Vintage Vancouver Beach Photos

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Frisbees, footballs, bikini-clad bodies, blankets, and bicycles parked along the Sea Wall are scenes of summer at Vancouver’s beaches. From Third to Locarno, English Bay to Spanish Banks, the seaside landscape has changed almost as much as the summer fashion trends. Thanks to the City of Vancouver Archives, and my niece who curated this collection, we can take a look back at the busy beach days of yore in Vancouver:

Vintage Vancouver Beach Photos

1900. Greer’s Beach (Kitsilano Beach). Archives# Be P99.

1919. Kitsilano Beach, Stuart Thomson. Archives# CVA 99-86.

Aug. 3, 1946. Third Beach. Archives# CVA 586-4570.

1917. Second Beach, Photo by Stuart Thomson. Archives# CVA 99-213.

1964. Beach goers by Kitsilano Beach bathhouse. Archives# CVA 392-165.

1907. Second Beach. Archives# St Pk P286.

191-. English Bay bathing beach. Archives# M-11-9.

1905. View of Second Beach. Archives# St Pk P227.

1887. Picnic at Jericho Beach. Archives# Be P52.

1926. Locarno Beach and Bathhouse. Archives# Be P75.

1937. Sunbathers on Kitsilano Beach. Archives# Be P112.3.

1940. Sunbathers on Second Beach. Archives# CVA 586-456.

July 12, 1928. View of Kitsilano Beach. Archives# Be P16.

1917. English Bay Pier. Archives# Be P113.

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