action packed!

Monday, May 22nd, 2006 — 7:47pm PDT
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this is probably the first long weekend in several years that i’ve spent ‘at home’ in the city. not that i’m complaining at all – this has been an excellent weekend. friday night we saw da vinci code (which i’m not going to get into at length), needless to say we weren’t too impressed. i found that Sophie’s character seemed too dumbed-down (among many other things). john had just finished the book that afternoon so he had many more precise criticisms than i. We got to hung out with some good friends (i can’t believe i’ve know you guys for almost 20 years!) and i drove one of their cars to the theatre from the restaurant – MAN i miss driving standard! (and a car for that matter).

saturday night we saw the (international) Noise Conspiracy. the place was totally rockin’, one of the opening bands (the fever) was really good but the lead singer freaked the bejesus outta me. the lead singer of INC rubbed our noses in the fact that a) sweden beat canada in IIHF hockey action and b) we now have a right-of-center gov’t running our country – all while belting out the tunes, jumpin around the venue and delivering some really great rock. an awesome show!

sunday we took my mom out for lunch to the Boathouse in New Westminster (at the Quay). Had some yummy seafood then went downtown and shopped around. I purchased JPod (by Douglas Coupland) and look forward to reading it whenever i find the time. I’m sure I’ll be posting about it here as i go along.

After an early afternoon of watching Pulp Fiction in our pyjamas today, we got out of the apartment to wander and get food. We just got back from dinner on west 4th and are now stuffing ourselves with cake from True Confections and wine from our trip to the Okanagan a few weeks ago (Grey Monk).

We’re now all set to watch the finale of 24 – if Laura doesn’t spoil it all for us first ๐Ÿ˜‰ – and totally not looking forward to work in the morning. despite the rain and the whole staying-in-town bit, i loved the time i spent with my husband and family this weekend – i have no complaints… i actually consider myself quite lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

overheard all over

Friday, May 19th, 2006 — 10:02am PDT
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so the hottest new site around town is Overheard in Vancouver. I decided to poke around and see if this was a ‘trend’ anywhere else – and it is. Overheard in New York, the office, and in passing (to name a few).

Speaking of New York, there’s actually a book published about it all.

We are always catching bits and pieces of conversations wherever we go. Sometimes we tune it out, other times we keep listening to see how it ends because it’s just so rediculous or intriguing. whatever it is, people can’t help but ‘overhear’ and now that there are outlets all over the internet for people to share all this juicy info – they’re taking advantage of it and loving it.

what's your motivation?

Thursday, May 18th, 2006 — 6:13pm PDT
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Of course when I married John he told me that if I took his name I would have to get used to people spelling and pronouncing it incorrectly. I thought that it couldnt be that bad but having now experience such things several times myself, I realize that perhaps it just isn’t as common and recognized as my maiden name. We got our info-pack for the PMC Sierra Science Fair Fun Run yesterday, hence the pic here displaying my last name registered as “Beelwitt” and John’s as “Bellwitt” *sigh* okay now I get it.The proceeds from this event go towards science fairs and programs in BC. We signed up with my work team, since our client is a sponsor. So, we’re running for science, basically. You can run for the CNIB (Canadian Institute of the Blind)/BC Blind Sports, like we’re doing next Friday in the Run for Light. You can run for Canada, disease research and support, even Children’s needs. I have about 20 pamflets from upcoming runs at home – we’re not going to partake in all of them but it’s sure interesting to see how this city, this province, becomes so involved.

As we did last year, we’ll be raising money for breast cancer research by doing the Run for the Cure in October. Last year our church had a team (the ONLY church to enter as a community team) and raised an impressing amount – it’s inspired us all to outdo ourselves this year, and get more people involved. I challenge any other community groups/teams/churches to get out there and try Runs/Walks as a means of charity, community involvement, teambuilding within the group and raising awareness for these causes.

What’s your motivation? Whether you just like to run/walk, you have a serious connection to the cause the event is helping, or you would like to volunteer — find out more at the Canada Running Series site or by clicking any of the links above.

Latest Podcasts

Thursday, May 18th, 2006 — 1:13pm PDT
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Aside from my RadioZoom cameos, my voice can be heard on a recent Canucks’ Outsider w/Dave Olsen. Check out his latest episodes at Hockey Northwest. I’m not the biggest podcast listener/follower – although I think I’d like to be. I enjoy the episodes John shares with me… ie. Geek Farm Life, Scarborough Dude, Daily Breakfast, Island Podcasting, sometimes Daily Source Code (with Mr. Curry, the Podcast Guru), and Tod Maffin‘s podcast (the Canadian podcast/CBC Guru). I should also plug Canadian Podcast Buffet since they included John’s show in an episode (and mentioned his Canadian wife – that being me :p)

TTOW = Victory

Thursday, May 18th, 2006 — 8:29am PDT
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Good TV night last night. Oilers defeated the Sharks to move onto the Western Conference Finals (go Ducks!), Danielle won Top Model and AND…. the hippies won the Amazing Race.

Our office AR blog has been going nuts with people showing support, opinions and picks. Really happy to see the hippies win (although I can’t believe they didn’t know the Russian flag). Chris is chatting to me from home while I’m at work (hopefully he’s getting ready to come in soon!) He said Ray just proposed to Yolanda and she accepted. I’m assuming they’re on the Early Show right now)

so…now…stop watching TV! (except for the stanley cup playoffs :p).

There’s only one more day until the long weekend – get outside, enjoy it while it’s nice!


Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 — 3:28pm PDT
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Metroblogging Vancouver is a great place to find event info, quirky op-eds, restaurant recommendations and more. Recently they put a call out for comments – everyone loves comments. Since a few others and I responded (took the bait) we’re now linked off the site, which is pretty great. It’s kinda like Beyond Robson but personally, I find it less irritating (there are some contributors on BR that just annoy the pants off me). I’m really not interested in 20 posts about club nights and how horrible Surrey is (especially because most people forming these opinions have never even spent more than 5 mins there and couldn’t tell you anything else about it besides something completely wrong and stereotypical…but I digress). Metblogs seems a lil more down to earth and is still really interesting. I’m liking another site featured today, Queen604…that’s just kooky, Travis! I originally found Wynne on there too – she writes about fooooood, tasty lookin’ food and various other things.
I also know I’m not the only ‘miss604’ out there – i think if you google you can find at least two others. I got the handle/domain when i was living in Boston. Kinda like a ‘I’m here, trying to fit in but I’m from Vancouver/Canada – hear me roar’ – sorta thing. Now people are saying my husband should be mr. 604 or I should now be Mrs.604 but you could also call me Mrs. Radiozoom if you really wanted too ;p

Be sure to check out the other featured links, as well (if you’re looking for a good read) try those on my blogroll.