The Crazy Canucks Episode #26

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Playoffs are on the horizon for our Vancouver Canucks and we discuss the last couple of wins, our new “fame” on and much more in Episode 26.

Dave is a healthy scratch on this episode, but the rest of the crew gathers to tackle the recent games, look ahead to who is coming up, and hash out some topics that the big media folks are drudging up. J.J. makes a call in from the game he went to against St. Louis(W), and we look at the other two games against Detroit(W) and Edmonton(W) in true TCC fashion.

Record as of this episode: 44-23-6
Northwest Division: 1st
Western Conference: 3rd

We also bring you some breaking news at the top of this episode regarding the Canucks and the world of podcasting, Alanah details her live blogging on the day of the Red Wings game, and J.J. presents some interesting insight to the slight against Naslund’s play even though the team record has been overly positive.

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Amazing Race 11 – Episode 5 Live Blog

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I’m live-blogging the recording of last Sunday’s episode – so this isn’t a spoiler unless you totally missed it, haven’t seen the results online and can’t get your own recording of the show.

I’ll start in just a couple minutes….

When we last left off – Rob & Amber were eliminated from the race, with Charla & Mirna finishing just ahead of them at the mat.

Starting out of Argentina, teams are pretty shocked that Rob and Amber are no longer in the competition.

Oswald and Danny are the first to read their clue – Travel by taxi to Marshall Glacier when they arrive at the glacier, they need to ride a chair lift and hike half a mile to start their task of using an avalanche beacon to search the area another beacon (along with their clue) that is buried. Despite the order in which teams arrive from the mat, the chair lift doesn’t open til 8am so teams start the day at an even pace.

Team Guido (Joe & Bill) find their clue first and get the next clue – fly to Maputo, Mozambique. Since international flights are limited teams are being supplied tickets for a later flight, and the last connection into the country. If they manage to find something sooner – it’s fair game.

Back at the glacier, the BQs run on ahead without picking up their gear/beacon. This sets them back alongside Oswald and Danny who have lost ground. Eric and Danielle (Frat and Pinky) find their clue – Danielle “Mozambique? What city is that?” and “if you’re ever caught in an avalanche, don’t count on Oswald and Danny to get you out,” (their words, not mine :-P)

Teams race to a travel agent to gamble and get a better flight than they were supplied with, which leaves at 3:00pm. Os & Danny and Teri & Ian, who are at the same agent, get a 9:40am flight. The rest of the teams have the same success.

Once on the ground they must find and chose a marked car with a driver. Make their way more than 45 miles to the Apopo training field, which doesn’t open until a specific time – so again, teams have time to catch up.

ROAD BLOCK – Who smells a rat?

One person must get up close and personal with a rat. Trained rats locate left over land mines as team members guide them to find a route marker buried along with a deactivated mine. Once the rat locates the mine/clue – a trainer will go retrieve their clue. Rats were harnessed along a rope line, they could give signals but needed to stay on course – team members control the rope line and help guide the rat to find what they’re both looking for. Joe and Bill’s rat locates a mine first by scratching at the ground. Joe then called over the trainer who confirmed the findings with a metal detector. Charla and Mirna are the last to leave the Road Block.

Teams then have to drive back into Maputo and find a building, where they will get their next clue.


Pamper – teams go a half mile to the market and find a stall. Chose a nail polish kit and convince people to get their nails painted by them. They need to make roughly 30 bucks to proceed.

Porter – teams travel a longer distance and will then use their hands to fill 10 large 40 lb bags with coal and sew them shut. Then carry one of the bags to an address where they will get their next clue.

Charla and Mirna go with Pamper while the other teams head to Porter and gave a really hard time – not only painful on the hands but tedious and dirty. BQs also join them in the nail painting fun, but they’re the only others to take this detour.

From the Detour teams head to Fortaleza, the pit stop for this race. Charla and Mirna breezed through the Detour and came in FIRST (for their first time).

The BQs had a riot doing nails and are finished their task – they come across the mat 2nd. No one from Porter (the coal bag filling task) has finished yet.

In a turn of events, Teri and Ian end up painting nails – they ended up at the market by mistake. Ian is convinced no one will let him give them a manicure but they end up only getting TWO customers who pay them their entire quota. They seriously lucked out there.

“Do I look like Rambo?” “You look like a saggy raccoon.” Oswald and Danny are the first to finish the coal task. Uchenna and Joyce are following other teams to addresses, forgetting that their delivery address is unique.

Teri and Ian check in 3rd. It’s pretty obvious that the least frustrating, least dirty and grueling was the nail painting task – all 3 teams that headed that way are now sitting pretty at the pit stop.

Oswald and Danny finish 4th and chase Phil around “I’m hugging you!” they’re totally filthy with coal, and he’s surprised they even went for that task, “we came to win, not to sissy fight.”

Joe and Bill race Eric and Danielle to the mat – Team Guido gets in as team number 5, meanwhile Eric screams at Danielle “she got beat by a bunch of queens” and they cross 6th.

Uchenna and Joyce are marked for elimination and must arrive 1st at the next pit stop. If they are not first, they have to wait 30 minutes before they can check in. This is the same system they had last season. I’m glad they’re not out yet – and I’m even MORE glad the race is finally out of South America. Things have been shaken up and I have to say, I’m liking the Oswald and Danny – they always have the best attitude and are still competitive. No one is seriously annoying me, except maybe Eric’s bright lime green track pants and “Colege” t-shirt.

