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After the wonderful weekend and radio experience last night, I’m having such a Monday – it ain’t even funny. Work is work, which we all know (for me) is nothing special at all. On top of that I was checking out some blogs and ran into a post on the Georgia Straight blog about the Matthew Good living room show.
In the post “Matthew Good Goes Bye-Bye” they detail the events leading up to Matt’s travels out of town and country. At the end of the post I was anticipating some kind of mention about the living room show… well this is how it ends: “Giving credit where it’s due, we were scooped on this story by, which reported on an intimate farewell gig Good played last week.”

Oh, okay – the chick from Chart Attack (who was in attendance) wrote about it. So I followed the link and read the article. It wasn’t written by her but she’s mentioned and gives a recap of the night. Hm, not one mention of the live blog. Interesting. I would have thought that on top of inviting 20 fans to a private living room show, putting on a farewell to Vancouver acoustic performance, having someone live blog then entire event for the world (20,000 people refreshing and leaving over 100 interactive comments) would be worth mentioning. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity, for representing the fans and reporting on such a monumentous occasion, to me at least – it was a big deal.

If you google search “Matthew Good Living Room Show” the first hit is for the post I wrote on Metroblogging and the third is for my live blog post. The fifth is for – those guys supplied most of the requests, took a video AND kept track of the entire set list. Not one mention of them at all as well.

I have always tried to be good with my blogging – giving credit where it’s due and getting the whole story. If you’re using a photo, if you’re unsure of certain facts, try and get them straight – do some google searches and see what’s out there. It’s okay to be wrong or guess a little because hey, that’s what the comments section is for eh? :p

But I just have to say, I’m less than impressed with a) the Georgia Straight blog b) Chart Attack. Maybe I should have beat them to it? Maybe I should have passed my “story” along to the papers, but ya know – I kinda wanted to keep it to my blog and the readers here. Was that a bum move on my part?

Maybe I’m over reacting…

Update: My not-so-strongly worded email has been posted on the Georgia Straight blog post (“Matthew Good Goes Bye-Bye“) at the bottom of the page.

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Spoiled boy I have. Thursday night, Snow Patrol. Friday night, dinner at parents. Saturday night, dinner with friends. Sunday night, Canucks game. Somewhere in there, I got John a couple presents, a hair cut, and dyed my hair blond. We just got home from the game (which we won in a shootout, 4-3). It was a great time, even met up with JJ from the Canucks Hockey Blog and he bought John a birthday beer.

We just got home and noticed John’s pal, and our wedding DJ, Don had sent him a message saying that tonight on his radio show (d-contextualized on WYEP in Pittsburg) he will dedicate a bunch of songs to him. Freaking sweet!

We’re now dancing around the apartment (me, in my new Canucks shirt I got for 14 bucks at the Authentix sale) and singing along to the tunes Don is playing. He just ran a couple songs for John and now we’re making some requests – next up, They Might be Giants and some Matthew Good. Don said he listened to the Matt Good podcast we did a lil while ago – said it even got him a little choked up hehe. We’re listening over the web so it’s a bit delayed but I think we’re going to try and Skype him in a minute and say hi.

What an awesome end to the weekend. I’m pretty sure John had a good time – not only marking his first birthday in Canada but also the 1 year mark since he first “landed” in Vancouver. Here’s to many many more good times.

make this go on forever

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We ended up seeing a movie late last night, The Last Kiss [imdb]. It was okay, it’s been dubbed “Garden State II” [imdb] because of the Zach Braff [imdb] involvement but the only similarities were the style of the film and the soundtrack (which are both awesome) [amazon]. I usually have problems with movies or shows that showcase infidelity, but the way the multiple life and love stories were presented made it kinda interesting and touching, I suppose.
John’s got his concert photos (from Thursday night) up on Flickr (audihertz tag: snowpatrol) and I have also posted mine this morning (miss604 set: snow patrol)We’re both heading off to get our hair cut and prettied up this afternoon. We’ll be all nice and presentable when we meet with a couple friends later on for dinner.The birthday weekend continues…

Update: I have a lil vid up on YouTube from the concert… and yeah… I became a blond again before we went out tonight (details later)

best of vancouver?

