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FortisBC and the PNE 2011

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 — 10:30am PDT
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The FortisBC street team will be on location at this year’s Pacific National Exhibition (the PNE) from August 20 to September 5. Set up directly across from the prize home, which is always a main attraction, the FortisBC team will be giving away prizes to those who stop by and check in on Foursquare, Facebook, or post an update on Twitter (@FortisBC).

With a focus on energy savings, the FortisBC team will be promoting ways that you can cut costs and save energy throughout the year. They’ve also partnered with BC Hydro (and the Power Smart initiative) to provide Energy Saving Kits for households across the province.

To promote this every-day energy saving campaign, FortisBC would like to send my readers to the PNE this year to enjoy the fair. I have two family prize packs to giveaway that each include 4 admission tickets to the PNE, 4 all-day ride passes for Playland, and 1 parking pass. Here’s how you can enter to win one of these family prize packs, valued at $200 each.

  • Leave a comment here with your best energy-saving tip for summertime (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win 1 of 2 $200 @PNE_Playland family prizes (admission & rides) from @FortisBC & @Miss604

    Have some mini-donuts, ride the wooden coaster, visit the pig races and 4H animals, and get that Slapshop you’ve always wanted from the marketplace pavilion. Don’t forget to check out one of the free concerts at the PNE this year that are included with admission.

    Follow FortisBC on Twitter for news, events, rebate offer, Energy Saving Kit information, job opportunities, and practical tips weekly on #WasteNotWednesdays. I will draw two contest winners at random from all entries on Friday, August 19, 2011 at 10:00am.

    The video above was produced by our friend John Biehler that will quite possibly get you pumped up for Playland (and their new Atmosfear ride) this year.

    Update The winners are @julia_cross & Steve!

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    1. Alex says:

      Keep the TV off and dry some clothes outside! I’d love to win this PNE pack and take my 2 boys

    2. Sharon says:

      I’ve been drying clothes outside on a portable rack this summer. They really do smell great! Best of all the house doesn’t get too hot so you don’t have to turn on fans.

    3. Sunshine G says:

      Use the fan and the windows rather than a/c. Love the PNE!

    4. Rose says:

      open the curtains and turn off the lights

    5. sp says:

      Use the sun’s energy to dry your clothes – hang them out to dry & don’t use the tumble drier.

    6. belinda says:

      Try not to use electricity where there is light outside and use natural lighting for reading and performing other chores. Install solar panels.

    7. Ryan Exley says:

      Unplug all the TV’s and computers and get outside.

    8. Leslie L says:

      don’t have the sprinklers running all day. Instead, have them on for a couple minutes at certain times during the day!

    9. jean says:

      keep the lights off!

    10. Dana says:

      Hang your clothes ouside to dry instead of using the dryer!

    11. Colleen says:

      Leave the windows open for breeze rather than using portable a/c or fans, leave the lights off during the day, and let natural light in

    12. Kevin says:

      Dry your clothes outside. Or even inside if we don’t have enough sun.

    13. Ivy says:

      Wash your clothes with cold water and wrap your pipes! This is so awesome! πŸ™‚

    14. Cook outside on the BBQ to avoid heating the house and open windows when you are home to create a cross breeze and reduce (or eliminate) the need to run fans.

    15. Kathryn says:

      Turn off the heat, the lights and dry your clothes on a rack or a line. Put a jug or 2 of water in the fridge instead of running the tap to get the water cold.

    16. Caitlin says:

      Dry your clothes on a drying rack–not only in the summer but all year long. Also, the last couple times I have been at the mall I have seen several people buying air conditioners.. open your windows and doors to cool down instead!

    17. ryan says:

      Use as much natural lighting as possible during the day πŸ™‚

    18. Tomarra says:

      Doors and windows are all open to produce a cross-breeze… no need for fans!

    19. Anne says:

      Turn off your computer, laptop, monitor, printer, when not in use. Also if you can, unplug them.

