my ride's here…

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…says Mary Magdalene in Rescue Me season 2 as Jesus drives up in a Lamborghini and lowers his sunglasses.

We watched the finale of season 3 last night. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone in Canada who is just starting to watch it on Showcase. I have to say this season was very disturbing, emotional, but just when you thought things were going to hell – it got mixed up and everything kinda mellowed – such a twist from the norm on this show. The season finale wrapped things up and closed a chapter, leaving room for a whole other book to open up AND only leaving one cliffhanger. We all know that it’s coming back for season 4… it’s just a matter of how.

After the crazy week we’ve had we kinda promised ourselves that we’d slow down although it seems like next week will be just as full. I have a special work thinger-do Wed-Fri, we’re going to see Darren Barefoot’s play at Fringe [bolloxed], and Laura’s LAST day here is on Thursday [Lolod]. I’ve told her not to make plans Thursday night cause we kinda have something up our sleeve. Also, there’s word over at Vandigicam that there could be another meetup.

Going into a long weekend, we have no plans – as with every other long weekend this year. We’ll have to talk to the lawyer next week about John‘s extension. Since his permanent residency and/or approval status has not yet arrived, we’ll need to extend his temporary resident permit (again), those things only last 6 months.

It’s been 6 months already, holy crap.

I’m sure there are some people who would still consider us newlyweds – but the connotations that word emits are just goofy to me, although we’re still at such a young phase in our lives together. Our apartment is pretty bare looking, scattered misc furniture and Ikea shelving, kitchen packed with appliances that were wedding gifts, not going out for big fancy dinners out on the town, making the most of our love for walks, parks and beaches, which provide us with inexpensive entertainment on sunny afternoons. I can’t wait until we’re a double income household. I know someone in this town will want to hire my fantastic podcast, blogger, radio geek of a husband (once he’s allowed to work). Our lives have been jostled around in the last year and when that time comes, when he can work – things will shift again, and for the better.

October 2nd is his ‘1 year in Canada’ anniversary. His birthday is just before then so I’m hoping I’ll have a bit of dough to throw him sort of a bash – even though things are tight, there’s always something worth celebrating.

…and i'm spent

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(Photo property of m.d.on Flickr)
Could we BE more active in the Vancouver blogging community? If we were I’d have to start drinking a lot more coffee, not sleeping at all and get bionic hands since all this typing (at work and home) is killin’ me.

John was invited to podcast a meetup, which we attended last night. Rachael made the request for Vandigicam, a Flickr group full of interesting people from Vancouver who love to take pictures. She’s an admin and also one of my Metroblogging Vancouver counterparts.

The event was phenomenal. We met near the inukshuk in English Bay, put names into a hat, paired off and snapped pics. It was a ‘portrait throwdown’. John captured the evening via audio while everyone else was snapping pics on all kinds of cams. After about an hour the ‘party’ moved to a restaurant so John and I parted ways with our new group. I’ll be posting the link to the podcast audio once it’s published (within the next few days).

The turnout was the most successful of any meetup of any kind we’ve been to, about 40 people. Such an interesting mix, friendly, creative and SO talented. It was my first time behind a camera in that fashion and definitely being in front of it in that way. We’re looking forward to being more active with the group. The pics are all up on Flickr (of course) under the group and also the tag: vandigicam_ptd3. ….see if you can spot me :p

I also just found the live journal blog of one of my portrait throwdown partners. Cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

EDIT: I have to include this pic (by JudyB) it captures the evening perfectly ~ haha!

hurricanes and bolloxed

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I was reading feeds on my Google home page and came across one over at CBC News about John menacing the coast of Mexico. Which made me think of my husband and then made me wish we could have afforded a nice honeymoon to some place like that. But then of course I floated back from la-la-land and read the article about the rather serious threat the storm imposes [cbc]. Then I felt bad and greedy.

