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Vancouver Idle

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 — 2:21pm PDT
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Walking home along the Sea Wall last night John and I reveled at the marvelous view (seen here to the left). It was a clear night, which can be kinda rare here in the later summer months.

Drivers in Vancouver are now going to get the opportunity to help improve the local environment (even though it might be terribly inconvenient)

Myth: Turning your engine off and on uses more fuel than if you just let it idle [idlefree]

I’ve been spotting ads on the back of buses for a few days. The City of Vancouver has now passed a By Law stating those who idle their car for 3 minutes or more are subject to fines.

Sean Pander with the city sustainability group says the new bylaw is about encouraging people to reduce their emissions. “…..our hope is the public education works and people are aware again of the myths around vehicle idling that they’ll want to stop idling” [cknw]

On the news this morning it seemed like it was much more of an environmental issue than a money grab by the City. Since I sold my car shortly after moving downtown this isn’t so much a personal issue anymore but let’s break it down.

Plus sides: You will save on gas and this will hopefully reduce emissions leading to that ugly smoggy blanket you can see lurking above on those dry muggy days (which eventually gets blown out to the Valley and senior citizens & those with asthma in Chilliwack will suffer).

Down sides: I suppose taxis (who are not exempt) might be annoyed. As well as anyone just ‘running into the store really quick’ who doesn’t want to bother parking but puts on their 4-ways thus blocking traffic.

Edit: Beyond Robson has more info about this as well [br]

the ferguson point

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 — 8:30am PDT
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Metroblogging Meetup SignLast night John and I headed over to the Metroblogging Meetup in Stanley Park [met].

The potluck was yummy, the people were friendly and it was really great to see all these bloggers you’ve probably read but never met before.

Sometimes you think Vancouver’s become so plastic and fake (whether your nemesis be lululemon, snack dogs, poofy boots or some other ugly monsters [mg]) and it kinda gets you down. Then you attend a gathering like this, with people from all over, photographers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and unemployed – all with humour, humility, class and the one thing in common that brought you together. It kinda restores your faith in the people of this city.

There were a few of us “born n raised BC’ers” there and it was also neat to hear everyone’s story of how they came to be a blogger in Vancouver. One thing I’m taking away from the evening is that I am now determined to blog about that one GREAT restaurant in Surrey (for Ryan) just let me find it first.

Edit: John’s Meetup Recap [audihertz]

Edit: The PODCAST is now available [radiozoom]

she's back!

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 — 8:29am PDT
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My sister (the world traveller) is back today. I believe she’s covered 4 countries in 8 days including England, Wales, Ireland and Canada. She sent me some really great pics over chat, I had to post this one (also up on my flickr).
I can’t wait until she’s safely on the ground and we can hang out this weekend and get all silly (flickr: sister).

Although she did not write any posts for miss604.com while abroad, I’ll forgive her…. and give her another chance at writing a trip re-cap post. But ya know, no time frame really, I’m sure it might be slightly more important for her to spend time with her 3 beautiful babies at home before she sits down in front of a computer to geek out.

20 minutes of ooooh!

Monday, July 17th, 2006 — 9:00pm PDT
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With 9 days to go it is a bit surprising to see there isn’t much blog coverage yet for the Celebration of Light [hsbc] which kicks off July 26th and runs every 3 days after that until Aug. 5th.
It was nice to see that the Vancouverite [van] made this month’s inaugural fireworks post and set the theme perfectly: Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of people. Did I mention lots of people?I’ve experienced the fireworks as a child. We’d drive out to Kits from Surrey in the family van and have a picnic on the beach. Finding that perfect rock to balance on and watch the display took a little time. And 10 minutes later the tide was in and my butt would be sore so I’d retire up the hill a bit to the blanket my mom had laid out. At that time it was put on by Benson & Hedges[wiki] but since then it’s become taboo for a tobacco company to sponsor a family event such as this.

As teenagers we’d take the Skytrain [tl] out and stake out a square of grass right in the middle of English Bay[eb]. The show lasted 20 minutes but the hike back up to the train lasted several hours – then there was the lineup at the station – then the mosh-pit like atmosphere on the train. The crowds of drunks, the families trying to safely maneuver a clear path, the one idiot trying to drive his car down the closed street who will eventually piss off a drunk passer-by enough that he may just get a window smashed.

Last year I was in Kits and from 8pm to 4am there was a constant crowd, constant honking and drunken shouts. This year we are smack dab in the middle of the West End. In case you don’t know your Vancouver geography, to get from English Bay beach (the site of the fireworks) to any kind of public transit, you need to get through the West End [city of vancouver]. We fully anticipate the loudness, the inability to sleep soundly and the major pain of getting to the beach and back in (a walk that usually takes about 5 mins).

When we didn’t have the fireworks one summer the city was deemed “no fun”. If we didn’t have them now – they would be sorely missed. There are those who complain, there are the environmental issues, the crazy-mob-of-half-a-million-people issues etc. But all in all, this is just summer in Vancouver. 4 nights out of 365, is manageable. The businesses prosper, people get outside and down to the beach and yeah we DO have fun.

(flickr photo left: miss604) (flickr photo right: Hupaishi)

how's married life…

Sunday, July 16th, 2006 — 7:25pm PDT
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…We get asked that a lot and well folks – it ain’t perfect by any means. If it were we’d have to kick our own asses just to generate some sort of excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I think we’re doing pretty okay. We have little idiosyncrasies can annoy the crap out of each other, we have our time apart, we have our seperate likes/dislikes etc. and we are not one single blob of a marrital unit. But man, (sappy moment, Laura, avert your eyes) there’s no one else we’d rather be going through all of this with.

Yesterday we happenned to have a great day to ourselves. With no real agenda it started off with a wicked home cooked breakfast, followed by a trip to the beach, Pirates of the Caribbean and ice cream right before bed time. Today included a trip to the Fort (see my Metblog post for more details) then an afternoon at home watching the Cubs.

Staying at home & watching MST3K, being beach bums, loving hockey (even in the off season), watching baseball, getting out n’ about in the city AND the valley. This is our married life.

101 dalmatia– err radiozooms

Saturday, July 15th, 2006 — 9:32am PDT
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The latest RadioZoom is available now.

John received some kind words in regards to episode 100 – which was a real milestone. Sorry Dave, I don’t think I’ll be getting ‘my own show’ anytime soon though :p

Get it while it’s hot. Hot like pancakes! Episode #101 is ready, just for you.

An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

41:46 minutes