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Tourist in Your Hometown

Monday, February 12th, 2007 — 10:00am PDT
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Victoria Last year we were on hiatus (mostly due to my whole ‘getting married’ thing) but the family girls weekend is a go in a couple of weeks. For several years my mother, sister, aunt, niece and I have ferried over to Victoria for a 3-4 day weekend of Hotel pampering, spa sessions, shopping and touring about the city. It just so happens that our little trip coincides with the city’s annual “Be a Tourist in Your own Hometown” event. Basically, townies are invited to purchase a pass which includes anything from free admission to museums and attractions, free coffees or half price discounts for over 30 places around town.

It allows us to have a little getaway and see a lot more than we would normally because a) it saves a lot of money b) it gives you ideas about what exactly you can do in Victoria. I know we’re not from town but they usually give us a break at the Tourist Infocentre when we pop in every year.

Vancouver could really use something like this, sure we’re inundated with tourists daily but I’ve never been up Grouse Mountain and never gone up the Harbour Centre tower. Does this make me a bad local? I don’t really find a need to check out our tourist spots but I’d like to be able to play host when my in-law family comes to town. I’m sure they’d rather like to see the Vancouver John and I experience though, and not what’s plastered on the front of brochures and in promotional videos. For me, that view of Victoria works just fine when I experience it every 360 days, but I’m certain there’s much more to the city than an Undersea Garden and Miniature World.

A Poor Man's Food

Monday, February 12th, 2007 — 9:13am PDT
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smoochiesI used to call it Valentimes when I was little, I’m sure most other kids did too, until they were 6.

John and I got married around this time last year (Feb. 25), so due to budget constraints this month we had to choose between a mid-week Hallmark celebration or a weekend-long 1st anniversary extravaganza. The latter won out.

There won’t be any flowers or heart-shaped boxes exchanged this Wednesday in our house. Aside from moving the lovey dovey day’s festivities to our anniversary weekend, it’s also the day before payday. We’ll probably hang out and watch the Canucks game and do a little making out.

We’re going to apply any romantic ideas that we come up with for Valentine’s, on the 25th instead. We’re thinking of a restaurant that we’ve never been to or doing something fancy and fun in this city, but I can’t for the life of me think of what that might be. Although passing by Science World on the Skytrain this weekend I saw the banners for the chocolate exhibit mmm I wonder if it’s edible [ScienceWorld].

Although some of those plans seem fine and dandy, realistically an ideal day with my husband would include a walk in the park, making some dinner together (after grocery shopping at the market), and getting some good ‘ol cranberry Slurpees, which would of course be spiked. I’m also pretty sure that if we could do all of the above naked, then it would be his ideal day.

The Paralancer

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 — 5:01pm PDT
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Petting BenjiLast night I had 2 glasses of wine, a burger from Deighton’s Well (which was named after Jack Deighton, who was Gassy Jack, who is the namesake for Gastown…) topped off with a paralancer.

This morning I got up, did an adventure race, ate a bowl full of sashimi and drank 4 beers (really fast).

I’m not feeling the best today.

John‘s going to head to the Canucks game tonight and I think I’ll spend the evening try to detox.

Update: I just realized this is his first “guys night out” since we got married. I also just realized that the Canucks won every game he’s attended. Maybe I should send him out to games more often…

The Amazing Granville Island

Saturday, February 10th, 2007 — 3:39pm PDT
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For my race recap for The Amazing Hunt. I’ll do a quick overview then get into details about our team’s performance. As this just happened this morning and I’m slightly intoxicated (more details below, remember to click “continue reading”) I don’t have the exact names of some of the establishments visited.

Teams: Andy & Shane (Best Friends), Beverley & Janine (Entrepreneur Moms), Christian & Damon (Highschool Buddies), Jenny & Rebecca (Sisters), Nora & Sean (Dating)

The Amazing HuntAt 10:00am we all met at Starbucks. The host of the race pointed me out and knew my name, since he’d read my blog and listened to our podcast before. Jen and I left our raincoats in the car and packed with us a couple bottles of water, sweaters and cell phones. Along with 4 other teams we walked over the starting point, to the West of the Granville Island entrance, near the private lagoon condos.

