Vancouver History Tidbits: Knight Street Bridge

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It’s not as old as the Pattullo or as iconic as the Lions Gate but today the Knight Street Bridge turns 39. It was on January 15, 1974 that the Richmond and Vancouver bridge opened to traffic. Over the years it has served a purpose and its most noteworthy and newsworthy moments haven’t usually been the most flattering.

January 1974: The Knight Street Bridge opened and replaced the Fraser Street Bridge (located 1.6 km to the west) that was built in 1905.

1955 – Fraser Street Bridge repairs. VPL Number: 39785. Photographer: Province Newspaper.

1955 – Fraser St Bridge repairs. VPL Number: 39785
1956 – Traffic at the north end of the Fraser St Bridge. VPL Number: 39798.
Photographer: Province Newspaper

November 2000: The bridge was shut down when a crane floating on a barge hit the deck from underneath, moving the bridge about 15 centimeters, causing major structural damage and bursting a water line.

Knight Street Bridge
Photo credit: Clayton Perry Photoworks on Flickr

June 2008: As a part of Translink’s Major Road Network the bridge received seismic upgrades that included reinforcing the bridge piers and foundations, resurfacing the southbound lanes of the Marine Drive overpass, and replacing the bridge deck joints.

November 2009: All of BC’s Top Ten crash sites were in Metro Vancouver this year with the Knight Street Bridge on and off ramps listed at number three.

October 2011: The bridge received the VRCA Innovation Award for a comprehensive upgrade of distribution and lighting (by Houle Electric).

January 2013: Transport Canada listed the Knight Street Bridge and SE Marine Drive’s on and off ramps as Canada’s most dangerous intersection.

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  1. E. BryanTuesday, January 15th, 2013 — 8:42pm PST

    Before the new Knight St., bridge was consrtucted, my husband was stuck on Marine Dr. waiting to get onto the old Bridge. Someone not paying attention except when the light changed, booted it and slammed into my husbands car was spun right around and wound up stuck on the median. Thankfully he was not injured too badly. Car was almost a wright off.

    E Bryan

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