an uber 104

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RadioZoom #104 is now posted. Check it out [RZ]

Tackling the podcast again after the last few mobile episodes, we’re back in the studio in this much more relaxed edition… This is also my maiden voyage of using Ubercaster to do a podcast. Please give me feedback about how it turned out, especially the quality. The program is in beta testing, so your feedback will go to the guy’s making the program in order to make it better


Edit: I just posted this and there’s a PLAY button next to the mp3 – I’ve NEVER noticed this feature before? Must be a blogger thing? COOL!

summer camp

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John just brought this to my attention: Barcamp Vancouver (+ Photo Camp) [kk] and promptly signed us up. I started panicking about getting the time off work but it conveniently starts at 6:00pm. Here are the details:

Tech creatives: Local technologists, geeks, innovators, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, tech writers, tech managers, bloggers, podcasters, video bloggers and hangers-on.

A 24-hour ad-hoc, all-play unconference where everyone who attends participates by presenting or helping out.

Bryght Offices, 1 Alexander St., Gastown, Vancouver

Friday, August 25, 6:00pm to Saturday, August 26, 6:00pm

Because it’ll be a fun party and totally informative, all at the same time. Here’s the full rundown:

We’ve now attended a Podcast Meetup [604] and the Vancouver Metroblogging Meetup [604] so we’re totally looking forward to participating in event. I’m certainly not guru-like enough to host a workshop but I’ll be an eager participant and help out where/when I can. I know John will be in with the podcasting crowd so maybe I can find some friends/make some connections to keep me company. I’d love to learn more about blogging and some specific features that I just can’t get my head around.

*and because none of my pics [flickr] are as impressive as most of those by people attending this event, i’ve attached a lovely pic of me on an elephant to this post. just because. it’s me on a ride-y elephant.

satellite of love

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John [audihertz] and I had a momentary lapse and completely geeked out over our website stats. I’ve noticed that I get a TON of hits from people searching for “Christy Chorley”, “Pronger Pregnant” and “Pronger Gossip”. I thought I would dig a little deeper and here’s a few of my faves.
(click for larger image)
Remember, enter any of those into a search engine and you’ll come up with my site (eventually). John’s were pretty much all Rescue Me [audihertz] related. We watched the latest episode of season 3 today but now it’s MST3K time. Oh and I took a pic of the sky tonight – it’s gorgeous every night, but tonight – it was pink [flickr].

futbol fills in for hockey this summer

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My fantastic, lovely, soccer-crazed sister has scored tickets to the Real Madrid [Real Madrid] vs DC United [DCU] in Seattle on August 9th.

D.C. United announced today it will play an international friendly against legendary Spanish club Real Madrid on Wednesday, August 9th at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. Kick off is slated for 8:00 p.m. local time (11:00 p.m. ET) [DC United].

I’ll take off after work, meet Jen, then we’ll Thelma n Louise it down to Seattle for the night. It’s pretty freakin cool – not only will we have those quality sister times that I’ve been craving but we’ll get to SEE BECKS! Oh yes and players such as Emerson, Roberto Carlos, Robinho, Cicinho, Raul and Fabio Cannavaro. Well maybe since we’re not sure who will actually make the trip to Seattle. Regardless, they will be squaring off against D.C. United who is the most successful Majoy League Soccer [mls] team in the league’s history. It’ll be quite the night.

it goes putt putt

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We’re going to the fireworks tonight [hsbc]. Laura’s stirred up enough hoohah about her ‘secret spot’ [604] we’re gonna go check it out and see just how kickass it is.

Of course I told her she’ll need to supply us with plenty of treats (of the ice cream variety) – but maybe we’ll let that slide.

Today at work was pretty uneventful. I called my mom and sister on my walk home – they’re up at Cultus Lake [lake] for a few days with the kids. I haven’t seen Jen since she left for Wales, yeesh! I seriously need some quality sister time this weekend.

In other news, my mom scored us free tickets to a Canadian’s game [] so I’ve booked a day off work and we’re all set. I’m not taking ANY vacation time off this summer so we’re making the best of things until we can go ALL OUT in the fall/winter and get the heck outta here for a couple weeks.

*cough* All depends on when the government wants to approve my hubby’s permanent residency application *cough* *nudge* *wink*

Edit: We’re home from the fireworks – it’s 10:45pm – wow that was painless… now let’s just see if the noise keeps us up….

hometown blues

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Surrey, BC was once deemed the ‘Car Theft Capital of North America’ [wiki]. It was all over the papers, all over the news, heck even my friends from Boston were emailing me about it. Cars are stolen at such an alarming rate it’s just become a regular part of automobile ownership in those parts. I’ve always defended Surrey on other fronts though. It does NOT have the highest crime (maybe just a lot of fashion & country music victims) and it is now much lower on the list for car theft hot spots in the lower mainland [cknw]. John read this morning that New Westminster is now higher on the list.

According to stats released earlier this month, Canadian cities such as Regina, Halifax and Edmonton were revealed as leaders in violent crime [cbc] while Abbotsford was deemed #1 for property crime in the country []. It’s not all gloomy though, overall Canada’s crime rate is down [stats can].

Now I know there are much more pressing items in the news this week, but I bet ya if Surrey topped ANY one of those crime lists this year it would be FRONT page news. It would be on the local & national news as well as on the cover of all the dailies. I guess Surrey-ites should be flattered with all the attention they would get because I just don’t see Abbotsford’s name being smeared around the media in that fashion. Is Surrey just the favourite kid to pick on?