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under the tuscon sun

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 — 5:21pm PDT
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office banter

anne: this lady on the skytrain today found a wallet –
newsroom: oh cool
anne: she opened it up and it was full of crap
newsroom: huh? like…garbage?
anne: no… she even said “it’s full of feces”
newsroom: (laughing in disgust, and at anne’s delivery)
anne: so what do you want to order for dinner? Steamrollers?

we’ve all been working SO much overtime – it’s “our busy time of year”. i left before Gus could go out and get us all dinner so i hope anne, laura and chris had something yummy. Another plug for Lolo’s blog – she’s got ALL the best season/series finales up there as well as soap stuff – for my mother in law ๐Ÿ™‚ AND she still manages to crank our posts when doing 10 hours of OT a week ๐Ÿ˜

i walked home (left my ipod at the office grr) and came in to find John reading my Da Vinci code. It’s about time! When we went to see V for Vendetta we ended up getting free passes for the Paramount so we’re going to use those when we go see Da Vinci code — but not until after opening weekend. We’re also looking forward to Over the Hedge :p

The Edmonton/San Jose game is @ 1-0 oilers after the 1st. Oh… and best of luck to the Vancouver Giants who are headed to the Memorial Cup after WINNING the WHL championship. More hockey blogging later.

be sure to check out our office Amazing Race 9 blog! Popcorn is made – gotta go watch ๐Ÿ™‚

morning commute

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006 — 8:53am PDT
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on the bus this morning the name “Puddleby-on-the-Marsh” popped into my head – embedded there so long ago from years of watching the snoozy Wind in the Willows on CBC at dinner time on Sunday before Fraggle Rock or the Racoons. Anyway, I finally ‘got’ the name…huh..
i should really start walking down robson on my way to work – there’s so much more going on compared to the other route i take. outside of Vir– HMV there was a pile of snow, spraypainted on it: Snow Patrol Eyes Open. Today the Snow Patrol album hits the shelves and from what I’ve heard so far, it’s worth checking out.

Over on Robson & Granville the video boards are now up on the side of the Future Shop/Winners building. (See the Vancouver Counsil proposition re: this project)Brought to us by Telus, they run ads and tell the time. I wonder if they’ll serve any other purpose in the future. Since the boards are up (and have been for about a week) the scaffolding is coming down. That ugly sidewalk-blocking mess has been up forever. First to fix the building, then to clean or god knows what else, then to install the humega video boards.

I stopped in at TimHo this morning, even though the Vancouverite frowns upon it, and I only ended up being 6 minutes late for work. The new bus routes are killing me – you just never know if the driver is gonna chance it and make that left turn onto Seymour with that stale amber light turning red. Serves me right, like I said – I should be walking to work.

still pucking around

Monday, May 8th, 2006 — 7:09pm PDT
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shots 25-7 since the first and it’s the end of the third period. the score is 1-1 Carolina vs New Jersey — 22 seconds left and the Devils score. they’ve been outplayed the entire game, their goalie has been keeping them alive and they pull ahead 2-1. things looked glum for the Canes but 3 seconds left in the game they score.
We just finished dinner and tuned in. Ottawa was already defeated by Buffalo earlier this evening and Edmonton/San Jose is coming up. they’ll have those shark fins out floating around the ice any minute now – then the players will spill forth out of the big huge shark’s mouth and onto the ice.

Tonight we also have game 3 of the WHL playoffs, Vancouver vs Moose Jaw. For any of those frugal canuck fans who want all the action (and more) they should have checked out the Giants’ first two games at the Pacific coliseum – 12-24 bucks for a seat. Should there be a game 5, they’ll be back here but we all know the Giants are gonna sweep ๐Ÿ˜‰

so much hockey, so little time – this is great! the only thing better would be if our darling canucks were involved in the playoffs this year (no, im not going to get into WHY or HOW or anything). john just asked me when the cup was in vancouver last – um i guessed the 20s… i looked it up – the Vancouver Millionaires won it for 1914-1915. Which made him gasp and reaffirm something he’s said before ‘My god! being a canucks fan IS like being a Cubs fan!”

cbc pony, david suzuki pt. 2

Sunday, May 7th, 2006 — 7:17pm PDT
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Today we sat in on CBC RadioOne’s Book Club session with Dr. David Suzuki. It was a remarkable experience – to be exposed to such knowledge and passion – and to see John look around the studio and just know he totally misses working in radio :p

This is in tandem with ExplorASIAN – celebrating Pan-Asian arts and Culture. As Wynne wrote on Metroblogging Vancouver:

There are more than literary events on the chockful schedule like movie screenings, seminars about Zen and feng shui, and surely kid-oriented events like karate and origami demonstrations.

It would be great to check out some of these events going on in the city, click on the schedule link for full details.

hockey talk

Sunday, May 7th, 2006 — 6:30pm PDT
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Um so the San Jose/Edmonton game comes on this afternoon and we are sat there on the couch, listening to the national anthems and I say to John – you’re rooting for SJ right? He replies, yep. I confirm, ya me too – stinkin oilers. I get up, walk over to the computer and check out the blog post I made with my round 2 picks. I gasp. I look at John – I gasp – was my mind somewhere else? Is my heart trying to tell me something? Is my brain? … If you check it out I picked Edmonton to win. I’m not sure why – I was the most ANTI-Oiler last week and wanted Detroit to win – and for a VANCOUVERITE to want Detroit to beat out a Canadian team… that means business. Stinkin Oilers ruined the nucks’ playoff chances when it came down to the wire – why would i type that name in there as my pick? I even announced my support for Detroit during the last RadioZoom couch cast.
Looking at these teams play now I realize Vancouver was not up to snuff, and the oilers just put that last nail in the coffin, but still. I’m torn. I’m not going to edit the blogpost. Ya know it’s like typos I make sometimes. I sit here and type so feverishly my fingers auto-complete words for me. Like when I type “sometimes” my fingers automatically go for the “h” when I get to ‘s-o-m-e-t’ because they want to spell “something” instead. Okay now I’m just rambling like a crazy person. A crazy person who officially picked Edmonton in a blogpost to win round 2. *sigh* what have I done?

mole or verde ?

Sunday, May 7th, 2006 — 5:28pm PDT
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We had a great margarita-filled night on Friday. Gus & Russ came over to our place to sample our homemade selection – I used John’s recipe and poured everyone a glass – we made a toast, i’m not sure why or about what, and our night officially began.
Once my sister and friends arrived we made our way to the best lil mexican restaurant in the west end, Poncho’s. We got there about 830 – the time of our reservations – and the place was PACKED. We had to wait about 15 minutes but they still catered well to our party of 9.

The food was excellent (we swear the salsa had a lil more kick this time) and the margaritas were plentiful.

Poncho’s is definately worth checking out, not only based on the menu but the atmosphere/character of the place is incomperable around here. Live music, laughter, pleasant wait staff and of course the Poncho’s Special.

When you order this drink Poncho himself bring out a little cart equipped with a coffee pot, candle, and about 4 different kinds of liqueur. It’s quite the display and smells extremely yummy – like sugar and liquor. He does a few tricks, lights it on fire, fills it up with coffee, covers the drink in whipped cream and tops it off with anothing liqueur poured from a flaming ladel. I owe John one the next time we go.