled… “Gretzky“…

Dunkin Donuts served its purpose for me in Boston. It supplied me with a morning bolt of caffeine and added a lovely sugary smell to subway stations, capping off the scent of oil, metal and urine. Double D’s also has the fewest calories in their original plain glazed donut, with only 180 [DunkinDonuts].

On the other end of the spectrum, the Tim Ho Walnut Crunch (360 calories), the DD Chocolate Iced Bismark (340), and the KK Cookies n’ Kreme (400), are the top artery-cloggers at each establishment. And don’t go thinking about Tim Bits or Munchkins as alternatives, they start at 60 calories each – and with a pack of 20 you’re not doing yourself any favours.

Regardless of the calories, fat, sodium, carbs etc. the main reason most people visit these establishments is the coffee. The sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods that keeps us coming back for more.

So whose coffee / baked goods do you prefer? (and don’t get me started on Starbucks and their oat bar downsizing ways).

Podcasting, Beer and Marriage

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After spending the weekend at Northern Voice, Sunday night we went to a podcast meetup in Coal Harbor. This was convened by Mark Blevis from the Canadian Podcast Buffet. I have to say, podcasters are really down to earth, they don’t have blogs and they all wear glasses. At least these were my impressions based on the lovely group that shared a 4QT pitcher of beer at TC Lions Pub.

John kept track of most of the business cards so I’m sure in his post about the event, he’ll have all the links. I monopolized most of Shyam’s time (he’s from the Foreskin Radio podcast) since we both discovered we have common friends back in good ‘ol Surrey.

first dance Yesterday John and I took some time for ourselves. We went our for some excellent Mexican food, treated ourselves to Margaritas and got some ice cream to take home. My first year as a Bollwitt, and him being a Vancouverite, has been the most challenging of my life. Nothing comes easy, it’s always an uphill battle. We are real with each other, we don’t sugar coat, although we can be pretty sappy at times. I’m looking forward to everything we have yet to come up against because although some things break you down, you build back up and become stronger. That’s what I’d like to think, anyway.

Most Viewed Photos

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Up until this weekend, an image of me in my bikini was my most viewed Flickr photo. It was taken this summer after some lovely time in the sun… or was it before some sun? Hmm.

Recently, I’ve been posting photos taken at Northern Voice, with the universal Flickr tag “nv07“. My photos have all been tagged appropriately and my feed (including my Flickr pics) has been added to Planet NV. This has lead to a dramatic increase in traffic, due to everyone posting and browsing photos taken this weekend. This also leaves my personal rankings e.g. most popular photos etc. totally outta whack.

As of tonight, my MOST viewed Flickr photo is of Tod Maffin standing in front of Radio Canada‘s nightly news cameras (bumping my bikini pic to #2). No offense to Tod but is there something wrong with this picture?


New Canucks Uniforms

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cap'n Scroll down to view all the rumoured jerseys and the OFFICIAL new jersey launched today, August 29, 2007 (view my Flickr photos tagged: newcanucksuniforms.

Feb 24, 2007: The Vancouver Canucks logo has been the topic of much debate recently. This is evident when I’m browsing my stats and see that “Johnny Canuck Logo” is the term most searched, that will link to my blog.

We read tonight on J.J.’s site (who is a fellow Crazy Canuck, btw) that there will be new Canucks jerseys come this August.

After Francesco Acquilini bought out John McCaw, there had been numerous speculation about the future of the whale jersey. The Canucks were scheduled to wear their vintage stick jerseys for 25 of 41 home games this season; do they wear it full-time next season? Or will they unveil a completely new jersey with a new logo on August 1st? [Canucks Hockey Blog]

He is referring to an article in today’s Vancouver Sun suggesting that we’re due for a logo change – for real.

After receiving a tip via our lovely yet handy Crazy Canucks feedback hotline, we found what appears to be some photos of the mysterious “new” Canucks jersey via CyberBuzz’s site.

Could this be the new jersey or is it as fictitious as some of Zanstorm‘s (hilarious) photoshop creations [1] [2]?

Update: Another fellow Crazy Canuck, Alanah, has debunked this mythical jersey over on her blog, Canucks and Beyond. It’s a fake, folks.

