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This Month in History: November

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 — 10:04am PDT
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This morning our clocks fell back an hour and we’ll take a look back at what happened in Vancouver during the month of November over the last century.

November 6, 1917: Creating Lost Lagoon, separating it from Coal Harbour. Archives# PAN N54.
Click to view full panorama by W.J. Moore.

This Month in History

Source: The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver.

November 3, 1862
Three fellows named Morton, Brighouse and Hailstone filed a claim today for the land that is now Vancouver’s West End. They paid more than $1 an acre, which led scoffers in New Westminster—who thought the land was of little value—to call them “The Three Greenhorns“.

1946: View of The Orpheum and Granville St. Archives# CVA 1184-2290. Photographer: Jack Lindsay.

November 8, 1927
The Orpheum, a vaudeville performance today inaugurated a new theatre in Vancouver, an elegant palace of entertainment that’s still around.

November 12, 1938
The Lions Gate Bridge opened without ceremony. The official opening would happen May 26, 1939 with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the Queen Mother.

1938: View from of Lions Gate Bridge construction (Archives# CVA 260-831) & Plaque commemorating the completion of the Lions Gate Bridge (Archives# CVA 95-9).

November 14, 1982
The 255-tonne fabric dome originally on BC Place was blown up today, creating the stadium’s signature ‘marshmallow’ top.

November 20, 1982
Vancouver voters today decided that it was okay to shop on Sundays.

November 22, 1894
St. Paul’s Hospital opened in Vancouver.

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