    20. Ben Gordon says:

      Don’t be a slug – unplug! Your computer & printer want to rest, so they can be at their very best. It’s not good to overwork your stuff – you’ll save money and have more Duff.

    21. Lisa says:

      Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth.

    22. Glen says:

      On hot days open door to basement to let cooler basement air into the rest of the house. Also, open windows early to let cool morning air in, then shut them to keep heat out during hottest parts of the day.

    23. Celina says:

      Turn off your pilot light to the fire place.

    24. Michael Kwan says:

      When driving in slower city traffic, lower your car windows to keep cool. When driving on the highway at faster speeds, use A/C. This optimizes your fuel efficiency.

    25. David D. says:

      Turn off the TV and video game consoles, get those kids outside on their bikes!

    26. MaryAnne says:

      Have cooler water showers, instead of hot. Spend more family time outdoors instead of in front of the TV. No lights on before 9:30 – 10pm. Use the BBQ not the stove or oven. Wash dishes by hand instead of dishwasher. Keep your curtains closed (keeping the sun out) the house will stay cooler. My family does all of the above including putting laundry on the line.

      Have a wonderful day
      Spend more time outside we live in the best province with the best scenery take advantage of it. Rain or Shine

    27. Deidre says:

      Dry clothes on the line and unplug those chargers!

    28. K.Smith says:

      Stay outside until it gets dark – play outside, eat dinner outdoors, etc. That will save on having lights, fans, ACs on for a few hours, not to mention having the TV and computers off as well! Thanks for the chance to win.

    29. Jeff says:

      Unplug all rarely used electrical objects when not in use.

    30. Jenn K says:

      Hang clothes up to dry outside! Use natural light instead of electricity!

    31. j says:

      Keep your blinds open and your lights off! Hang dry your clothes outside. And enjoy the great outdoors – turn off your tv and computer!

    32. David says:

      Close the blinds that face the sun leaving the non-sunny window blinds open. Then as the sun travels during the day open the closed blinds and close the open blinds. The house stays much much cooler so no need for the air conditioning. Also take a cool refreshing shower rather than a hot shower.

    33. Serena Debolt says:

      We never use the dryer in the summer – the hot summer winds save energy!

    34. marisa says:

      No lights switches allowed on until sunset at our house, and drying clothes outside!
      Yay PNE!

    35. Natalie W says:

      Every summer we turn the heat off completely. Down to zero the dial goes. If we get cold at night, we just put a sweater on or snuggle up with a blanket! Instead of having a fan on to cool our top floor apartment after work, we open the windows and our balcony door (curtains closed) while we’re at work to let air circulate on it’s own to cool down inside. And of course when we go out of town, even for the night, I unplug the power bar for all our computer plugs, the tvs, everything so they aren’t sucking power while we’re not around anyways.

      I have NEVER been to the PNE. I’m almost 24years old, I was born in Vancouver and I haven’t even had the chance to step into Playland. My boyfriend wants to take me this year since I never have, but we’re not sure we could afford it =( Would LOVE to win this so we could go and take his younger sister and his niece, who don’t think have ever been either!

    36. tracy says:

      sleeping in the basement to stay cool

    37. Andrew says:

      It’s summertime! That means solar energy. Install a solar panel at the cabin to heat the hot water tank.

    38. Darcy says:

      Close your blinds to keep the sun’s heat out so you don’t have to use your a/c or fans as much.

    39. Emma says:

      Hang things to dry in the summer sun instead of using the dryer!

    40. Jenny L. says:

      Turn off the heat, water your garden only in the evening, use a fan instead of AC or escape into your basement if you have one!

    41. Kirby says:

      Keep the lights off as much as possible!

    42. Laura says:

      Open the windows & keep blinds shut to keep the house cool. And no dryer!

    43. janice montroy says:

      turn of power bars when going to bed

    44. Katie says:

      Hang clothes to dry

    45. Jennifer says:

      If you use a gas fireplace, turn off the pilot light in the summer.

