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Vancouverites Being Awesome in the Snow, 50-100 Years Ago

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 — 5:02pm PDT
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Are you a Vancouverite who rejoices and busts out their skis on a snow day, or one that hunkers down for a quiet day with mittened hands clasping hot chocolate? Perhaps you’re out with the kids, flying down a local hill on a crazy carpet. The city is slowly going to sleep as a cold, white blanket tucks it in for the weekend but I wanted to showcase some photos from the City of Vancouver Archives that show some Vancouverites being awesome in the snow, 50-100 years ago:

Peter Pantages founded the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club in 1920. Here he is in 1927, on the beach in December. Vancouver Archives# CVA 99-1786.

A grand old time at Grouse Mountain in 1929. Vancouver Archives# CVA 99-2000.

This cool couple and their dog, 1910 on Waterloo and West 4th. Vancouver Archives# CVA 7-35.

Proof that Vancouverites have always used umbrellas in the snow. Granville at Pender, 1936. Vancouver Archives# 677-276.1.

Rugby at Brockton Point, Stanley Park, in the snow, 1902. Vancouver Archives# CVA 103-11.

Military 68th C.F.A. snowball fight outside the Exhibition Building in 1917. Vancouver Archives# CVA 99-591.

Hastings Street streetcars in the snow, 1937. Vancouver Archives# CVA 260-788.

Kudos to Mrs. Quiney for getting a chilly photo with Theresa, James, Ken and Rose in 1911 on Pender St and Ingleton Ave. Vancouver Archives# CVA 7-10.

Hanging out in the Strathcona streets, 1920. Vancouver Archives# CVA 1376-239.

These folks posed with a giant fallen tree in Lynn Valley, with a 13′ diameter, in 1905. Vancouver Archives# Tr P55

And finally, we also had an epic Empire Stadium ski jump back in the 50s. Vancouver Archives# 2008-022.007.

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