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RadioZoom Episode #115 – Miss 604 Takes Over the Six Song

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 — 7:14pm PDT
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Every month John releases a Six Song Donut Spectacular on RadioZoom which features six hand picked tracks for your listening pleasure on an all-music episode.

I took over for Episode #115 and John was a very gracious co-host, podcast mentor and trainer.

The focus was on the Boston-based band Aberdeen City since I’ve been invited to interview them [miss604] before their show here in Vancouver on Tuesday October 17th. I then selected pod safe artists (from music.podshow.com) who all hail from Boston, MA to keep with somewhat of a theme.

Visit www.RadioZoom.net for the audio, show notes and band links.

I hope you enjoy and PLEASE leave us some feedback; comments, concerns, rants, raves.

my twin and I

Sunday, October 15th, 2006 — 9:14am PDT
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I’m not a big fan of going out on the town. For starters, John and I don’t have a lot of money to toss around on partying it up very often and when we do have cash to spare, we usually just end up someplace having a couple beers and watching the game.

jenny's new shirt - no one cares about your blogI was told about 2 weeks ago that tonight was to be a girl’s night. I was slightly hesitant but figured, it’s about damn time I got oot’n’aboot. So my sister met me at our house, I made her a quick drink I kissed John goodbye and off we went.

I am not a dancer, but hey – since it was to be girl’s night I let Jenny take the reins and after a couple drinks I was feeling silly enough to bust a move or five. Thing was, it was still just my sister and I half way into the night – the others hadn’t arrived yet. At almost midnight they sent a text saying they were just about downtown and wanted to go somewhere quiet to talk and perhaps eat. Um okay, so I guess the girl’s night I came out for wasn’t gonna happen. My sister was pretty upset by this since she came all the way downtown for the ‘ocassion’. She and I decided to stay where we were and make the best of the night, just the two of us.

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here goes nothing

Thursday, October 12th, 2006 — 11:58pm PDT
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I’ve gone and done it. Switched my provider. Switched from Blogger to WordPress.

John and I are about to pull each other’s hair out. We’re both control freaks, both the youngest in the family and completely impatient. You do the math. Throughout the entire process though, John’s been really super great and helpful, making sure that things happen, that they go smoothly and that I don’t have a heart attack.

I’ll be adding the links back to my blogroll and podcast roll tomorrow so don’t worry. We need to make it flow a little better, make it a little prettier and work out a few kinks. There’s something that still isn’t sitting quite right but hey, this is the first step.

All previous Blogger posts will stay ugly and non-Wordpressy pretty for now (hence the uneven fonts and BIG pics).

There was someone who said I really need to move off of Blogger – John just looked at me tonight and said “we need him to look at this” so he can pin point what exactly it is that we’re missing (on top of the 100 obvious things we already know about).

Please let us know what you think and if you’re a super crafty person that wants to help us out and get oodles of credit, just let me know.

PS – Laura’s work rocks. I’m now an official guinea pig err model for all their fun things like today’s eyelash tinting for example – awesome. Doesn’t she look cute with a lil lipstick on?

Going Down

Thursday, October 12th, 2006 — 10:23am PDT
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Miss604.com will be going down for the better part of the day, but I assure you that it’ll be back up and running soon (and better than ever). Please check back again at a later time 🙂

The Crazy Canucks – Episode 2

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 — 11:12pm PDT
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Episode two follows game 4 of the Canucks season. The Crazy Canucks, (Alanah, John, JJ and I) get together for another podcast full of incite into the world of the Canucks and a little inuendo to get us giggling. We’re missing Dave O on this one but he’ll be back soon enough.

Recording took place just after the 2-1 (SO) loss to the Minnesota Wild earlier tonight, so we talked about the game a little since it was fresh on our minds. Additionally, we also cover the issue of being known more as the “Vancouver Luongos”, who else is impressing us this early in the season, and the changes we’ve seen on the bench, namely Vigneault [TheCrazyCanucks.com]

Click to listen to the mp3 and visit TheCrazyCanucks.com for more info and to leave us a comment.

EDIT: I just remembered this… anyone watching the TSN coverage – did you notice the 2-3 minute long Canadian Armed Forces commercial that aired? That is all 😐

turkey day no work

Monday, October 9th, 2006 — 9:42am PDT
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I learned all about American history from watching Alvin and the Chipmunks [wiki]. Ya know the one where Theodore is studying for his exam and his brothers help him out by telling stories and re-enacting history?Yeah… Canadian Thanksgiving doesn’t involve pilgrims but it does involve turkey. Lots o’ turkey. This is John’s second Thanksgiving (Canadian style) so he decided to do a little write up about its history over on his site.

We’re still going to ‘celebrate’ American Thanksgiving at the end of November because really, any excuse for cooking a nice big meal and having some wine with my man is fine by me.Yesterday we had some adventures (as I wrote in my Metblogs post) then we went down to the Peace Arch [wiki]. It’s one of many Canadian/US Border crossings in the area but it’s right on the water. Since the park is officially a no-man’s land/owned by BOTH countries, John was able to walk over to the United States for the first time since he left it over a year ago now.

After that we headed for a family dinner and stuffed ourselves silly (especially with the blueberry pie that followed). Tonight we’re heading out to Surrey to be with my mom’s side of the family. With 5 kids under 6 years old and 12 adults, it should be an interesting night.

I’ve done a Metblogs post, one here, Laura covered the Amazing Race post, and the podcasts (RadioZoom & TheCrazyCanucks) are coming this week so I think this time spent checking in on my computer and online business has been well spent. Have a great holiday everyone, see you back at work tomorrow (boo!)