Update: July 26, 2007 – John has another scoop on a possible new logo []. Source is JJ who had a reader send him the following on the Canucks Hockey Blog

August 2, 2007 – The following is from Sportsnet via CanucksAndBeyond:

The Canucks are holding a ‘closed door’ photo shoot Thursday afternoon , where the subject will be the new-look jerseys in line for the 2007/08 season. The local Canucks’ message boards are ablaze with speculation, with most believing the team will go back to the retro blue and green colour scheme. However, what the logo will look like remains a mystery.
EDIT: … this press conference was postponed.

Update: August 16, 2007 – Chris just sent me a link to these forums where this is the rumoured new look.

Update: August 22, 2007 – I’m loving this “hybrid proposal” as featured on Canucks and Beyond.

Update: August 27, 2007 – Alanah has some really great “rough sketches” that were submitted to her via email, rumoured to actually be the new logo. Seriously… does anyone think this is actually the front runner so far?

August 29, 2007 – I was at GM Place today for the unveiling. The new uniforms are blue, green and white (exact vintage colour scheme) with the orca logo in blue and white AND the word “VANCOUVER” written across the top. Photos are all available on my Flickr under tag: newcanucksuniforms.

somebody just drop a darn puck!

Northern Voice – The Wrap Up

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We survived Northern Voice and all the wind and rain that pelted us on the way home. I attended a few more sessions later in the day and we opted out of any post-moose activities tonight as we also have a full day tomorrow.

Northern Voice - Darren Barefoot

In “Why do we blogDarren Barefoot shared oodles of data gathered from his “Why do you Blog” survey. Pie charts, graphs, anecdotes etc. The most amusing part of the presentation was his story about working at the Victoria Infocentre way back when.

A photo session followed, lead by Kris Krug. In my opinion, he and Dave had the best presentations of the day. They were both laid back, had practical and useful tips, and told it like it is, plain and simple. Things don’t have to be complicated.

Photo credit: Robert Scales on Flickr

I have to say, I’ve never been more ‘recognized’ from my blog. Of course it helped that this was a blogging conference, but people would walk up and ask if I was “Miss 604”. Also, at least 3 people today knew me for my one post back in August, which was the Matthew Good living room show live-blog. It was really, really nice to meet everyone and if I looked a little dumbfounded, nodded and smiled all goofy-like it’s because… yeah, this has never happened before.

My blog’s grown so much in the past year, and I’d like to think it has improved. Taking away the helpful tidbits shared by all the sessions today I hope I can only grow from here – in blogging and podcasting.

Tomorrow we have a Canucks game at noon, which we’ll probably catch at the Fogg for two reasons: it’s our anniversary so we should probably treat ourselves to a meal outta the house and second, it’s pay per view. Later in the evening is a podcast meetup, at TC Lions Pub. After all the shmoozing this weekend I hope I’m in prime condition for my job interview on Monday (hopefully it’s the first of many that are in store for me).

Northern Voice – After a Pale Ale

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The morning sessions were pretty wicked, especially Dave O‘s podcasting P’s (plan, produce, promote). It really got to the core of the medium and his presentation, which consisted of black writing on cards (a la Bob Dylan) will be hard to beat. As he puts it, it was a “grass roots, electricity-free” and “stickin it to the man” type of presentation.

Northern Voice - Dave O on Podcasting

There’s a back channel on Skype where we heard about the lunch movement – venturing over to the pub for some food and a pint. The fish and chips were excellent but the wait was horrific. Not only was there a healthy blogger conference representation but there was a football (English football) match on the tube. This of course lead to a almost-too-long-to-be-tolerated wait for our bevies and bill. No worries though, John and I weren’t up for rushing back to catch the 2:00pm sessions and we’re now left with plenty of time to upload photos, chit chat, and prepare for the presentations at 3:30pm.

I’m on cup 3 of coffee but that’s now being mixed with a pint of G.I. Pale Ale so I’m going pretty strong. So far, lots of great stories, fascinating people, and despite the fact that I can’t wait to encounter even more of these experiences – I’ll totally be ready to crash tonight.