Invite the World to Vancouver & Chocolate Giveaway

Thursday, October 27th, 2011 — 11:39am PDT
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You can now Invite the World to Vancouver through a new digital postcard platform. Simply visit the site, select a series of photos or upload your own, and they’ll send a real post card to the recipient. They’ll cover the postage, print the card, and have it delivered.

Invite the World

I for one, love receiving actual tangible mail so this idea sounds really fun. Your recipient can even see what one of your personal photographs look like as a printed up post card, should you select that option. When you send a postcard from the Invite the World website you are also entered into a draw to have 4 friends or family come and visit you in Vancouver with flights, accommodation, and some spending money included.

To promote this new initiative, the local partners of Invite the World have offered up $100 for Mink Chocolates to give away to one of my readers. Mink is located at the foot of Hornby Street and serves up some of the most original hand-crafted chocolate creations around.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post listing what landmark, place, or scene that you would put on a post card (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
I entered to win $100 for @MinkChocolates from #InvitetheWorld & @Miss604

I will draw one winner at random from all entries next week at 12:00pm on Thursday, November 3, 2011. The Invite the World site and contest for participants over there is open until December 31, 2011.

Update The winner is Elaine Davies!

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  1. Alex says:

    Whytecliff Park

  2. Val says:

    Kit’s Beach at sunset.

  3. Jenn says:

    I would use a picture of Vancouver taken from Grouse Mountain.

  4. Christine says:

    Lighthouse park

  5. lindsay says:

    Vancouver from the water

  6. Shawn says:

    Various points on the seawall.

  7. Candice says:

    The newly (and beautifully) restored Grandview Park on Commercial Drive

  8. Christine says:

    What a great idea this postcard system is! I will be using it for sure to try and lure friends and family from Ontario out west with pictures of Stanley Park, the Seawall and views of the city from the North Shore.

  9. The Inukshuk on English Bay.

    I am totally going to send postcards to my friends in NYC and WY-I’ve been TRYING to get them out here for YEARS! Maybe this will whet their appetites for our beautiful city!

  10. Victoria says:

    Stanley Park – from the seaplane landing in the Harbour!

  11. Annie says:

    Downtown skyline from the Vancouver lookout

  12. Tracy says:

    sunset at kits beach

  13. Rachel says:

    My favourite Coal Harbour dog park!

  14. Michelle M says:

    Kits beach!

  15. Ruby says:

    Whistler’s ski resort

  16. Rachel says:

    The seawall

  17. Sunshine G says:

    I would put an aerial view of Vancouver up.

  18. Sarah says:

    Granville st from the Granville st bridge

  19. Jan says:

    an aerial showing the downtown core and water

  20. Iris says:

    Totems in Stanley Park

  21. Lauren says:

    The gates of Chinatown would make for a great postcard.

  22. Ruth Hartnup says:

    The Lions above the lake from Cleveland Dam.

  23. Eliza says:

    Spring trees blossoming at Fraser river park.

  24. Ryan says:

    Downtown Vancouver skyline at night

  25. Brenda says:

    The downtown Vancouver skyline that also shows the renovated Rogers arena

  26. Katie says:

    I think an aerial view of Vancouver with the skyline visible would be great

  27. kahhlee says:

    downtown five sails.. at night!

  28. Cliff says:

    Stanley park at sunset

  29. Gina says:

    The torch to symbolize the Olympics in Vancouver!

  30. Natalie says:

    View of downtown from Queen Elizabeth Park

  31. Darryl says:

    The city view of Vancouver from False Creek and Science World

  32. Tyrell Mara says:

    The view of downtown Vancouver from the Harry Jerome statue! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. maria says:

    Lions Gate Bridge

  34. Rob says:

    Gastown Steam Clock!

  35. Josephine says:

    The view of downtown from false creek sea wall. It’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Nicolb says:

    View of Vancouver as you go up the gondola at Grouse Mountain.

  37. Bons says:

    Steveston Harbour in Richmond

  38. leeanne says:

    Yaletown skyline at night

  39. Katrina S says:

    View of downtown from Crab (Portside) Park

  40. liz says:

    Coming over the Burrard street bridge today I thought what a lovely view to show to visitors.Granville Island harbour looked perfectly serene and full of activity all at the same time.

  41. Tina says:

    Canada Place at night.

  42. Benjamin Ferguson says:

    I’d take a picture of Burrard Inlet, looking west from the point at Spanish Banks towards Bowen when the sun is going down. Ideally from the place I had my first dinner date with my beautiful wife.

