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Grouse Mountain Showdown Over the City 2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012 — 9:59am PDT
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Grouse Mountain presents the Quiksilver Showdown Over the City, a 4-star event that is part of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour.

Quiksilver Showdown Over the City 2011 from Alterna Films on Vimeo.

International and local snowboard talent will be competing for $15,000 in cash and prizes at Grouse from March 23rd to March 24th, 2012. Friday will have the qualifiers – for amateurs and pros – along with a night time rail jam session while Saturday will host the finals and other festivities. Registration for the qualifying event is now open.

Filmmakers and photographers can also compete to win prizes as they document the events.

Vancouver at Night (Vancouver in Fog)
Photo credit: flynnkc on Flickr – Submitted to the Miss604 Flickr Pool.

Grouse Mountain has offered up a fantastic prize package for one reader and a guest. This includes one night in a deluxe suite at Hotel Le Soleil along with two passes for the Quiksilver Showdown Over the City complete with beer garden passes. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post naming a pro or amateur snowboarder (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
RT to enter to win a Showdown Over the City prize package from @GrouseMountain & @Miss604

I will draw one winner next Monday, March 18, 2012 at 11:00am. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter and attend the beer garden at the event. Please enjoy responsibly. Hotel stay is valid for March 24, 2012.

Update The winner is Travis!

Current contests on


  1. Jake says:

    Jake Kuzyk…Diane Rudge!!

  2. John Mah says:

    looks great! would love to go!

  3. John Mah says:

    Diane Rudge!

  4. chrissy says:

    Mark Sollors 🙂

  5. Theresa says:

    I have lived in Vancouver and have never been up to Grouse *hangs head in shame*

    Breanna Strangland!!

  6. Julie says:

    Maëlle Ricker!

  7. tania says:

    Diane Rudge!

  8. rino says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  9. Ro says:

    Elliot Catton

  10. Ammar Ahmed says:

    Travis Rice

  11. Robyn says:

    Seb Toutant – he won at the Showdown a few years ago. I think he was only 16 at the time!

  12. Sheila says:

    diane rudge

  13. Lynn says:

    Diane Rudge

  14. David D. says:

    Diane Rudge

  15. Jan says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  16. belinda says:

    Ben Bilocq the Silent Killer

  17. Brandon says:

    Gotta go with Shaun White

  18. Andrew says:

    Elena Hight

  19. Vanessa says:

    Shaun White comes to mind!

  20. Vince says:

    Diane Rudge!

  21. Mary says:

    wow wow wow, just wow

    Shaun White

  22. Erin B says:

    Shaun White! excellent hair.

  23. Christine says:

    Shaun White

  24. Joanna Wu says:

    Ellery Hollingsworth! Just found out about miss604 and it’s awesome!

  25. Chista says:

    Shaun white

  26. Deidre says:

    Diane Rudge!

  27. Sunshine G says:

    Devun Walsh

  28. tina says:

    Diane Rudge

  29. Alex says:

    Devun Walsh

  30. Sanaz says:

    Sean White

  31. Desneige Medier says:

    This is a fantastic picture!

  32. Gary says:

    The Flying Tomatoe….Shaun White

  33. Phy says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  34. Tiffany says:

    I know he’s American… but he’s good – Shaun White. The Carrot Top of sports.

  35. jocelyne says:

    shaun white! and a enviable head of hair 😉

  36. Travis says:

    Kevin Griffen, Local Vancouver brand Endeavor snowboards team rider and previous winner of the showdown.

  37. Elizabeth B says:

    Maelle Ricker!

  38. Michael says:

    Shaun White

  39. Carmelle says:

    Elliot Catton

  40. winnie says:

    Hannah Teter

  41. Tara Davies says:

    Diane Rudge rules!

  42. Katie says:

    Maëlle Ricker!

  43. Lindsey says:

    Shaun White!

  44. Joanne says:

    Shaun White

  45. Rebecca says:

    Shaun White

  46. Julie says:

    Shaun White!

  47. Laura says:

    Shaun White!

  48. tessa says:

    beau bishop

  49. Sally says:

    Diane Rudge

  50. Mine Gismondi says:

    Diane Rudge!

  51. Angela griffin says:

    Diane Rudge

  52. CG says:

    Would give anything to be on the slopes right about now. Great contest! Thanks.

  53. Safiq Maje says:

    Shaun white

  54. Debbie says:

    Diane Rudge

  55. Gigi says:

    Shaun White!

  56. Evan says:

    Diane Rudge.

  57. Mae says:

    How can I pick anyone else but Maelle Ricker? Her name encompasses mine.

  58. Jenn S says:

    Diane Rudge

  59. icitea/Clare says:

    Devun Walsh 🙂

  60. Emily H says:

    Shaun White!

  61. Stotes says:

    Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White

  62. Lyn says:

    Shaun White – Yay! Snowboarding and Grouse Mountain.
    I haven’t been for so long I forget what I’m missing.
    This would be a wonderful event/ prize to win.

  63. Samir says:

    Shaun White!

  64. avis says:

    what a pretty site

  65. Michelle says:

    Shaun White

  66. Michelle Wong says:

    Shaun White!

  67. Breanne says:

    Shaun white!

  68. Jessica says:

    JP Walker!

  69. David L. says:

    Sarah Burke..RIP!!

  70. Sigrid says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  71. Harj says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  72. Samantha says:

    My brother Hayden is amazing !!! He manages to travel the world in order to board year. round!

  73. Angela M says:

    Diane Rudge

  74. ariel c says:

    shaun white !

  75. David says:

    Shaun White

  76. Shane Anderson says:

    shaun white

  77. linda says:

    Maëlle Ricker!

  78. Deanna says:

    Looks like a great event!
    Gotta up Sean Genovese – great local.

  79. Steve Courneyea says:

    Shawn White, Last time I was at Grouse Mountain I ran the Grouse Grind in 56 min. this time I’d likr to tram it!

  80. Julia says:

    The flying tomato (fellow redhead here).

  81. Christie C says:

    Love Grouse! Barrett Christy, a snowboarding mom, Awesome!

  82. Bernadette says:


  83. Kristina says:

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  84. donna chong says:

    Diane Rudge

  85. Taylor says:

    Maëlle Ricker!

  86. Fernando says:

    I want to go!! Diane Rudge:)

  87. Karlo says:

    Jamie Anderson

  88. Victoria & Gabby says:

    We really want to go!!!!!!!!!! We love skiing!!!!!!! we need 4 tickets or 2

  89. Marlene V says:

    Shaun White

  90. p.sharpe says:

    Travis Rice

  91. mike says:

    Kevin Griffin. Sick didnt even realize this was coming so soon. wish i could compete but i tore my knee boarding cypress in december. baaah.

  92. sharon says:

    Maëlle Ricker 🙂

  93. Mary says:

    Diane Rudge

  94. Tim says:

    Shaun White

  95. Amanda says:

    Diane Rudge 😉

  96. Gracey says:

    I’m an amateur snowboarder. Haha, no but really, Maelle Ricker!

  97. Vida L. says:

    Seb Toutant!!

  98. Mel says:

    Spencer O’Brien – She’s been killing it this year!

  99. richard w says:

    Maëlle Ricker

  100. Jane says:

    Diane Rudge

  101. Susan says:

    Diane Rudge!

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