Vandigicam – RadioZoom #110

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I just realized that my pics were returning spaceballs for anyone trying to view/download my images in Flickr. Oops. There are workarounds but I have now loosened the settings for all my contacts. Sorry about that. While we’re on the topic of Flickr – RadioZoom #110 is a soundseeing/on location podcast that was by special request of the vandigicam group.

[The] “Portrait Throw Down III” meetup that gathered in English Bay on August 30, 2006.

Vancouver photographer, Rachael Ashe, contacted [John] with the idea that this event that she was leading would make for interesting podcast material. The location and people apart of the group were an excellent setting for documenting what a Vandigicam gathering is like.

Click to listen to the mp3 and visit the RadioZoom site for all the show notes and shout outs.


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The possible lead singer of Supernova? To quote Laura: Are you frickin’ kidding me? :p

Also, I just asked her if she knew about Super Gran. Anyone remember Super Gran? Along the same lines… we caught Corner Gas the other day and they had a Littlest Hobo reference. Now both theme songs are stuck in my head.

orgasmic coconut buns

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This is Laura‘s last week at this job, sitting across from me, peeking her head up and making faces at me when other people in the office are being complete asses. I knew that growing up as a snobby North Van kid she’d someday find a place in Yaletown and feel right at home :p Well that place is Gus & Russ’ where she’s housesitting while they’re away for the next little while.

We had some quality Surrey time this weekend with my sister and her babies – BBQ in the backyard, meat on grill, beer in hand mm.

Yesterday, it was our first time at Wreck Beach together (John and I) and it was awesome, the community down there is really great – funny, friendly and just plain kooky. Walking back up to the bus we were surrounded by freshmen and returning college students in their little cliques (since Wreck is located in Pacific Spirit Park, at UBC). We walked by the dorms where my friend Michelle spent her first year. I spent a night there after an Arts County Fair in 1999. Good times. John was getting reminiscent about college days and I was just re-affirming the fact that my time spent at university was painful (yes, for all 8 months of attendance) and when I dropped out to join the dotcom craze, it was indeed a good move.

Students are back in school, tourists are still piling into town – my bus was 20 mins late this morning (that was after one, packed to the gills, already went right passed my stop). After the day we had yesterday I’m really not in a cranky ranty mood, really, I’m not. Although I just came to work and found out something that I should have been notified of DAYS ago. Hooray for being out of the loop!

Also, as I’m writing this, I get an email from Big Brothers Renew Crew in Vancouver, I had inquired about a donation pick up: “We unfortunately do not have any dates available for the downtown area since we have parking problems in there. We don’t go there too often so I would suggest you to try calling one of the other organizations like Canadian Diabetes Association. Once again thank you for choosing to support Big Brothers Renew Crew”

Um my donations have just been rejected. Great. I don’t have a car so I can’t get to any of the donation drop off centres. I need a charity organization in Vancouver that does pick ups of clothing, shoes, household things. I just called the Canadian Diabetes Association’s Clothesline regarding pickup downtown. They need a) a safe place to stop b) they cannot come into the building c) clothing must be outside by 8am (although pickup might not be right at that time). I suppose that isn’t too bad but I’d have to see what my landlord says, maybe there’s already some kind of protocol for the building… meh. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Tuesday is the new Monday.


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News this morning… RIP Crocodile Hunter man [cbc][lolod].

As reported on the FOX, “the contender for most unliked man in the world…” (although JJ would have us believe differently about him), ‘Iron’ Mike Keenan steps down as GM for the Panthers [tsn].

Matthew Good has left Vancouver [mblog]. Since the farewell ‘show‘ last week and since mentioning in a post that when he actually takes off he won’t have comments ‘on’ I would assume he’s started his journey. If not, read anyway, all of it, it’s powerful stuff.

Gus and Russ are over in France for the next two weeks. I got Gus hooked on blogging a little while after I introduced Laura to it. He’s started a trip report/day-in-review over on his blog [Gus’ Place], great recaps from Gus’ personal perspective.

Another ‘gus’, Gus Greeper is off on her honeymoon for the next week down in Mexico, making me extremely jealous *sigh* can’t wait to see her blogging again. Although Mexico… blogging…. Mexico on honeymoon… blogging… yeah, alright I can wait :p

Today John and I are going to a certain beach for the first time. We’re pretty excited and have been waiting all summer for the right day with enough time to make the trip. Packing a lunch, packing our bags, fun, beach, sun. Happy Labour Day, Lenny.

it's murky from the silt, not so much the pollution

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This is turning into a rather heated debate (and I know I should probably just post something on Rant!Vancouver about it) but I thought I would open the discussion up here (even though I’ve blogged about it before). If anything, just to direct you to the post I have on Metroblogging [MBV]….about the Pattullo Bridge.

I talk a lot about Vancouver. I also talk a lot about Surrey – in a positive light although we all know it’s got its share of problems. I understand that a large chunk of Vancouverites hate ‘bridge and tunnel’ people and want Surreyites to stay home on Saturday nights to comb their mullets and keep their Cameros in the carport of their growops at the trailer park. I am not blind to the fact that people have stereotypes. But what does that have to do with public safety?

I know there are far more pressing issues in the lower mainland, the downtown eastside, and in every community as nothing is perfect. I would just like to add the Pattullo Bridge to the long list of things that need attention and improvement. Is there anything wrong with that?

Of course taking the train, commuting, biking and bussing would be great alternatives for people to get behind. Of course there ARE other issues. But the fact is this IS a problem for those hundreds of thousands of commuters each month who use this crossing.

How much was spent on the Lions Gate to repair the deck? How much was spent to give it a nice shinier green paint job than the bland green paint job it had before? Is the Pattullo not as much of a MAIN commuter route in the GVRD? Is it just that it’s between New West and Surrey so… it’s not really a priority?

Just looking for some clarification & maybe some answers here folks.

To add to the discussion, as mentioned at the beginning of my rant, go over to the Metblog post. I would still welcome your comments here as well, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

they got hair cutes

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Things to do before we go to the beach today:

– Shave legs with fantastic new razor (read my Schick schtick).

– While playing Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (off the Vanmega August mix-tape) John recommends I download the performance version from

– Download the Vanmega September mix-tape.

– Download last night’s ‘Kitty Jenny and Kitty Tanya’ pictures off the camera and my phone.

– Eat hearty breakfast.

– Grease up.

– Get the hell outta here for one last hurrah at the beach – listening to podcasts, walking through the park, getting annoyed with tourists, melting our skin off on the hot sand (even though I said last weekend would be the last. ooops). Maybe we’ll see who we refer to as ‘the future version of us’. This hot, tan, older couple that we’ve see there every weekend all summer. Not saying we’re hot and tan, just hoping we are when we grow up.