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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 — 4:37pm PDT
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Tonight Food Network Canada is premiering Recipe to Riches, their latest reality competition series where participants submit original recipes to see which will become the next President’s Choice retail item (along with a cash prizes for the winner).

Hosted by Jesse Palmer (former NFL quarterback and contestant on “The Bachelor”), the episodes are separated into categories: Appetizers, Cakes, Entrees, Frozen Treats, Savoury Pies, Sweet and Savoury Snacks, Sweet Puddings and Pies. On tonight’s Sweet Puddings and Pies episode, you’ll be able to catch local food blogger Mijune of Follow Me Foodie as she presents her Canadian Pie-in-a-Jar.

“I’m very excited for not just my episode, but for the entire series!” Mijune told me by email. “I’m very honoured to be a finalist (from Vancouver!) and have my recipe selected by such a team of professional judges. I couldn’t be happier regardless of the outcome! The support from everyone has been incredible and I haven’t even won anything, but I feel like I have. It’s overwhelming, but it feels great!”

A winner in each category will be decided and just a few days later, you will be able to pick up the winning recipe in Superstores across Canada. So, if Mijune wins tonight, you could be able to pick up her Canadian Pie-in-a-Jar as early as October 22, 2011.

Photo: Canadian Pie-in-a-Jar, Follow Me Foodie

In case you’re wondering what the Pie-in-a-Jar entails, Mijune says, “Canada is known as a melting pot of cultures, so I created the melting PIE of cultures.”

“It’s an almond crust, with cardamom and Mexican vanilla bean spiced Bartlett and Asian pears, topped with a maple cinnamon creme brulee crust.”

The very last category to air will be Entrees on November 30th and the winner’s product will be in stores across Canada as of December 3, 2011. Weekly winners will receive $25,000 (along with the production of their recipe item) and the grand prize is $250,000.

There are a few more contestants from Burnaby, Whistler, North Vancouver, and Vancouver so be sure to cheer on your home-town favourites.

Tonight’s Sweet Puddings and Pies episode will be on Food Network Canada at 6:00pm Pacific time (check local listings for exact channels). Read Mijune’s feedback about the episode tomorrow on her Follow Me Foodie blog.

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  1. Brittany says:

    gooooood luck mijune!

  2. VancityAllie says:

    ARGH! I just read about this… so sad I missed the episode! I’m going to have to find it somewhere now. Thanks for the heads up, can’t wait to watch Mijune on TV!

  3. Mijune says:

    Wow Rebecca! I’m so honoured to have this post! Thank you so much for the support! So sorry I didn’t get to comment earlier. Unfortunately I didn’t win in my category, but I’m still happy for Glo and look forward to the next episodes! Hopefully someone form Metro Vancouver wins in at least one of the categories! Thank you again Rebecca! xo

  4. srkshazu says:

    Wonderful Posting by you.I really like it thanks.

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