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A New Suspension Bridge in Metro Vancouver

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 — 8:24am PDT
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Metro Vancouver has announced that the new pedestrian suspension bridge across the Seymour River in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is now open to the public.

Seymour River Suspension Bridge

Seymour River Suspension Bridge
Photo courtesy of Metro Vancouver

The Seymour River suspension bridge allows hikers, cyclists and dog walkers to cross the Seymour River, and reconnects the Twin Bridge Trail with the Fisherman’s Trail. It replaces the Twin Bridge, which had to be removed following a major rock slide in December 2014 that partially blocked the Seymour River and flooded area trails.

Additionally, the new staircase on the Baden Powell Trail is now open, providing trail users with safer and more convenient access to connecting trails in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Metro Vancouver has also completed the Canyon Creek Bridge at the north end of Riverside Drive, a new bridge for trail users, utility maintenance and emergency responders.

Getting There

Head to North Vancouver and take the Mt Seymour Parkway exit. Merge onto Fern St and continue onto Lillooet Road past Capilano University for about 4.4km. You’ll end up at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve parking lot.

The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve is located downstream of the Seymour Watershed and is managed by Metro Vancouver for its capacity as a water reserve and for its recreational, educational, and ecological values.

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