Vintage Vancouver Trees

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Yesterday was National Tree Day and this weekend communities around the province are tree day activities. I thought it would be only fitting to have a tree theme for this week’s roundup of photos from the Vancouver Public Library. Bear in mind, most of Vancouver – including and especially downtown – was covered in forest in the early days.

1886 J.W. Horne’s real estate office in a hollow log at Georgia & Granville.
VPL Accession Number: 1099. Photographer: H.T. Devine.

1870 Gassy Jack’s tree at Carrall & Water. VPL Accession Number: 24322.
Photography studio: Dominion Photo Co.

1889 – A bench inside Hollow Tree. VPL Accession Number: 13253. Photography studio: Bailey Bros.

(Left) 1900-1910 Men with trees. VPL Accession Number: 6184Q. Photographer: Leonard Frank.
(Right) Lizzie and Harold Timms in Stanley Park. VPL Accession Number: 6672. Photographer: Philip Timms.

1900s Inside the Hollow Tree. VPL Accession Number: 5487. Photographer: Philip Timms.

1900s Harold Timms hugging a tree in Stanley Park. VPL Accession Number: 6690.
Photographer: Philip Timms.

1900s Trees in the road in Stanley Park. VPL Accession Number: 7286. Photographer: Philip Timms.

1919 Men standing on trees at Hastings Saw Mill. VPL Accession Number: 3926.
Photographer: Leonard Frank.

(Left) 1919 Hastings Saw Mill camp. VPL Accession Number: 3930. (Middle) 1923 Man by a log. VPL Accession Number: 3761. (Right) 1928 Men by large cedars. VPL Accession Number: 5572B.
Photographer: Leonard Frank.

1937 Clearing for the Lions Gate Bridge road. VPL Accession Number: 19130. Photographer: Philip Timms.

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