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Friday, September 8th, 2006 — 8:54am PDT
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I’m going to rip off The Vancouverite‘s Buzz Dump editions and just list off some links – although it seems everyone and their dog is away right now and NOT blogging… and those who ARE blogging are writing about cats…

Beyond Robson’s weekly heads up on the arts scene is cool and très Vancouver. [br] I’ve driven past that gallery a few times and noticed those works in the window.

Job interviews are dead [audihertz]. I knew it. My friend Anne and I used to call degrees “paper”. We didn’t get “paper” and I suppose I don’t look good on “paper” for that reason. But I have almost almost 10 years of experience (entry level to management) and I tells ya, that speaks volumes. Er um I hope, hey – anyone hiring? :p

Laura’s got competition in the Reality TV blog coverage realm [dingoRUE] and although the man responsible ruffled a few feathers to get his blog known, I think he’s on the path to redeeming himself.

Rant!Vancouver is having a video contest [rv]. I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll submit an entry. We rant often, I suppose we could just record something and submit. The $100 in ‘prize money’ would do us good.

ULturducken. We already know and love the turkey, stuffed with a chicken that’s stuffed with a duck but bring Emu into the equation and you’ll have a heart-stoppingly good time [wiredcola].

Fellow Metroblogger, Wynne, has been away for ages it seems. She is over in Germany and blogging about the good times and especially… H&M. We all (heart) H&M. [wyn]

If you do want to hear about cats – try Laura‘s “Chelsea Watch”.

“So, the crying & screaming have stopped but the late night retching has started. She greets me at the door when I get in each night no matter what time & then proceeds to follow me around the apartment.”

If you didn’t clue in that’s she’s Gus n’ Russ’ old, blind, cranky kitty…then that line there is a doozy (and Laura’s a lil more wild than we all could have imagined). At first she hated the idea and referred to the cat as “it”. Now apparently they’re like old friends, getting on each other’s nerves but still enjoying the company.

Aw crap. I just bloggged about a freakin cat.

EDIT: I have to add something abour Gus’ pics – they’re really great, check ’em out over on his Flickr. He’s now got a few ‘themes’ going including getting pics of security guards napping.

yeah that's right i dont know speed racer

Friday, September 8th, 2006 — 8:39am PDT
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So this is the day. The first day of the rest of my life at work without Laura. I remember when she first started here, she said she thought I was a bitch. I guess I could come off that way… I’m just shy :p We went shopping after work one day last summer and the friendship started. Laura’s always got your back man – even if she’s telling you that a) your tits are hanging out of your top or b) you totally messed up something for a client and you better get your act in gear and fix it before she comes over there and smacks you for not noticing the error.

It’s not like she’s going far away at all, I mean really – we still live on the same street. But I will definitely miss having an ally in the office (although Chris is still here and new guy, Johnny, seems promising). We’re all gonna head over to Gus n’ Russ’ (while they are in Paris) and have a littel get together on Tuesday night.

In other news… we can’t go to the beach tomorrow because the sky has decided to be rainy. On Sunday, I work. Yeah, with Laura not here to take all the crappy extra on-call and Sunday shifts I guess some of us have to step up. Tomorrow is also Davie Day [mbv] which will be worth checking out if I’m not huddled in a ball on the couch because I feel a cold or something coming on. It seems like everything is bittersweet. I wish I could call in sick today but I’m already here.

EDIT: omg… chris and i are creeeepy (lolo’s flickr photos)

step up

Thursday, September 7th, 2006 — 11:04am PDT
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I will be participating in the Run for the Cure October 1st in downtown Vancouver. Last year it was on a special day… not only was it my first year doing the run and raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, but shortly thereafter I drove out to the airport to pick up my then soon-to-be-husband upon his arrival in Vancouver. This year, he’ll be joining me on the run.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can visit the Run for the Cure website [sponsor a runner] and enter my name: Rebecca Bollwitt and the location: Vancouver. We’re going to be running alongside my family’s church group – The God Squad – so don’t let the team name throw you off :p Last year we had the highest donations of any community group and were the only church group. By sponsoring/donating, not only will you help me raise the goal amount of $150, you will receive a tax receipt AND all funds go toward the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This is something that has affected all of us at some point in our lives. If you are unable to sponsor my run or donate that’s okay, encouraging words are also accepted in blog-comment-form because well, it IS a 5km run and I haven’t done any training since last spring. Thanks 🙂

This year, an estimated 22,300 Canadian women and 160 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. We know research is making a difference. Lives are being saved through earlier detection, and more effective treatments are improving the quality of life for those who receive this devastating diagnosis.