  43. anne says:

    i would put the view from the cypress mountain lookout

  44. Marina says:

    Siwash Rock at Stanley Park!

  45. Sharylin says:

    Canada’s largest commercial fishing harbour in Steveston

  46. isha says:

    harbour center

  47. Jas says:

    View of the north shore mountains behind the downtown scryscrapers from kits beach

  48. Jeannie says:

    Science world at night

  49. Donna L says:

    the lights of BC Place and Science world at night!

  50. Robyn Worcester says:

    My favorite of course…giant cedar tree in Stanley Park.

  51. Elysia says:

    The laughing people at english bay

  52. gail whitworth says:

    the vancouver skyline

  53. Sherry says:

    A night shot of Lions Gate Bridge all lit up! Wow…..hope I win and can bring some family from the UK. They would love to come back & we would love to have them.

  54. Sherry says:

    Winning this contest would be cool as well. I am not sure if I would share the chocolates though.

  55. Jane says:

    The Olympic Cauldron at Waterfront

  56. Al says:

    Sunset at English Bay

  57. Kelly says:

    Whistler view!

  58. Linda says:

    The snow covered North Shore mountains

  59. Christina Luo says:

    View from cypress hill!

  60. Katie says:

    Canada Place.

  61. Debra says:

    Another vote for Kits beach!

  62. Vanessa says:

    lion’s gate bridge

  63. Emily H says:

    Crescent beach at sunset.

  64. lindawwww says:

    the view of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain.

  65. Bernadette says:

    when you are at 37th and Knight Street area, there is a high point there where you can catch the best view of the cityline and the mountains. This would be my choice!

  66. Daryl says:

    lion’s Gate bridge taken from the seawall in Stanley Park

  67. minna says:

    the city skyline from top of grouse mtn.

  68. Lloyd says:

    The new BC Place at night.

  69. J says:

    LynnValley Park

  70. Albert C says:

    Gastown cobblestone streets on rainy night

  71. Carol says:

    Definitely the totem poles in Stanley Park.

  72. City skyline with mountains as the background

  73. Viv says:

    Nitobe Garden at UBC – beautiful red and orange maples in the Fall!

  74. tania says:

    clinton park w/ mountains

  75. Janet says:

    I would put a photo of the view of North Van from the seawall at Stanley Park.

  76. jeanie says:

    grouse mountain…either the mountain itself or the view from the mountain…=D

  77. Serena Debolt says:

    The Jade Sculpture that is in the Vancouver Airport (same as on Canadas Twenty Dollar Bill)

  78. Jen H says:

    View of Stanley Park & downtown from Spanish Banks

  79. Sanaz says:

    Coal Harbour is post card worthy

  80. Vince says:

    Light house park and the water – beautiful

  81. Deidre says:

    Crescent beach would be my pick.

  82. A.L. says:

    Stanley Park

  83. Anne says:

    The Douglas Coupland whale at Jack Poole Plaza

  84. Brenda says:

    Granville Island Sign at the bottom of the bridge entrance

  85. Jen says:

    I would have the lego whale with the ocean and mountains in the background ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Jeremy says:

    Stanley Park would be my top choice!

  87. rubai says:

    i would put a photo of a sunset on lighthouse park. quintessentially west coast.

  88. mary says:

    science world, fasle creek

  89. Jeannie Smyth says:

    I would have a photo of the totem poles at Stanley Park.

  90. Caitlin says:

    Definitely Stanley Park!

  91. LucieB says:

    The view over to the West End/ English bay form Kits point.

  92. Tricia says:

    vancouver downtown skyline from the water!

  93. Sarah N says:

    The view of Vancouver heading south on the seabus at sunset is my million dollar view!

  94. Tony says:

    Rogers Arena

  95. ikkinlala says:

    The Seawall is the obvious choice for me, but depending on who I was sending it to the main branch of the public library might also be something to consider.

  96. Tiffany Lee says:

    Stanley Park!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. Nav says:

    Sunset at Kits beach.

  98. Christine says:

    The view of the north shore mountains from the pool deck at kits pool

  99. Robyn says:

    The view of Vancouver from the top of Grouse Mountain on a clear sunny but snowy day!

  100. belinda says:

    Inukshuk with Science World in the background.

  101. Robbin says:

    English Bay, for sure. Especially at sunset!

  102. Jessica R.F says:

    A view of downtown taken from Lonsdale Quay on a bright, clear fall day.

  103. ho says:

    New Terry Fox statues in front of the renovated BC Place.

  104. Tom says:

    The new BC Place.