Tanning Teens

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I have to admit, I’ve faked-and-baked more than a few times over the last couple of years. It’s nice to get a head start on your summer colour so that when you hit Third Beach you don’t blind those around you with your pasty whiteness. It also feels warm, and gives you 30 minutes to yourself, listening to tunes. Yes, I understand all of these are pretty weak arguments when you look at the consequences.

As of today, teens under the age of 16 will need their parents to go with them if they want to tan at one of Canada’s largest chains of tanning parlours.

And 16- and 17-year-olds will need parental permission to tan at Fabutan. The company says the new policy will ensure that parents keep track of how much their children are tanning. [News 1130]

Photo credit: kk+ on Flickr

16 year olds go tanning? Yikes. Not only does that not sound good for your skin’s health, but when I was 16 I wasn’t getting naked for nothing. (Pause for gasps of disbelief here because you all know I grew up in Surrey). No matter how safe tanning booths are reported to be, regardless of possible melanoma badness, you don’t want to end up looking like a 50 year old leather purse when you’re 35. It kinda defeats the purpose of trying to obtain that lovely looking sun kissed look, really.

Around Vancouver you can spot numerous bronzed faces on every city block. Thing is, I’m pretty sure they’re just very smart people who’ve been able to get out of town and head someplace tropical during these very grey winter months. Being lucky enough to live downtown in the summer time I have to say, I prefer real sunshine and fresh ocean air to the stench of toasting skin and cocoa butter simmering on a Viper VHR bed 4 feet away behind that rattan wall.

Michelle Kim Joins Miss604

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Photo credit: Paige Birnie

I’m Michelle Kim, I’ve been best friends with Miss604 since Kindergarten! She has been kind enough to ask me to start contributing to this lovely site, so in the next while, be prepared to read some of my ramblings. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Surrey, BC to a Korean mother and an English father, was raised and schooled there, went to UBC, then moved to London, England to work as a journalist for the BBC. Wrote a novel, worked in Seoul, South Korea, and have since moved home to the West coast to expand myself even further—into the wonderful world of acting. Yes, I’m a full-time acting student and I’m absolutely enjoying it. Really random, but that’s who I am.

So be prepared to read some even more random stuff written by yours truly – that would be me, not Miss604, though she can be quite random at times, too. 😉 I don’t have a website yet (Miss604 will be making me one shortly) but in the meantime, check out my MySpace page for more of a bio, pics and information about this website’s newest contributor.

Experiencing Hospital Music

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John and I visited our friend Matt today and listened to some great tunes. The songs are from his upcoming album, Hospital Music, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview.

img_0419.jpgHospital Music is heartbreaking and inspirational at the same time. I’m no music critic, but I have been a Matt Good fan for 10 years. His solo work is his best and Hospital Music will make you feel the most. You’ll get angry, and probably sad, but it will also make you want to dance cause it’s just great rock and roll.

We’ve been lucky enough to hear bits and pieces of the new album over the last couple of months, from the living room show in August, to various visits and studio time. Even sitting there with a snuggly Benji on my lap I had to echo Dan‘s sentiments, and remark that I’ll never forget where I was when he first heard these songs.

Canada's National IQ Test

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nationsiq.jpgWhen our friend tonight told me about this I thought he was joking, or making fun of me, or a little bit of both. He was being rather serious and described to me what was going to take place tomorrow on the CBC, Canada’s National IQ Test tomorrow at 8:00pm.

Test the Nation will be the biggest survey ever conducted to see just how smart Canadians are. In this live two-hour special, the whole country can participate in a real-time interactive IQ test. Viewers can take the test in the comfort of their own home, on the internet or with pen and paper, while our seven teams – Tattoo Artists, Millionaires, Fitness Instructors, Surgeons, Mayors, Talk Jocks and Celebrities – are exercising their grey matter in our Toronto studio.[CBC]

There was a “play along at home” card in the National Post today, and there is also a copy you can download from the show’s website. The thing that scares me is that it’s multiple choice – and lord knows in high school (although I was a pretty good student) I never did as well on multiple choice tests. Don’t even get me STARTED on Scantron… I swear I had a Scantron allergy. [How to Play].

scantron.jpgSo what’s to stop you from Googling the answers? I’m pretty quick to the draw with the good ol’ search engine. Then again I’m sure the questions are not Google-able, and yes, that defeats the whole purpose of the “test”. But, isn’t it a plus if you’re able to use tools to accomplish a task? Eh?

On another note, what if someone wants to just really screw with the “Nation” and the “CBC” and they purposely log on to answer falsely thus bringing Canada’s IQ down, eh? Oh but people in Toronto were probably already going to be completing the test so… yeah.

I am a true sucker for trivia but it seems like the CBC is on a big “greatest” and “smartest” stint lately. We had the “Greatest Canadian” then the “Greatest Canadian Invention” followed by the upcoming “Next Great Prime Minister“. Or course tonight, they featured the greatest team in the NHL, beating Detroit 4-1.

Update: The results are in for Teams, National, and the TOP 20 people in the country.