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It’s a happy Halloween in Vancouver as I watch robots, Lego men, Sailor Moon, and plenty of pirates walk by this morning. I thought it would be fun to check out what Vancouverites did for this haunting occasion in the past but I was unable to find many results for “Halloween” during my research but found plenty of costumes.

1928 – Gorilla costume & luxury car. Archives item #CVA 99-1662. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

(Left) 1902 – Man & woman dressed as each other for a masquerade. VPL Accession Number: 2270.
(Right) 1940’s – Girl in costume. Archives item# Port P561.

1960s – Ice Capades costumes. Archives# CVA 180-6234.

1920 – Masquerade dance. Archives item #Port P1213. Photographer: Stuart Thomson.

(Left) 1938 – Mrs. Brown dressed for a masquerade. Archives item #CVA 99-5070.
(Right) 1942 – Boy in costume. Archives Item #CVA 1184-1457. Photographer: Jack Lindsay.

1920’s – Masquerade Ball at Hycroft. Archives item #CVA 434-1.

1920’s – Children in costume. Archives item #2009-005.427.

1949 – Children on a plane. VPL Accession Number: 81066.

1940s: Group portrait of people dressed in Halloween costumes. Archives# CVA 1184-1085.

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  1. Preston ChuhonMonday, October 31st, 2011 — 11:21am PDT

    Back in the day when we had to MAKE our own costumes. Very nice post for a Monday morning.

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