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A 10 Year Vision for Improving Transit in Metro Vancouver

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 — 9:15am PDT
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In January, TransLink launched the first transit improvements set out in Phase One of the Ten Year Vision.

That means more transit and less congestion on the roads, increased SkyTrain frequency, more SeaBus, bus and HandyDART trips – making space for 185,000 more people per week to take transit!

What’s New

  • On weekdays – peak service will end 15 minutes later in the morning and last one hour longer in the afternoon and evening rush.
  • On weekends – trains will increase to match weekday off-peak frequency meaning trains will run every 3 to 6 minutes.
  • Canada Line

  • More frequent service during weekday peak hours.
  • 11 per cent increase in passenger capacity during the busiest periods – that means an extra 3,700 passengers in each direction every weekday.
  • Bus and HandyDART

  • 10 per cent increase in bus service.
  • 15 per cent increase for HandyDART meaning 85,000 more available trips annually.
  • SeaBus

  • Doubling SeaBus Service on Sundays and holidays to sailings every 15 minutes from 10:00am to 7:00pm.
  • Public consultations

  • Open houses for both the Surrey Rapid Transit Project and the Millennium Line Broadway Extension.

What’s Next

In the coming weeks and months, more improvements of Phase One will be rolled out, including:

  • New or expanded transit services for neighbourhoods that currently have few – or no – transit options today;
  • Safer walking and cycling routes; and
  • Improvements to the Major Road Network.

And that’s just Phase One!

In Phase Two, TransLink will ask for more public input later this year for the next phase of the 10 Year Vision.

Highlights of Phase Two

  • Replacement of the Pattullo Bridge
  • Surrey light rail
  • Broadway subway
  • More rail cars and station upgrades on the existing SkyTrain system
  • Additional expansion of bus service across the region
  • Additional expansion of HandyDART service
  • Continued improvements to major roads, cycling, walking paths, and transit access points

You can find out more about The 10 Year Vision at

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