#KitsWings Mural in Kitsilano

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Artists Steve and Sandy Pell were tasked with creating a large mural, designed to be an interactive public art piece that inspires values like connectedness, positivity and freedom. The result is #kitswings, now at Burrard and West 4th.

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#KitsWings Mural in Kitsilano

Since its installation in July, the new #KitsWings mural has been the focus of over 400 photos on Instagram. The executive director of Kitsilano West 4th Ave Business Association, Jane McFadden, initially approached the team with the concept.

“Our design’s aesthetic was inspired by a Bald Eagle’s wings silhouetted against a powerful setting sun over Kitsilano. With all of our work, our goal is simple: we want to transform blank spaces into remarkable, memorable and interactive places,” says Sandy Pell. “Our aim to celebrate the diversity of the community by creating an abstract reminder of those beautiful moments which everyone can relate to. Ultimately, we hope to help put a smile on everyone’s face.”

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If you’ve been to the Hootsuite HQ boardroom, to Kafka’s Coffee & Tea, Boeing Canada, or by the utility box on Maple and West 4th you’ve seen the duo’s work already.

With photos in mind, the mural has been designed to fit within a basic mobile phone resolution shot from the sidewalk so that photos can easily be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. This prevents any dangerous disruption to the flow of traffic if people were to stand in the bikeline or on the street to fit the whole mural in their camera. In summer months, the sun set shines directly on the mural’s gold-chrome paint, making it glitter and even more photo-ready.

Want to explore more? Check out the South Granville Art Walk or the Vancouver Mural Festival happening now in East Vancouver until August 12, 2017.

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