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Yearbook Yourself, I Always Wanted to Know What I Looked Like in 1966

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last week Manga Mania was taking Twitter by storm. A website that allows you to customize an avatar with your personal traits was quickly commandeering everyone’s profile photo and I’d say about 70% of my contacts currently have the out-of-the-box cartoon images of themselves applied.

Olympic Blogs for the People

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One of the biggest concerns I have right now is not about keeping up with the Summer Games in Beijing in terms of information and results, but how on earth Vancouver will be able to live up to the spectacle witnessed during this year’s opening ceremonies (mostly since ours will be held indoors). BC Place […]

The Power of Twitter: Tweet Apps and Clients

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Here are a few more tips and tricks that I’ve come across in the Twitter microblogging community: Twemes: First introduced at DemoCamp by Rochelle Grayson, Twemes is a website that comprehensively sorts and categorizes the things people Twitter about as long as they put a hashtag in front of it. Example, those currently at DrupalCamp […]

The Power of Twitter

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If you haven’t got your head around the concept of blogging, your mind might be blown with the latest term: microblogging. To those on Facebook, think “status updates”. Sites like Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce (just to name a few and not including all the video ones out there) allow folks to update their contacts or […]

Twitter Colour Wars

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A while back anyone using the popular microblogging tool Twitter may have noticed that their contact’s avatars sported some peas. This was in support of the Susan Reynolds and the Frozen Pea Fund, and was actually for a good cause. Now a new trend has surfaced in recent days that has Twitter users pitted against […]