  105. AC07-NW says:

    Lighthouse Park where one can enjoy fabulous views of English Bay, Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver. To the west, see Bowen Island and, further on, Vancouver Island.

  106. Margaret says:

    The view from Burnaby Mountain – on a clear day – is spectacular.

  107. Cyndi says:

    The view from Grouse Mountain

  108. Maria says:

    many lookouts on the ski-sky

  109. jeff says:

    tofino – cox bay!

  110. lisab says:

    a beach, any beach!

  111. Tyler says:

    Downtown from the south side of False Creek with the new BC Place and the coastal Mountains in the background

  112. Martha says:

    Gastown =)

  113. Bonnie says:

    English Bay at sunset. A little cliche, but beautiful.

  114. Vincent says:

    joffery lake!

  115. Darcy g says:

    West end , on a tree lined street in the fall

  116. Andy C. says:

    Save On Meats

  117. Chris says:

    Lion’s Gate Bridge at night.

  118. richardw says:

    Lion’s Gate Bridge

  119. ally says:

    Yaletown skyline at night

  120. Alicia says:

    The view from grouse mountain – the city peaking through the clouds

  121. Gladys says:

    Steveston Village on a busy, bustling weekend.

  122. kelsey says:

    grouse mountain with its lights at night

  123. Dilara says:

    I think an aerial view of Vancouver with the water would be great

  124. Gigi says:

    Vancouver’s sunset with different colors filling the sky on a nice, clear day.

  125. Anna says:

    Spanish Banks

  126. Jennifer says:

    The steam clock in Gastown

  127. Rebecca says:

    Sun Yat Sen

  128. Michelle W. says:

    The lions crossing the Lions Gate Bridge, when they’re dressed up in some festive attire.

  129. The new BC Place Stadium roof which looks like a space alien spider (or something).

  130. irene says:

    stanley park

  131. Leah Pirani says:


  132. Lauren says:

    The dog beach at Vanier Park…

  133. Vivi says:

    The Woodwards sign.

  134. Erica says:

    Lighthouse Park

  135. Lynn Montes says:

    The view of Vancouver at night from the Cloud Nine Revolving Restaurant!

  136. Richard says:

    There are some really nice hidden beaches in West Vancouver that would be an amazing choice for this. That said, I think I first went to Mink on your recommendation and it was brilliant.

  137. Barb says:

    Vancouver skylight

  138. Art B. says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Julia says:

    I would choose Stanley Park!

  140. Wesley says:

    False Creek from granville island

  141. Jennifer Breakspear says:

    The view from the middle of the Burrard Bridge facing west.

  142. Justine says:

    What a cool website! I would our cherry trees in blossom on a postcard.

  143. Jen says:

    The view of Downtown from Lonsdale Quay!

  144. Mae says:

    The downtown skyline & Stanley Park.

  145. Karen says:

    Definitely the detailed entrance on the Marine Building. It speaks to Vancouver’s maritime history and is stunning Art Deco design.

  146. Easy. The mountains, from anywhere.

  147. Karen says:

    If it was possible, I would bottle up the way I feel whenever I walk through Gastown in the evenings

  148. Cameron says:

    Lions Gate Bridge, looking outward to the ocean, with North Shore mountains on the right and Stanley Park on the left, is Vancouver in a snapshot.

  149. Fiona says:

    At Stanley park, with the Lions Gate Bridge in the background.

  150. Eileen says:

    The Granville Island market scene shows our exciting and colourful bustle and diversity.

  151. Nance says:

    View from burrard bridge onto Granville island both during the day and one at night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  152. I would put the Inukshuk on English Bay at sunset. Such a gorgeous shot! ; )

  153. tracy says:

    Coal Harbour! my favourite place in VanCity

  154. lisa says:

    UBC grey point campus is so lovely in the fall!

  155. Dora says:

    The Vancouver skyline at night. Just breathtaking!

  156. Ruby says:

    The annual fireworks over English Bay

  157. Virginia says:

    Jack Poole Plaza with the Olympic torch!

  158. gail whitworth says:

    View of Vancouver from the gondola at the top of Grouse Mountain-spectacular!

  159. John Mah says:

    view of false creek / science world

  160. May says:

    Aerial of downtown Vancouver w/ Stanley Park!

  161. Fraser says:

    Boats on the water at Coal Harbour in the evening are particularly beautiful.

  162. Joyce says:

    Kitsilano Beach during sunset!

  163. Ann says:

    The lions gate bridge as seen from the Stanley Park causeway. Connecting forest, mountains, water and people.

  164. Nettles says:

    A top view of Vancouver at night.

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