Checking the local blogs and feeds this morning it seems as though people have slowed down… they’re away for that last vacation of the summer or maybe there’s not that much going on lately. I wish I could write “what I did on the summer vacation” but since I barely took any time off, and have already saturated the internet with blog posts galore about the little things we did to keep ourselves entertained, I guess there isn’t a need.

One item of note is that we’re going to check out Darren Barefoot’s play, Bolloxed, on September 7th, which is running during the Vanvouver Fringe Festival.

We’d like to get some bloggers out to see the show, and I’ve got five sets of free tickets for that very purpose. [db]

So we’ll check out the show and have some reviews up on our blogs the next day. John and I are both going so you’ll have two takes on it from us anyway. And no, we’re not one of those couples that likes EVERYTHING the same and has EXACTLY the same taste. I mean really, he’s probably at home drinking PULPY orange juice right now *gag* and that ain’t the half of it.

the moon up above will show you the love

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I walked out of the office tonight and proceeded to call Laura and tell her it smelled like Cheesies downtown. Not the poofy kind, but the hard n’ crunchy kind (Hawkins).
I find I’m starting to rate different construction sites since I walk through about 5 of them just on my way to and from work. Which ones are the tidiest, which has the worst smell, who’s making the most progress, who’s scaffolding looks the sturdiest or makes me fear most for my life when I pass under. The skyline in this city is constantly changing.

My mom works near the site of the Shangri-La. She mentioned the other night how dark the street will become once it starts its climb up into the sky. It is becoming dark. I look out the window at work toward the building across the way and I can never tell it’s sunny out. It looks grey and gloomy until I actually step into the lobby or venture outside on my lunch break. I guess I’m still not used to working downtown, even after a couple years.

We officially have one more weekend of +25C weather coming up and dammit, we’re gonna make it to the beach again, we must. Aside from our park walks and beach time – I really want to check out the West End Farmer’s Market, ever since I tried those cookies at BarCamp and Roland told me they would be on sale there. Gimme.

Next week all the fall shows premiere so my butt will be on the couch. Laura‘s been updating us all summer so I know that House starts Sept. 5th and our beloved Amazing Race will now be on Sundays. Also, season of 3 of Rescue Me airs on Showcase although we’ve been ‘following along’ with the FX episodes all summer courtesy of the weebernet. All I have to say is “whoa” (yeah, like Joey on Blossom but a lil more spooky-like).

Very Good RadioZoom #109

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John and I rave about Friday night’s experience with Matthew Good and play a few tracks (with permission). I get a little teary at the end and it is a rather long episode but I do hope you enjoy it.

This episode is our attempt to share more of that experience. If you are a fan or a listener of this podcast, I hope you understand why we did this episode and maybe learn a little more about Matthew Good [radiozoom]

Click here to listen to the podcast mp3 and visit for the show notes and links. As always, feedback is very welcome.

keep on keepin' on, gotta make it not just try

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I mainly listen to podcasts when we’re lying in the sun on the beach. I must admit the Onion Radio News [onion] has GOT to be one of my faves. Quick, short, witty, making us giggle out loud. John usually peppers the playlist with CNN and NPR 5 minute updates so when the Onion comes on, it makes it that much more enjoyable.

I mentioned Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything [toeradio] a little while ago [604] and must recommend it again. Also, if you live in the East Village and saw a bald, tattooed man pouring acid on the hood of a Subaru in July… you should definitely tune in to the August 22nd episode [toeradio] (although I think wanting to put someone away for life because of this offense is a little excessive).

Last but not least, Ted from Island Podcasting [ip] released an episode with audio acquired on his recent trip to Cuba. We only got about half way through so I’m looking forward to hearing the rest, but man the music, the ambient sounds – all fantastic. Soundseeing at it’s best (you know, aside from what John [radiozoom] does of course).

Tonight we’ll attempt a podcast (episode #109) and I’ll be sure to post it here for your listening pleasure.