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7 Local Waterfall Hikes Around Vancouver

Friday, August 21st, 2015 — 2:14pm PDT
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Vancouverites love a good hike, whether it’s the Grouse Grind after work, Quarry Rock with friends on a sunny Friday afternoon, or a weekend trek up St Mark’s Summit. The views are often reward enough but there are some awe-inspiring waterfalls tucked away in the forests of our local hills that will also satisfy any hiker’s appetite for splendour.

7 Local Waterfall Hikes Around Vancouver

There are some great resources out there for hiking around Metro Vancouver, like Vancouver Tails and Outdoor Vancouver, from which I have sourced some of this information, and other links are provided below where applicable:

Norvan Falls, North Vancouver

Norvan Falls

About This Hike
Rating: Moderate
Distance: 14km
Time Needed: 5 Hours

Twin Falls, Lynn Canyon

Falling in Succession

About This Hike
Rating: Easy, just a short walk from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
Alternative: Baden Powell Trail from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon
Rating: Intermediate
Distance: 12km (one-way)
Time Needed: 5 hours

Cypress Falls, West Vancouver


About This Hike
Rating: Easy
Distance: 3km (round-trip)
Time Needed: 1.5 hours

Cascade Falls, Mission

Cascade Falls - Mission, BC

About This Hike
Rating: Easy
Distance: 0.75km (round-trip)
Time Needed: 0.5 hours

Bridal Veil Falls, Chilliwack

2015-02-28 Chilliwack Bridal Veil Falls 1-1

About This Hike
Rating: Easy
Distance: 0.8km (round-trip)
Time Needed: 0.25 hours

Upper Shannon Falls, Squamish

Shannon Falls

About This Hike
Rating: Moderate
Distance: 7 km
Time Needed: 4 Hours

Brandywine Falls, Whistler

2015-08-16 Whistler Brandywine Falls-1

About This Hike
Rating: Easy
Distance: 1km (round-trip)
Time: 0.5 hours

For each of these hikes, click on the links provided to find more information about elevation gains and the best times of year to plan your visit. Always be prepared for the elements and let someone know where and when you are planning to do your hike. Stay within boundaries, on trails, be safe out there and have fun!

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  1. Keira-Anne says:

    I’m going to hang on to this for when I need some nature. Gorgeous places…

  2. Jen says:

    You missed Crystal Falls in Coquitlam!

  3. vjss says:

    Didn’t knew there are so many. Definitely visiting them.

  4. Lori M says:

    Great post and pictures of local waterfalls! I’ve done three and look forward to doing the other four!

  5. Great list! We’ve enjoyed many of these :-). Brandywine Falls is a nice short hike near Whistler, so easy to do. We missed doing Norvan Falls though when living in Vancouver – too bad…

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