I am one of 170,000 participants who will all be walking or running on Sunday, October 1st and I need your support. Donating online is quick, easy and secure! You can pay by credit card and within 30 minutes, you will receive a tax receipt for any donation that has been successfully received. Your donation will be added to the critical funds raised by the Run, and will be directed towards research, education and awareness programs.

Vandigicam – RadioZoom #110

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 — 11:38pm PDT
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I just realized that my pics were returning spaceballs for anyone trying to view/download my images in Flickr. Oops. There are workarounds but I have now loosened the settings for all my contacts. Sorry about that. While we’re on the topic of Flickr – RadioZoom #110 is a soundseeing/on location podcast that was by special request of the vandigicam group.

[The] “Portrait Throw Down III” meetup that gathered in English Bay on August 30, 2006.

Vancouver photographer, Rachael Ashe, contacted [John] with the idea that this event that she was leading would make for interesting podcast material. The location and people apart of the group were an excellent setting for documenting what a Vandigicam gathering is like.

Click to listen to the mp3 and visit the RadioZoom site for all the show notes and shout outs.


Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 — 12:20pm PDT
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The possible lead singer of Supernova? To quote Laura: Are you frickin’ kidding me? :p

Also, I just asked her if she knew about Super Gran. Anyone remember Super Gran? Along the same lines… we caught Corner Gas the other day and they had a Littlest Hobo reference. Now both theme songs are stuck in my head.

orgasmic coconut buns

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006 — 8:39am PDT
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This is Laura‘s last week at this job, sitting across from me, peeking her head up and making faces at me when other people in the office are being complete asses. I knew that growing up as a snobby North Van kid she’d someday find a place in Yaletown and feel right at home :p Well that place is Gus & Russ’ where she’s housesitting while they’re away for the next little while.

We had some quality Surrey time this weekend with my sister and her babies – BBQ in the backyard, meat on grill, beer in hand mm.

Yesterday, it was our first time at Wreck Beach together (John and I) and it was awesome, the community down there is really great – funny, friendly and just plain kooky. Walking back up to the bus we were surrounded by freshmen and returning college students in their little cliques (since Wreck is located in Pacific Spirit Park, at UBC). We walked by the dorms where my friend Michelle spent her first year. I spent a night there after an Arts County Fair in 1999. Good times. John was getting reminiscent about college days and I was just re-affirming the fact that my time spent at university was painful (yes, for all 8 months of attendance) and when I dropped out to join the dotcom craze, it was indeed a good move.

Students are back in school, tourists are still piling into town – my bus was 20 mins late this morning (that was after one, packed to the gills, already went right passed my stop). After the day we had yesterday I’m really not in a cranky ranty mood, really, I’m not. Although I just came to work and found out something that I should have been notified of DAYS ago. Hooray for being out of the loop!

Also, as I’m writing this, I get an email from Big Brothers Renew Crew in Vancouver, I had inquired about a donation pick up: “We unfortunately do not have any dates available for the downtown area since we have parking problems in there. We don’t go there too often so I would suggest you to try calling one of the other organizations like Canadian Diabetes Association. Once again thank you for choosing to support Big Brothers Renew Crew”

Um my donations have just been rejected. Great. I don’t have a car so I can’t get to any of the donation drop off centres. I need a charity organization in Vancouver that does pick ups of clothing, shoes, household things. I just called the Canadian Diabetes Association’s Clothesline regarding pickup downtown. They need a) a safe place to stop b) they cannot come into the building c) clothing must be outside by 8am (although pickup might not be right at that time). I suppose that isn’t too bad but I’d have to see what my landlord says, maybe there’s already some kind of protocol for the building… meh. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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