Vancouver’s Beanstock Coffee Festival 2019

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The Beanstock Coffee Festival invites coffee lovers from Vancouver and beyond to convene and connect with local micro-roasters, sample some of the best craft coffee in Western Canada, and learn about the importance of socially responsible brew.

Beanstock Coffee Festival

Beanstock Coffee Festival

When: Saturday, November 2 & Sunday, November 3, 2019
Where: Performance Works on Granville Island
Tickets: Available Online

Coffee is the world’s favourite beverage with more than 2.2 billion cups consumed around the world each day – but not every cup is created the same. Particularly in recent years, third wave coffee – a movement towards high-quality, transparent and fair trade alternatives – has skyrocketed with speciality growers, traders and roasters uniting to improve each stage of production, from farming and processing techniques, to distributing the final product.

Beanstock was created by a team of industry professionals committed to expanding public awareness of third wave coffee and local micro-roasters, while also advocating for a more sustainable future for coffee.

The festival will take place at Performance Works on Granville Island, featuring 30 independent micro-roasters, including Agro Coffee Roasters, Luna Coffee, Prototype Coffee, Pallet Coffee Roasters, and Rooftop Coffee Roasters

For more information follow Beanstock on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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