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disrespectful to dirt

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 — 10:30am PDT
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at some point i wanted to find pics online of homer when he was creating a sexy album for marge, ya know – him posing with the fire hose? yeah… so flipping through the channels last night and that episode is on – it’s the Mensa people take over Springfield episode and Stephen Hawking knocks out Skinner… ya know?… so i google image search and presto! i come across this site with all these lil mini action figures. i think i had been there before to scoop an image of their Big Book of British Smiles. anyway, too cool – they have homer’s album there “for my significant other” and it made me giggle.

songs, stories, so much more

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 — 9:59am PDT
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one of my favourite shows is “how it’s made” on discovery channel. now it could be that it takes me back to my early years since it’s kinda like… watching the polka dot door and you zoom in on one of the polka dots and it opens and BAM you get to see how tennis racquets are made. i actually tricked my grade 3 friends into thinking i had been to hawaii before because i described a pineapple plant’s procedures down to a T (after watching a segment on polka dot door)…. suckers…

anyhoo, we watched How it’s Made last night – it’s a good filler between shows. saw how zambonis err i mean ice resurfacers are made. zamboni is like kleenex … where we take the brand name and apply it to all products …or band-aids err i mean first adhesive aid strips.

so yeah… man… the canucks are still on pretty thin ice but they sure needed that win last night vs the oilers. goals by linden, daniel sedin (2) and kesler. still no production from the ‘big boys’ but at least there’s SOME production. auld was excellent and might i say, ive never looked at him in a certain way before but when murph was interviewing him after the game last night… let’s just say he looked good on and off the ice.

oh and we ran into dan murphy at the bar the other night, he looks like an 18 year old kid – was wearing a fleece jacket and his hair was DOWN… john wanted me to get a pic with him… pfftt i dont DO pics but YAY murph! :p

made in '69

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 — 7:44am PDT
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So another mishap with a BC Ferry – this one could have potentially been a LOT worse. It’s all over the news (national, international) like the time the ferry ran aground in Horseshoe Bay… or like the time the NDP government spent millions of dollars on a new useless fleet… this happened last night on the north coast of BC. every single person on that ferry was unharmed (physically) although i’m sure they’re shaken up. the ferry SANK while crew and passengers looked on – over 150 people, at night, in the ocean on a massive boat… like i said, this could have been a LOT worse….

& the kitchen sink

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 — 2:52pm PDT
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Google launched a finance site today. this would come in handy with my line of business/my company. it’s Beta right now but we were all expecting this weren’t we?
hehe Tourism Autralia is getting some grief due to their latest ads

meanwhile the canucks are down in the dumps heading into a 3 game run with Edmonton and Japan defeats Cuba 10-6 in the inaugeral world baseball classic – i just gotta say… baseball games will no longer sound the same without that cow bell.

it was great to watch the classic, seeing another global celebration of sport this year… first the olympics, then then baseball and soon oh yes – soon the SOCCER!

step down step up

Monday, March 20th, 2006 — 6:57pm PDT
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please move to the back of the bus – and please learn to use your reading skills so if youve never taken a vancouver city bus before you know (by reading the sign) to step down on the top step and the back door will open– instead of yelling, screaming and whining when you miss your stop because you stand on top of the stairwell like a stupidhead.
It’s the 2nd inning and japan is up 4-1 over cuba oh my! i’m citing baseball scores! i hate to say it but this is slightly more exciting than canucks games lately. we have 3 in a row vs edmonton and we better make something happen – thursday, ppv at the fogg. bring your drinkin’ pants.

tell me i'm wrong

Monday, March 20th, 2006 — 4:03pm PDT
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in the absence of my ipod im borrowing john’s today. when we’re at home he’ll party shuffle while we cook or get ready in the mornings and i really enjoy his selection – i’ve been addicted to South lately and just recently to Longwave. they’ve been featured on in the past and boy oh boy – they have some nice tunes. check ’em out at at and South at — we’ll have to check them out when they play the Red Room April 20th