Megaphone Magazine Launches Voices of the Street Podcast

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After months of anticipation, Megaphone has released episode one of the Voices of the Street podcast today — its first foray into audio storytelling by people with lived experiences of poverty, substance use and incarceration. Tune in as new episodes are released over the next six weeks.

Megaphone Magazine Launches Voices of the Street Podcast

Voices of the Streets Podcast

Four Megaphone storytellers — Nicolas Leech-Crier, Julie Chapman, Angel Gates and Yvonne Mark — were given a prompt: explore the writing and themes from the 2021 edition of Voices of the Street that resonate with you to create an original podcast. They met throughout the summer of 2021 with podcasting mentor Helena Krobath and a slew of talented guest mentors to play with the dimensions of storytelling unique to podcasts. 

“I’ve worked in a lot of collaborative processes before, because I love the energy of creativity flowing from different directions to create a single moment, and this was one of those for sure…except this time I got to be the star AND the host! It was a really unique and genuinely Megaphone experience for me and, I hope, for our listening audience! Enjoy!”- Nicolas Leech-Crier, Participant in the Voices of the Street Podcast Mentorship 

Megaphone Magazine Launches Voices of the Street Podcast
Hosts: Yvonne Mark, Nicolas Crier, Julie Chapman, Angel Gates

The group learned about audio storyboarding, vocal techniques, interviewing, audio recording, theme music and sound effects, all while scripting and producing their original podcasts. 

These unique stories are now ready to share with the public. With humour, curiosity, care and thoughtfulness, episodes from this series move from intergenerational trauma and family healing, to navigating the criminal justice system as an Indigenous person, to coming to understand yourself better through the act of writing. 

You can listen to the first episode now to and learn more from the storytellers who have drawn on the wisdom of their lived experience and leaned into experimenting with audio storytelling. 

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