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Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 — 10:31am PDT
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It’s always a challenge to come up with a theme for my weekly series. However, being that this month is all about facial hair growth for Movember, I decided to make “moustaches” my focus this week. All of the photos below were taken in Vancouver over the last century and found via the Vancouver Archives.

(Left) 1870’s – Unknown man. Archives item# CVA 677-306.
(Right) 1870’s – Major A.B. Rogers. Archives item# CVA 677-805.

(Left) 1897 – The Grafton Brothers. Archives item# Port P711. Photographer: A. Savard.
(Right) 1870’s – William Hitchcock. Archives item# CVA 677-687.

(Left) 1920’s – Bill Tuson. Archives item# CVA 99-3110. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.
(Right) 1912 – 6th Field Co. C.E. North Van. Archives item# CVA 99-371. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

(Left) 1900’s – Archives item# CVA 677-437. Photographer: Edwards Bros.
(Right) 1900 – William Ferris. Archives item# CVA 677-439. Photographer: Wadds Bros.

(Left) 1886 – Mayor MacLean (Vancouver’s first). Archive item# CVA 99-3104. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.
(Right) 1892 – Charles James Piper. Archives item# SGN 416.

(Left) 1930’s – J.L.G. Abbott. Archives item# Port N523. Photographer: Charles West.
(Right) 1920’s – Chief Constable Anderson. Archives item# Port N55. Photographer: Walter H. Calder.

Remember to support Movember participants this month by donating to their campaigns. Funds raised in Canada go to programs for Prostate Cancer Canada.

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  1. Larry says:

    A Movember fan for 16,060 +- a few days. :>|)

  2. One of our fave moustaches of all time is Tom Selleck as Magnum PI. Here’s a little walk down memory lane…

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