curing my case of the mondays

Monday, July 24th, 2006 — 11:53am PDT
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Got into work, felt all monday-ish, blah.Within 30 mins our internet connection was down.Within 2 hours we were told nothing can be done until tomorrow so we should head home.Works for me, beach time!

Edit: New Monday Uniform

pro flickrers

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 — 8:25pm PDT
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The other night John and I bought some pro Flickr accounts (finally).

We thought we could get away with a free status forever but when some of our older photos started dissapearing we realized how foolish we had been.

With the free account only your 200 most recent pics are displayed (although kept on the server), of course we would have known this if would have read the fine print (like smrt people).

So now we have all the uploading, storage and set-making power we could ask for.

Check out John’s pics [flickr] or as you may be well aware, mine are up too [flickr].

saturday with the surrey girls

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 — 12:06pm PDT
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Michelle invited us out to her soccer team’s fundraiser. Little did I know it would be an elementary school reunion. Michelle’s best friend was there and in a strange twist of events, another one of our old buddies (through a friend of a friend) was also there.

There we were, the 4 of us for the first time in 13 years. We all commented that none of us had changed (except for growing boobs and hips) and we just looked like older versions of ourselves. Sitting at that table

I immediately fell back into school-clique mode and assumed my role as the nerdy geeky “Becky Martin”.

It was interesting to hear how everyone’s life is going and that everywhere we all go – we’re defending Surrey.

I must admit that even though it was fun to have a little blast from the past, I have grown SO much (and yeah, not just in the boob department). I was pretty glad to head back to our little home in the West End and back to my life that I’ve worked so hard to achieve (and am still in the process of doing).

Talking to John last night (sort of a post-mortem) we both agreed that we’re nowhere near where we want to be in life but at least we’re on a path to achieving our goals – something we both really value. We’ve both come so far – we got some help along the way but we’ve pretty much strived as individuals to get where we are and to keep going where we want to go.

We didn’t need to name-drop, we didn’t need to vocalize success or plug fancy places we’ve been or are going to. We hope that we have our own quiet sense of achievement, just knowing inside that yeah, we’re doing pretty alright.

Edit: I should add that we’re also not that strict when it comes to our goals – they’re pretty broad and we’re not that organized to have our entire lives planned out. I mean this time last year I was in Kitsilano and he was in Iowa City ๐Ÿ˜‰

radiozoom and metroblogs, together at last

Friday, July 21st, 2006 — 9:41pm PDT
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I usually make a post when John [audihertz] releases a new episode but this one is extra special. We recorded on the way to and from the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup [met] and of course, during.

Rebecca joined the group of authors earlier this month. As her guest, I brought along the recording equipment to kind of document the occasion, but more so to meet more people that call Vancouver home and like to blog about it as much as we do.
John, Radiozoom []

Check out my post [met] for more details about the podcast & metblogs and be sure to stop by Radiozoom, have a listen and read the show notes [].

america's next top picket

Friday, July 21st, 2006 — 11:58am PDT
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Wasn’t anyone wondering where my Canada’s Next Top Model post was [cntm]? Anyone?
I started out strong but then became increasingly discouraged by the show and the ‘quality’ (of the people and the production). Most memorable quote? Brandi, re: Sisi potentially winning the competition: “She can’t be CANADA’s next top model, CANADA’s next top model should be BORN in Canada.” And this girl is from Vancouver? Yeesh.

At the end of it all (if you don’t know already) Andrea took the top prize. She was weepy, naive, dressed like Kimmy Gibbler and looked like Jamie Lee Curtis. BUT when you dressed her up and gave her some long hair – yeow! She’s young, she’s got the body, is eager to learn and is 20 times better for the ‘job’ than Alana (in my opinion. The reason I’m getting into this now is because of the labour dispute between America’s Next Top Model [antm] writers/producers and the show.

“A dozen writers and producers for the model search competition walked off the job Thursday and staged an hour-long protest outside the show’s Los Angeles offices…

…In the past few years, the Writers Guild has been fighting for the rights for those working on reality television programming, including supporting lawsuits by writers who claim to have been exploited…

…However, the industry overall has not come to a consensus on how work on a reality show equates to work on a traditionally scripted series.” [cbc]

You don’t realize how much scripting and writing goes into reality TV shows until you stop to think about it. These things are planned. They have their blooper reels, they have their pre-set ‘villains’ and products to plug. It obviously takes a team of people to make these shows work. But does their work on these shows “count” as much as say writers’ on CSI or Desperate Housewives?

Let me just pull out my trusty Motorola Razr phone and log onto and do some research.

plug plug plug (a post for Gus)

Friday, July 21st, 2006 — 9:14am PDT
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Around the office they used to make fun of me. They’d mock me. And now… they’re joining me (moahahaha!)

Laura started up a blog a few months ago after I pestered her into it. She’s got so much info floating around in that brain of hers (just general knowledge about the entertainment world, and also from all the research she does). Then two days ago, Gus (who usually gives me the HARDEST time for blogging) decides to join the dark side and activate a blogger account.

Some people ask ‘why’ you would blog.

I’m no expert by ANY means (this guy [tony] is probably the closest thing there is).

There are SO many different types of bloggers. Techy, business-y, girly, theme-y, the ones that just blog because it’s a great form of personal expression, the ones who want to inform etc. etc. etc.

On a similar note, see John’s views on ‘What Podcasting Is’ [audihertz]

Whatever the reason, if you want to do it – do it. Check out my blogroll on the sidebar for any kind of inspiration. I try to keep it short n sweet, they’re all my daily reads and they’re all pretty diverse. I go from Gus Greeper’s great cat video post [vid] to my co-worker Nik’s political cartoons [nik].

So Gus, (my co-worker/the one who just started a blog, not to be confused with Corinna’s cat) don’t be scared, take your time and to quote Rudiger Simpson “I do what I feel like”.