flickr and moo

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 — 3:28pm PDT
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Thanks to the Vandigicam Flickr Group I was informed that through a service called “Moo” you can get your Flickr pics printed to cards .

Choose your favourite Flickr pics – Make 100 different cards for $19.99 – Add your personal details on the back – Share with friends!

Right now you can take advantage if you’re a Flickr Pro user:

Totally free for first 10,000 Flickr pro users, globally! 10 cards, all different – Includes Flickr logo – Only available to Flickr Pro users.

It was hard to pic just 10, and 10 that would fit the size limits of the mini cards, but it’s free and totally worth a shot so I ordered my 10 today.

UPDATE: A member of the group received theirs already and took pics of the packaging here!

only 4 days left – save the boobies!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 — 2:50pm PDT
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4 days to go until the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure. John and I will be running [604] and I’m still about 70 bucks short of my fundraising goal. If the cause appeals to you, you want to show some support, get a nice tax receipt and know you’re benefitting Breast Cancer Research – click on the button in my sidebar.

Enter my name (Rebecca Bollwitt) and race location (Vancouver). Your info is not revealed to me, except your donation amount. It’s all done securely right on the Run for the Cure website and you’ll receive instant warm fuzzies.

I’ll have pics up from the run & I’m trying to get John to wear my pink headband but I dunno if he will… maybe if I reach my fundraising goal I can get him to do something silly. A woman in our group will shave her hair (and donate to charity) if we get $10,000 combined.

If you are able to help the cause, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, you’re still a nice person and I will not hate you :p And no, I haven’t done ANY training for the 5km run so it should be interesting.

second prize in a beauty contest

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 — 10:40am PDT
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While lying in the physiotherapists office this morning I picked up Time magazine. I find it a good read for the few minutes I’m left alone with some electrode type thing stuck to my messed up back. After reading about what might become my new favourite show, Studio 60 [wiki], I came across an article about the latest edition of Monopoly.
The article conjures up some fun memories of rainy days as a kid. I was more partial to games of knowledge and skill myself but Monopoly is definitely a staple in any board game collection. The changes that have been made are long overdue. Gone are the days of collecting 200$, the bonus for passing ‘GO’ has now skyrocketed to a cool 2 million. The properties have also changed, you can now buy the White House or Times Square, should your Starbucks coffee or Motorola phone land on either square.

I’d have to recommend that anyone who enjoys a challenge should definitely check out Canada’s answer to monopoly, Poleconomy. It not only allows you to become Prime Minister (thus affecting inflation) but allows you to purchase bonds, life insurance and as an added bonus you get to move coloured beavers around the board (which includes both in inner and outer track). Be forewarned however, in our house games would sometimes go on for days.

Submitted by Jenny (Sis604 [at]

Pucktastic RadioZoom #113

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 — 6:59am PDT
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John and I got JJ on the line from the Canucks Hockey Blog – a throwback to our last hockey blogger podcast with Vancouver Canucks Op Ed [604]

A Skype interview with blogger J.J. Guerrero from the Canucks Hockey Blog, [we] learn more about the guy behind the blog, why he loves the Vancouver Canucks, and gather some insights about the team.

Click here for the mp3, and here for the episode page with lovely show notes.

coming down

Monday, September 25th, 2006 — 3:25pm PDT
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After the wonderful weekend and radio experience last night, I’m having such a Monday – it ain’t even funny. Work is work, which we all know (for me) is nothing special at all. On top of that I was checking out some blogs and ran into a post on the Georgia Straight blog about the Matthew Good living room show.
In the post “Matthew Good Goes Bye-Bye” they detail the events leading up to Matt’s travels out of town and country. At the end of the post I was anticipating some kind of mention about the living room show… well this is how it ends: “Giving credit where it’s due, we were scooped on this story by, which reported on an intimate farewell gig Good played last week.”

Oh, okay – the chick from Chart Attack (who was in attendance) wrote about it. So I followed the link and read the article. It wasn’t written by her but she’s mentioned and gives a recap of the night. Hm, not one mention of the live blog. Interesting. I would have thought that on top of inviting 20 fans to a private living room show, putting on a farewell to Vancouver acoustic performance, having someone live blog then entire event for the world (20,000 people refreshing and leaving over 100 interactive comments) would be worth mentioning. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity, for representing the fans and reporting on such a monumentous occasion, to me at least – it was a big deal.

If you google search “Matthew Good Living Room Show” the first hit is for the post I wrote on Metroblogging and the third is for my live blog post. The fifth is for – those guys supplied most of the requests, took a video AND kept track of the entire set list. Not one mention of them at all as well.

I have always tried to be good with my blogging – giving credit where it’s due and getting the whole story. If you’re using a photo, if you’re unsure of certain facts, try and get them straight – do some google searches and see what’s out there. It’s okay to be wrong or guess a little because hey, that’s what the comments section is for eh? :p

But I just have to say, I’m less than impressed with a) the Georgia Straight blog b) Chart Attack. Maybe I should have beat them to it? Maybe I should have passed my “story” along to the papers, but ya know – I kinda wanted to keep it to my blog and the readers here. Was that a bum move on my part?

Maybe I’m over reacting…

Update: My not-so-strongly worded email has been posted on the Georgia Straight blog post (“Matthew Good Goes Bye-Bye“) at the bottom of the page.

advertising on d-contextualized

Sunday, September 24th, 2006 — 9:19pm PDT
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Spoiled boy I have. Thursday night, Snow Patrol. Friday night, dinner at parents. Saturday night, dinner with friends. Sunday night, Canucks game. Somewhere in there, I got John a couple presents, a hair cut, and dyed my hair blond. We just got home from the game (which we won in a shootout, 4-3). It was a great time, even met up with JJ from the Canucks Hockey Blog and he bought John a birthday beer.

We just got home and noticed John’s pal, and our wedding DJ, Don had sent him a message saying that tonight on his radio show (d-contextualized on WYEP in Pittsburg) he will dedicate a bunch of songs to him. Freaking sweet!

We’re now dancing around the apartment (me, in my new Canucks shirt I got for 14 bucks at the Authentix sale) and singing along to the tunes Don is playing. He just ran a couple songs for John and now we’re making some requests – next up, They Might be Giants and some Matthew Good. Don said he listened to the Matt Good podcast we did a lil while ago – said it even got him a little choked up hehe. We’re listening over the web so it’s a bit delayed but I think we’re going to try and Skype him in a minute and say hi.

What an awesome end to the weekend. I’m pretty sure John had a good time – not only marking his first birthday in Canada but also the 1 year mark since he first “landed” in Vancouver. Here’s to many many more good times.