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While out in Surrey this evening, we got our paws on a copy of the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver edition. We browsed through, agreed with some picks, strongly disagreed with others (eg. my dad and John could not believe that Beaver Lake was best urban oasis).

While on the topic of things Vancouver, I was recapping our ‘Vancouver Trivia’ from last night’s podcast [radiozoom]. The question about the steamclock arose [wiki] as it was dedicated September 24th, 1977 (John’s birthday) and is one of, if not the most, photographed sites in Vancouver.

Photo credit: bhlubarber on Flickr

But, I also learned something new as I was always under the impression that it was run entirely on steam from underground.

Truth is, the steam that flows through the clock is only for the displays every 15 minutes but the rest of the clock is electric. Whaa? My dad is right 99.9% of the time but just to back up this info for the blog post I dug a little deeper and found a few sources that confirmed:

…Internal parts are worn and in need of repair or replacement. The clock still keeps the correct time, but the steam whistle, and its ability to play songs, is starting to malfunction. The City of Vancouver is preparing a two-phase program to overhaul the clock: Phase 1 – Electrical overhaul to fix steam whistle and song playing Phase 2 – Mechanical system overhaul to make sure the clock works properly well into the future. [city of vancouver]

I guess our beloved steamclock isn’t so steamy. Actually, it’s not really beloved either, I think I’ve only watched it ‘go off’ once in my life and John finally saw it on accident this summer when we were strolling through Gastown. There are more beautiful things to stare at in Vancouver.

Back to ‘the Best of’ though, it’s always fun to find places you patronize on the list – except when it names Starbucks as one of the best places to go in the rain. Are you kidding me? Why not put Beaver Lake on that list instead. Rainy walks in Vancouver kick ass – even if you venture into the woods and come across a stinky, buggy, skunky, dried up circle of mud.

Loopy RadioZoom Episode #112

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We threw together an episode tonight before the concert.

[John’s] birthday is coming up on Sunday, and we’ll be attending the Canucks game againt Anaheim in celebration. We get into a variety of topics, including Vancouver Trivia as [John’s] one year anniversary in Vancouver is quickly approaching [radiozoom]

Click here to listen to the mp3, visit the site for show notes, links and extra tidbits.

Oh and if you lost a wallet at the Snow Patrol concert tonight, my sister found it and handed it to a PNE employee-security-looking guy. In hindsight we probably would have been better off hanging on to it and trying to contact the owner ourselves but um, it’s in their hands now. Okay? PNE Forum staff security people things. Good luck.

I’ll have pics and a couple vids up later tomorrow. Laura was nice enough to lend me her cam so it’ll take a while to get it back to her, have the pics sent over yada yada yada concert recap post will come later. Enjoy the podcast, and have a happy Friday!

shut your eyes

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Work is pretty damn busy this morning BUT, it’s my Friday today! John’s birthday-long-weekend starts at 4pm (as soon as I leave the office). Tonight is Snow Patrol and I’m not the tour reporter [604] but of course I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow. Hopefully we can get to doing a podacst before heading out to the show as well.
Only 10 days left until the Run for the Cure. John’s got a post up [audihertz] and we’ve also got some support over at dingoRUE’s blog. Our group raised $400 collectively at an event last Sunday but we’re still pretty far off our goal of $10,000 – we even have a woman who will shave her head (and donate her hair to charity) if we reach our target.

Beyond Robson also reminds us that it’s the 21st Annual AIDS Walk for Life this Sunday, September 24th [BR]

Over on Metroblogging, Matt’s got a post up about “Haunted Vancouver” [mbv] – something my momma would totally be interested in. If you’ve experienced any creepyness (and I don’t mean from that weird heavy breather/close talker dude in your office) feel free to share your encounter.

To get us all in the mood (while we’re feverishly anticipating the official start to the NHL season… and VCOE‘s return to hockey blogging) Darren Barefoot’s got a nice little collection links to ‘ugly-ass hockey logos’ [DB] including a shout out to the Buffaslug.

I cannot WAIT until Sunday! (But I can’t say why, it’s a secret).

Edit: Now I can’t wait til next Wednesday – Laura rocks! She hooked me up with a body polish and hot rocks massage (at her new work). Although I really don’t know what a body polish is… and these are just students… um… I’m sure it’ll still be interestingwicked relaxing.