October in Vancouver History

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A new month has arrived with rain, winds, and Halloween preparations. In Vancouver history, October has had some defining moments, some of which have been captured and preserved in the Vancouver Public Library and City of Vancouver Archives, while others live on through the words of Chuck Davis’ History of Metropolitan Vancouver. Here’s a quick roundup of what happened in Vancouver throughout many Octobers past:

October 1, 1940

1940: Claude P. Dettloff, Vancouver Daily Province. Archives# CVA LP-109.

On this day in history, the Province’s Claude P. Dettloff took the famous Wait For Me, Daddy photograph. It became the most reproduced Canadian picture from World War II.

October 7, 1930

The iconic Marine Building, one of buildings that most identify with Vancouver, opened for tenants.

1947: Leonard Frank Photos. Archive# Bu P346. 1946: Archives# CVA 586-4469.

On October 9, 1970

The Vancouver Canucks played their first regular season NHL game.

October 12, 1894

A party of hikers climbed a North Vancouver mountain and shot a grouse along the way, naming the mountain in its honour.

October 15, 1983

The Vancouver Art Gallery moved into the old courthouse on Georgia Street.

1920s: Old courthouse building. Archives# CVA 99-3101.

October 16, 1940

Originally called the Peach Arch Highway, King George VI Highway got its new name. Today, it’s King George Boulevard.

October 24, 1968

Grant McConachie Way, the road leading to Vancouver International Airport, opened to traffic.

October 29, 1889

Lord Stanley of Preston was not in town when Stanley Park was officially opened in September of 1888 so when he visited in October of the following year he officially dedicated the park, in his name. A statue depicting this moment was installed in 1960.

Lord Stanley Statue Stanley Park
1960 – Unveiling of the Lord Stanley statue. Archives item#Mon N63.5. Williams Bros. Photographer’s Ltd.
Fall Photowalk in Stanley Park
Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr

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  1. Candace MacphersonMonday, December 2nd, 2013 — 6:05pm PST

    Hello, Rebecca ~

    My grandfather was Claude P. Dettloff, the man responsible for taking the photograph, “Wait For Me, Daddy”. I just came across this page and wanted to let you know that his name is spelled incorrectly. There is, in fact, an “e” in Claude, and Dettloff has two “t”‘s. I realize this is an honest mistake as, invariably and for whatever reason, either one or both of his names has been misspelled over the decades, so I suspect that no one is sure what is correct.

    I figured this would be information you’d like to have should you be writing about his photo again in the future.

    Thanks so much.

    ~ Candace

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