The race was on shortly after doing a couple of intros. We sprinted toward the first clue, ripped it open and it instructed us to find a certain marine company. It advised us to find the Museum.

At the museum we read the next clue aloud. It instructed us to go into the Net Loft where we ran into a ROAD BLOCK. This is a task which only one person on the team may complete. In this case, we had to sit down and count tiny beads, hundreds of them. Only one team managed to get the right number and the rest of us took a 15 minute penalty in exchange for skipping the task. Yes, it was the frustrating tough.

In hindsight, Jenny should have done this task since she is more methodical. Instead I did it and ended up spilling a couple on the floor. We were one of the teams that took the 15 minute penalty.

The Amazing Hunt The next clue had a FAST FORWARD, where you could head over to Woofles & Meowz and chow down on a dog cracker or you had to find what was in a picture on the clue. Jen and I bolted to Woofles but there was already a team there. Knowing that only one team can complete the FF, we started out to find a fountain that was on our clue.

We didn’t hesitate to ask passers-by for help, although no one was really useful. Shop owners and tourist had no idea where anything was, but there was one couple walking around with their child in a stroller that REALLY helped us find the fountain (in the photo on the clue). We ran into them later in the race and they wished us luck.

Once arriving at the fountain the next clue lead us to the triangle plaza surrounding the French bakery. We didn’t quite get the clue and ended up just stumbling on the location. There we encountered a MERGE and two other teams ahead of us.

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The Amazing Hunt, Tomorrow

Friday, February 9th, 2007 — 10:50am PDT
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As previously noted, my sister and I are racing in The Amazing Hunt tomorrow [Miss604]. It’ll be a foot race for a couple hours around Vancouver complete with all the bells n’ whistles you’ll find to the CBS version (Yield, Detours, camera people, matching shirts and spazzes).

We just got the race details, where to meet etc. and what we can bring along. It’s pretty exciting and they will be filming so we’ll have to speak clearly and read every part of every clue. We’re told that for more ‘face time’ on camera we should talk about ourselves and the other teams as much as possible as well. It’s not about being on film, although that will be how they track our fair play and make sure we read through clues carefully, completing tasks appropriately. It’s about having fun, competing and running walking at an expedited pace through the city.

We’re allowed to bring a cell phone in case of emergency, one map book, ID, some water, and food in a backpack. We’re also told we can being personal medication and cigarettes. Um, we won’t be needing those but maybe one of our competitors will stop for a smoke break and give us a lead, if we’re not already the front runners.

Speaking of the others, there are 5 teams total as of today. We’ll all be wearing official race shirts and making our way around the city tomorrow. At some points we may require money to complete a task and if it isn’t supplied we have to ‘find it on our own’. So if you see my sister and I tomorrow, in a hurry, holding clue cards, we just might need your help.

Good news is I don’t have to get up too early, it starts at 10:00am but who knows how long it will last. I’m going over my backpack contents in my head right now and getting pretty pumped. I just hope the rain holds off, but seeing as how my sister absolutely loves the rain, maybe it would help her perform better. As for me, I just hope that after all this talk I can actually bring some game.

Spam Taunts

Thursday, February 8th, 2007 — 3:55pm PDT
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When John set me up with WordPress he installed a helpful little plugin that sorts through comments and tosses aside anything deemed ‘spam‘. I can then browse through the comments later and dump them all in one click of a button. Sometimes the numbers are painfully high but the benefit is that, I don’t really have to filter anything myself, it’s all done for me. Occasionally I’ll pass through the spam just to check and see if anything of value was misplaced. Honestly, I get a kick lately out of some of the comments and what they say, here’s a sample of what I see as I scroll through:

  • No more spam, man!
  • Delete this spam!
  • I hate spammers!
  • Spammers suck a lot
  • You have so much spam in here

They just sit there, taunting me, (and cracking me up), until my all-powerful finger hits the appropriate key and ZAP! They’re all deleted. I’ve shared this with John every now and then and it seems as though I don’t have it too bad. These types of spam comments sure do beat the ones he gets about products to help improve his “performance”.