    46. Tiffany says:

      Natural air conditioning: open a window

    47. liz says:

      Hang your clothes to dry in the sun.Porch lights off in the summer.Get outside and enjoy life unplug the tv for the week.

    48. Vincent says:

      Open windows instead of AC or using fans. Biking instead of driving because it beautiful weather out there! Lights off for most of the day.

    49. Amy says:

      Turn off your computer and get outside. Computers can generate tons of heat. Roller coaster!! Wheeeee!!!

    50. Lucie says:

      In summer to get to use my line to dry my clothes. Also, I bike to work, and almost everywhere I go.

    51. Iain says:

      Buy some enviro-friendly soap and shampoo for camping. Instead of hitting the warm showers, soap up and jump in the lake or river!

    52. Tracy says:

      Open the windows and dry clothing outdoors in the sun!

    53. Joey says:

      Cold showers on hot summer days (granted we haven’t had many this year…)

    54. Timmy Wong says:

      Air-dry clothes instead of using the dryer.

    55. chista says:

      dry clothes on a clothes rack instead of putting it in the dryer. leave the curtains/blinds open for natural light instead of turning on lamps.

    56. linda says:

      1. On bright sunny days keep your home cool by shutting the blinds and opening windows for a cross breeze.
      2. Eat more uncooked vegetables and fruits for meals that require none or less cooking.
      3. Use the BBQ instead of the stove.
      4. Cool off with a cool drink or Popsicle.
      5. If you must – use a fan only in spaces you use at a given time.

    57. Maria says:

      Use the window blinds to keep the hot sun out.

    58. Hayley says:

      On sunny days let the sky do the work and leave lights off in the house until after the sun goes down.

    59. Christine says:

      Turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug any unused electronics

    60. Mark says:

      I shower using cool water, feels great on a hot day!

    61. TY says:

      have the family eat in the backyard instead of our kitchen.

    62. lori says:

      Keep the heat out of the house, as that’s much more efficient than trying to cool the house. Exterior blinds, interior curtains – it’s a juggling act of opening & closing but it’s worth it.

    63. jaynie says:

      4 minute showers for this house……turn the tap off while brushing your teeth and flush when necessary

    64. Barb says:

      Longer days means more natural light so less need for electric lighting. I always close the drapes on hot days so the room stays cool and I don’t need to use the fans. PNE yay!

    65. Kat says:

      I hang all my clothes to dry on the line, close the blinds to make the room cooler and open the windows for light!

    66. Samantha says:

      Bathe in a lake!

    67. gail whitworth says:

      We put a waterfilled milkjug in the toilet tank-really saves water. The single greatest use of water in a house is the toilet.

    68. Sarah Bermel says:

      using the BBQ instead of the oven…we do BBQ all yr but in the summer the house stays cooler too!!!

    69. Laura says:

      cool cool showers!

    70. Ally says:

      Open doors and blinds, use the sunlight and turn off all lights inside the house.

    71. Dennis Sato says:

      My wife never misses the Fair!

    72. Samantha says:

      Open the windows of your car instead of cranking up the AC!

    73. Ana says:

      Unplug the treadmill or stationary bike and workout outdoors!

    74. jenn says:

      Keep those windows open and let the natural breeze flow through!

    75. Julia says:

      Saving energy in the summer time? Have short showers! A power smart shower is only 4 minutes and BC Hydro gave out shower timers last summer. Another tip is to wash your clothes in cold water; if you wash your clothes in hot water, a whopping 90% of the energy used goes toward heating the water. Use cold water and you save 90% of your energy. An obvious one is to hang your clothes to dry because the drier uses the most energy out of any appliance in your home when it is in use. However, if you MUST use the drier, throw in a clean dry towel with your wet laundry, it will cut your drying time in half. And as always: turn off your lights and appliances when they are not in use!

    76. Rachel says:

      On nice days, I like to get outside with my dog, bring my work or a book to a park and turn off all power for a few hours, including computer! If its a work day, I will bring my computer and run off battery power for awhile.

