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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 — 8:33am PDT
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Last night was our first absence from the fireworks so far this year. Instead of heading down to the beach we walked around town in the opposite direction just imagining what clueless tourists must be thinking about all the explosions echoing throughout the downtown core.

This morning the Vancouverite realized that hockey talk never ends [vancouverite] and featured my long time girl-crush, Rachel McAdams [vancouverite]. Michelle’s been telling me for weeks that she keeps running into Pierce Brosnan around town, now we know why.

Work’s been busy lately, it’s our ‘busy time of year’. Actually, we have 4 of those… but I digress.

This weekend the weather is looking rather promising. We might possibly maybe meet up with DaveO [uncleweed] and Saturday morning will be strictly dedicated to the beach [beach times]. Sunday we’re planning on enjoying all the festivities surrounding the Pride Parade [VPS] and Monday, wow – I dunno. This long weekend kinda crept up and we really didn’t plan for it…

Yesterday, Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed raised the question of podcasting [VCOE]. I immediately IM’d John [RadioZoom] to get him to comment since it was an idea he’s been tossing around for a little while now. Definitely, I’m all for it. VCOE is hilarious, intelligent and insightful when it comes to the Canucks and anywhere else in the NHL world. I also read on there that Paul Kukla over at Kukla’s Korner [KK] landed a gig with NHL.com [nhl blog] – sweet! Wish I could get me a better job through doin’ all this (sorry, I’d have to leave you Laura [Lolo].

I start work at 7am starting tomorrow until next Friday. I’ll lose some beauty sleep but I think getting off at 3pm on the upcoming hot sunny warm days will be worth it.

times is the new courier

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 — 3:00pm PDT
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This week at work our proprietary software got an overhaul. The changes are all for the better, all to make our jobs easier but man, they take some getting used to.One of the main ‘upgrades’ was to a basic client-specific form that we print out for every job that we do. Some fields were changed, some removed and the ‘notes’ at the bottom are now in Courier New (it looks like 10pt) – they used to be in Arial.

Now, moving from a sans-serif font to serif is kind of a step backwards since Courier seems so primitive and bland. To quote the geeks in JPod by Douglas Coupland: “Documents are thirty four percent more boring when presented in the courier font.” [jPod] [Coupland]

I decided to Google around and see if I could come up with some interesting Courier arguments. I came across this article from 2004: “As of February 1, 2004, the standard typeface for all official State Department correspondence is to be set in New Times Roman 14, reported the Associated Press.” [AIGA] I was immediately sucked into this analytical and completely geeky discussion/debate and it made me laugh. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I continued the font-discussion-search and came across another article/post about the influence of fonts: “…be mindful of your target audience when you’re marking up a document, whether it’s a university essay or a commercial website. You never know just how loudly a font speaks.” [secret lives of fonts]

On that note, I’m thinking of changing my blog’s font. John suggested I do it a while back when I originally re-did my theme. Thoughts?

that's me in the corner

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 — 10:10pm PDT
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We just finished watching Rockstar [msn] and I thought I’d take a look-see on the website and perhaps maybe vote for someone like a good little reality tv junkie. After the fancy little tattoo-looking site loads, I click on my fave performer of the night and up pops a message box with a request for authentication.

You’ll find these on forms all over the internet, from Ticketmaster to Blogger commenting, basically to make sure a real person is entering the information.

Now, is it just me or are some of these codes getting pretty tricky to replicate? Please don’t laugh :p. I always forget to capitalize, always wonder if that squiggle could be a Y or C or something… and before you know it, I’ve locked myself out of the process due to too many incorrect attempts.

I suppose I should follow a little more closely, wear some glasses or just pay better attention. meh. I’m a real person. they should know that.

black holes & revelations

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 — 9:49am PDT
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This just arrived in my inbox:

You have just been selected as a winner in our Dose.ca Muse contest. As one of our lucky winners, you’ll be getting an exclusive prize pack from the boys at Muse, including their entire discography, new album Blackholes and Revelations, and an autographed poster!

Seriously, I’ve won my share of contests lately including two CBC Studio One Book Club meet n’ greets/readings with David Suzuki and then with Douglas Coupland [books]. Most recently (yesterday) a prize pack from the Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed [604]

I forget what else I’ve won recently but I’m sure John can remember. I guess people are right, you can’t win if you don’t enter – I went on a contest-entering kick a lil while ago and I suppose it paid off.

I’m not usually a really lucky person. I never win the lotto or big fancy raffles, and it’s not like my entire life is all peachy and rosey. So I’m not sure what’s up lately. Whatever it is though, it’s pretty freakin cool.

UPDATE: Announced on the Dose site as well [dose.ca]


Monday, July 31st, 2006 — 8:24pm PDT
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i just saw a commercial on tv (on mute, since we’re listening to tunes) and mike holmes was hockin’ the product. as you may or may not know, john and i are total mike holmes fans [audihertz].

i immediately told john about what i just saw so he hit google, looking for the commercial – he then found the blog of the other dude in the commercial. too funny. [snacks for wexler]

laura’s been going nuts with her new cam [lolo]. i decided tonight (while sitting here geeking out, drinking pale ale and listening to tunes) that i would take some pics for my flickr page [flickr]. laura and john always manage to take the worst pics of me, yet my crappy 15 dollar labtec webcam always manages to produce some pretty decent product. i dunno man, this monday’s not so bad after all.

who's dancing all around

Monday, July 31st, 2006 — 10:06am PDT
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Laura [lolo] got a camera.

I posted a new metblogs post [met].

Hasek is going back to the Red Wings [vcoe], Buffalo has a new hamster logo [fixthelogo] and I won a cool prize for sponsoring the Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed in the Blogathon [vcoe].

There’s a long weekend coming up [bc day].

It’s rainy. It’s Monday.

But things are looking up.