happy labour day, lenny

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 — 8:45am PDT
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ya know, you’d think being on the radio – being a public figure as it were, you’d be slightly intelligent. now i know intelligent people can work in radio (*wink wink nudge nudge*) but when I hear people stating facts that are just completely wrong, it’s slightly annoying. okay maybe it’s not their intelligence as much as common sense, street smarts, book smarts, whatever you wanna call it.
they said today on the radio that this weekend is memorial day long weekend in the States, which is wrong (it’s the last weekend of the month, monday the 29th being memorial day) – and… i mean sure, some people could make that mistake but it’s still annoying.
another annoying fact re: vancouverites — people who think that Gibsons (home of The Beachcombers) and Sechelt are on an island. oh my – JUST because you take a ferry to get there does NOT mean it’s on an island – please look at a map.

speaking of which, we’re heading over to the non-island, sunshine coast (it even has COAST in the title…gaw!) next weekend, Roberts Creek to be precise.

When i was younger i went to camp on the sunshine coast. there was a girl in our group that was quite the actress. she left to wander around the boat and came back with yogurt. no one knew where she got it since it wasn’t spotted at any of the designated eateries on the ferry (by that i mean the cafeteria serving Triple O’s and the coffee stand). she said she went to ask the Chief Steward how fast the boat went. he was so impressed by her question, he gave her a cup of yogurt. yay BC Ferries.

can you believe we all fell for it? i never said i dont have my slightly less-than-intelligent moments :p

whosits and whatsits galore

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 — 10:17am PDT
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John’s completely overly excited about Mac Book being available today. Another way-exciting thing is Skype’s free phone calls from your puter to any phone in North America. Skype helped us communicate all that time ago when we were seperated by 1700kms. This would have made things a heck of a lot cheaper back then.

Season finale of the Amazing Race tomorrow. In anticipation of the next season, I’ve gobbled up http://amazing-race10.blogspot.com, i made the mistake of numbering the series in our office blog, amazing-race9… i should have made it more generic that way it wouldn’t need to change – oh well.

Also tomorrow night, the Sharks try to unslick the Oilers and the Oilers try to bump the Sharks (and their Oh Canada boo’ing ways) out of the playoffs.

I didn’t mention a thing about my mom on mother’s day so here’s a note right now (even thought i made mention of the gelato)… she’s the best most coolest ever of course my new mother in law coming in a close second;) and i probably wouldnt be where i am today without her love, support and lots of cake. she likes cake. This pic is one of my most popular on flickr – and i’ve actually been asked if the woman on the right is my sister. seriously mom, seriously i wouldn’t make this up. happy belated mother’s day.

(i’m also wearing the same shirt in both these pics but there’s no need to note that… errr….)

i'll be your joan of ark

Monday, May 15th, 2006 — 11:57am PDT
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music! shows!

we missed a bunch because they were cancelled – but coming this saturday it’s International Noise Conspiracy (which is NOT cancelled – but the day ain’t over yet). It’s at the plaza club so the setup will be the same as Mates of State – by that I mean it starts at 7pm so that the show can be over and done with in time for their regular club night. only thing that might really suck — if the club does the same as the M of S show and lets people in at 10pm … so you get the concert crowd mixed with the club crowd. OH fun – although the people attending this show may be a little different than those who would have been at the M of S show… all the same – they will not mesh well with the club’ers, this will be interesting.

Still to come – Snow Patrol @ the Commodore June 14.


Sunday, May 14th, 2006 — 10:17pm PDT
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Saturday we had a date with laura – she spoiled at us all-you-can-eat, Tanpopo on Denman. John got overly stuffed, we all tried new things and even ran into laura’s cousins.

We walked up Robson, got some gelato, cruised around Chapters and Granville then waited for our movie. We used our free passes and caught m:i:iii. meh, it was ‘alright’ – glad I didn’t have to pay for it really though. On the way home we got slurpees and other fun things.

Went out with Ma’ yesterday and had some more gelato. MAN was it ever nice n sunny n warm! Of course May will be totally rockin’ weather wise – june will suck – then the sun will be back for July/Aug. To top off our lovely weekend went for a walk, got a slurpee and watched hockey. This was a Slurpee weekend apparently.

I haven’t done a hockey post in a bit, I promise I will. All the round 2 series are completed except for San Hoser/OilSlicks. Edmonton is up 3-2 eeee!!!

political cartoon sammich

Friday, May 12th, 2006 — 8:30am PDT
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i didn’t see the boxing kitties this morning. ya know them Survival of the Fittest milk commercials? well they play this one with fighting cats (in harnesses..or is it leather s&m gear, i can’t really tell) on the video boards at Granville/Robson – it’s definately something i wouldnt have expected to experience every morning.
disclaimer: now i’m not the political type and i’m not making a stance here or stating an opinion or suggesting you do the same – i’m simply linking to my co-worker’s blog.

Nik is in our toronto office and is pretty well-known in parts of the world for his political cartoons. He’s very talented and his work is definately worth checking out. He’s been featured recently on the CBC and his work can be found anywhere from the NY Times to the Washington Post (wiki).
What was up with CSI last night? I remember watching last year and freaking out! Being on the edge of my seat, in a panic re: Nick’s life, and left grasping to the cliff hanger they threw at us. Last night, um… well Brass was shot and so was the perp. So um… where do we go from here? We tune in to see Brass in the hospital next week? is that all? I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat – of course I’ll tune in but compared to last year – this is hardly worth chewing off my nails. What’s with the thriller programmes this season? 24 is pretty mellow compared to other seasons as well.

you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 — 10:16pm PDT
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when i was little my dad took us on hikes…a lot. while mom sat in the van and did crosswords he would get all 3 of us kids out on the trails and off. searching for streams, lakes, big trees, big logs and interesting feats of nature. while on these treks we’d pass someone and they would say hello to my dad (or vice versa) and i would always think (and would sometimes ask) does dad know that person? do we know that person?

it’s just the common courtesy – the unspoken comraderie between hikers, walkers and runners. john’s mentioned it a few times – usually he gets ‘good morning’ s when he’s out on the seawall, and was excited when he initiated his first run-by greeting.

the other morning we were on the home stretch and someone ran by and said ‘good morning’ – it was my first downtown-vancouver-run-by-greeting experience. i was pretty excited (yeah, i’m easily amused) but it was enough to help me finish our route with warm fuzzies in my belly.

i have deviated from my set running schedule, basically alternating days, but hopefully i’ll be on track again soon — hopefully my work schedule will be back on track again soon. in the meantime, i’m going to think of something clever to say as a run-by. something nice, something witty, something unexpected but not rude — ooh this’ll be good.