    77. Tara says:

      Create a cross-breeze in your home, hang dry your clothes, use a propane bbq instead of the oven… and shower with a friend!! πŸ™‚

    78. sher says:

      Before leaving the house, I make sure all the lights are off, unplug any unused electronics/appliances and turn off the fans.When I’m home I use 1 light and unplug things as I use them.

    79. john says:

      turn off the lights and computer when not being used

    80. Jason Schmidt says:

      Turn OFF the water when you are brushing your teeth.

    81. Heidi says:

      I unplug the extra freezer in the garage and only buy enough to fit in the fridge/freezer in the kitchen.

    82. D Cedric says:

      Turn off your PVR- it is a huge power waster and emits a lot of heat!

    83. Charles says:

      Stay outside unplug all your electronics and enjoy the sun!!!

    84. Noella King says:

      Turn off all the lights and run the disghwasher at night.

    85. kels says:

      unplug your phone charger from the wall to save electricity

    86. Alex says:

      Configure your computer to shut down automatically at the end of the day… then you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

    87. Priscilla says:

      Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan – instant AC!

    88. Melanie says:

      Turn off the furnace !!!

    89. carly says:

      only turn on lights in rooms you’re in & don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth.

    90. Vince says:

      wash your clothes in cold water – intall water savers in the showers and use energy efficent light bulbs!

    91. Yvonne says:

      heat off!! and i have my curtains/blinds pulled up so natural light can get in, aka lights off

    92. Javier says:

      Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Can’t beat a nutritious salad in the summer and keeps the stove off!

    93. Aaron says:

      turn off the pilot light in the furnace, your not using the heat anyway, why burn the gas at all?

      turn down the heat on your water tank when you go on vacation, most hot water tanks have a “vacation” setting.

      get outside, enjoy what little summer we get here!

    94. Andrea says:

      Keep the blinds and curtains closed, to keep the heat out and use the BBQ for cooking!

    95. Dan Olson says:

      shower/bath by window light (if you have a window in your bathroom!) and rest your handheld devices while you sun outside/take a walk — you won’t have to recharge as often!

    96. Daryl says:

      Hang clothes to dry outside and only run the washer with a full load and in cold water.

    97. Laura says:

      Keep the lights off! It’s bright outside and stays light longer. It also feels cooler indoors with the lights off.

    98. Stella Peterson says:

      Use the toaster oven rather than the oven, and unplug it when you’re done!

    99. Noelle says:

      We keep the house cool by closing windows and blinds during the day and opening windows/turning on fans in the evening.

    100. Lloyd says:

      Get in the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room.

    101. Shannon says:

      Hang the laundry out to dry!

    102. Janelle says:

      Hang your clothes to dry outside

    103. If (like us) you have uneven cooling from open windows & doors in the apartment, use a fan to distribute the cool air to the hot rooms rather than crank the AC to cool the hot room.

    104. Misskher says:

      Turn out the lights, turn down the AC, and head outdoors!

    105. Blake says:

      Think before you buy. I don’t know what there is to elaborate on that, just always think, whether it is a showerhead, light fixture, window, fireplace or house, think about the different options that would use less energy, and if applicable, look for the golden star… err… blue star (energy star).

    106. Hannah says:

      I love the PNE! And I love to take 2 minute cold showers during summer!

    107. Gladys says:

      Take advantage of the good weather and hang washed clothes outside to dry!

    108. gary porter says:

      Never use an appliance for something you can do manually-save energy and get exercise.

    109. Maria says:

      Save energy by doing less cooking (picnics at the beach), spend time outdoors and come in the evening – no air conditioning required!

    110. TJ says:

      PNE is always a good time

    111. Aimee says:

      Unplug your coffee machine and go to Starbucks

    112. Teresa says:

      Don’t shower. Swim in a lake!

    113. maria says:

      Ensure all the heaters are completely turned off

    114. Shantel says:

      Would love to come!

    115. janet says:

      do not use the stove.. make nice cool meals such as salads and sandwiches, ride your bike to the store instead of the car, turn you heat off completley, keep your drapes drawn during the day so your rooms stay cooler in the evening, dry your laundry outside rather than turn on the dryer .

