my sandals are worn, i need new ones

Monday, July 3rd, 2006 — 7:59pm PST
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We’ve walked about 20 kms every day since Friday. We didn’t really ‘mean’ to it’s just what happens when you live in a great city, with so much to do and you don’t own a car. Our treks to the beach, venturing through forest trails, are amazing although hot and burn-y for my back (ouch). Another venture toward Chinatown today turned into an all out cross-city march when we decided to just ‘keep walking’ and go all the way up to Commercial drive.

With slurpees to refuel us, we made the journey back via Chinatown- steamed buns in hand. I had never spent so much time in that part of town and never even been to the Sun Yat Sen Gardens. We came across a lot today that was intriguing and exciting – although all we were doing was walking around town.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July and I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to experience it with my husband back in his hometown – watching the parade and hanging out with family. I find solace in the fact that he was able to enjoy his first July 1st/Canada Day here with me and that we’ll be doing a LOT of traveling next year. Also, it’s Baby Cam’s 2nd birthday – so that’s another thing (even more important to this Auntie anyway) to celebrate.

we're just thirrrsty, eh

Saturday, July 1st, 2006 — 3:28pm PST
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Happy Canada Day one n’ all. We were out on one of our adventures today and decided it would be nice to get a nice refreshing beverage (well, 6 or 12 of them) to take home for later.

It being a holiday n’ all the BC Liquore Stores are closed. So that eliminated the Alberni and Davie beverage-getting locations. I could think of ONE private store on Smythe – the Dufferin but it was kinda mucky there so we took off to the ONE location John could think of – Jimmy’s. It’s a neat new lil bar that we explored a while ago and they’ve got a Cold Beer n’ Wine built in. (It’s on Hamilton and Robson).

Now for anyone not willing to run ALL over town like we did — are there ANY more locations in the downtown core? hmm…

amusing knob hockey

Friday, June 30th, 2006 — 11:13am PST
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Chris just sent this ‘knob hockey’ link over, it’s rather entertaining. We have an old (ancient) table hockey game like this but it’s all metal, rusty and on the boards it lists ‘current’ NHL teams, Oakland being one of them. Yeah, it’s old – but wicked fun when my dad brings it up from the basement on around Christmas time.

Knob Hockey Episodes

slurpee alert!

Thursday, June 29th, 2006 — 6:22pm PST
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it’s a slurpee alert day! if i would have known ahead of him i would have got super-mega sizes for John and i on my way home from work.

it worked out well though – i’m home now, we’re both geeking out and i get to post a pic of my hair style today. um, so more than 3 people commented on my hair today – about how ‘different’ it was…. all i did was part it differently ๐Ÿ˜ this must mean i’m stuck in a rut fashion wise… doing the same everyday… cause when i DO change something even the slightest it’s BIG news.


oh well, John likes it. I kinda do too, even though it displays my roots for all to see which are less-than-golden blond. and yes, after the action-packed exciting week we’ve had – i’m allowed to post fluff.

dirty Pronger gossip

Thursday, June 29th, 2006 — 4:29pm PST
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I have my sources, I’m not one to spread the dirty gossip… but I’ll make an exception:

…the reason Pronger’s wife wants to leave Edmonton is not because she hates the city or the people. Apparently Pronger got a female beat reporter who covers the Oilers pregnant. Christy Chorleyis her name, and she told Pronger half way through the season…

The same story appears on this blog here.

Although the Canucks OpEd has a more constructive approach in regards to the tons of rumors circulating… just don’t watch that vid before eating… or crawling into dark spaces :p

how to celebrate

Thursday, June 29th, 2006 — 1:43pm PST
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So it’s our nation’s 139th birthday on Saturday – what are you doing to celebrate? I think our main focus this weekend (as it was last weekend and will be going forward) is beach. Not just beach, walks through the park to get to the beach, sunshine, food, slurpees, hanging out and enjoying the city. If you need any suggestions on organized events here are a couple:
Tourism Vancouver’s 100 Things (July 1)
Vancouver White Caps (Game Schedule)

Greek Summer Fest 2006 (Yum!!)
When: June 30 – July 9 12pm – 11pm
Where: 4641 Boundary Road @ 29th Avenue
More Info: Admission is free
Visit their website at to view festival schedule and menu.

Deadmans Island: Canada Day Rockfest 2006 (mmm navy)
When: July 1st, 2006 12pm – 10pm
Where: Deadman’s Island, Stanley Park
More Info: $15 Advanced / $18 Door
Check out details and news of bands and ticket sales at the official website Limited tickets available.

Vancouver’s King Of Table Hockey (how fun!)
When: July 1st 2006 @ 10am to 10pm
Where: Deighton’s Well @ 127-131 Water Street
More Info:
Register Today at

Parks Month Scavenger Hunt (Cool!)
When: July 1- August 15
Where: Any park in B.C
More Info: Free event
Check out for other fun ways to celebrate Parks Month.