    116. Darcy says:

      Go camping in a tent for a few weeks!

    117. ihath says:

      I use a beautiful hand fan too cool myself in the hot weather. Not only does it save energy, it look so darn fashionable …. if you use the righ hand technique to fan yourself.

    118. Tony says:

      No new suggestions for summer energy savings – avoid pumping the A/C, spend time outside in the shade (like a nice shady backyard) and disconnect the electronics.

    119. Jessica T says:

      No TV!

    120. Shannon Mac says:

      Unplug electronics and appliances that sit idle. Toaster, Coffee maker, cellphone charger, stereo. Use candles at night instead of lights, creates a great mood πŸ™‚

    121. Jack says:

      Turn down the heat and put on a sweater, turn the heat off in the summer, don’t run the water while you brush your teeth, hang clothes on the line to dry, cut your show time down, don’t leave cell charges and things not being used plugged in (they still draw energy even if not in use), leave your blinds open for natural light, don’t stand infront of the fridge with the door open to decide what you want to eat, cook on your BBQ more often, make sure your home is well insulated, purchase energy efficient appliances and use low flow toilets, use solar power! Phew .. I think that’s it … for now … ;o)

    122. Deborah says:

      Leave the windows open instead of using the fan

    123. Leanne says:

      Don’t use the heat settings on your dryer and dishwasher – let your clothes and dishes air dry.

    124. Colleen says:

      Only run dishwasher when it’s full and only use the air dry function.

    125. Nicole says:

      On nice summer days we close the blinds while we are away during the day to help keep the house cool and when we get home we open all blinds to let the sunlight in so we don’t have to turn the lights on in the house until after the sun goes down.

    126. Justine says:

      Open windows in the cooler hours of the day, close them and use the blinds during the hottest hours to keep out the heat.

    127. Carly says:

      Drying my clothes in the sun instead of the dryer!

    128. Dennis L. says:

      Candlelight dinners! They can happen outside of Earth Hour!

    129. Richard says:

      Open your windows at night and close them during the day to keep the hotter outside air from coming in.

    130. Mark S says:

      Cool showers, dinners on the Q, all lights off when you leave the room, and support solar power. It powers our cabin !!

    131. Krista says:

      Dont blow dry your hair, let it air dry! Unplug appliances when they aren’t in use!

    132. Lily says:

      Open windows at night instead of using a fan to cool off

    133. Mike says:

      Get outside! Stay outside, run to the breaker and shut the power in your house right down so nothing is used!

      For real. I want a PNE pack.

    134. Karen says:

      Open the windows instead of using fans!

    135. Kristina says:

      Unplug all my appliances after I use them (toaster, hair dryer, cell phone charger, etc.)

    136. Jeannine says:

      Ride your bike in this beautiful weather!

    137. steve says:

      Wash your cloths in cold water!!

    138. Stephanie G says:

      Turn off all appliances when not needed or when you leave the house, such as turning off lights!

    139. Michelle says:

      Dry clothes outside in the warm summer sun instead of using my dryer!!

    140. A.J. says:

      Spend time in a cooler spot instead of cranking the A/C to the max all summer long!

    141. Biking to the PNE instead of driving there!

    142. Yvonne says:

      Always hang my laundry outside. It’s cheap, safer, helps with wrinkling and you don’t have to worry about cloth shrinkage.

    143. Kristine says:

      turn all the lights off and use the sunlight. Also, turn off an unplug the TV and get outside.

    144. Kristine says:

      no need to use lights in the summer, just let the sunshine in. And turn off and unplug the TV – get outside and enjoy the nice weather

    145. Alan C says:

      Make love out of nothing at all!

    146. In the summer I jump in the pool or sit in the shade versus using a fan or air conditioning.

    147. Veronica says:

      Drying your clothes outside, turn the tv off and enjoy the nice weather, never drying my hair!!

    148. NicholasPr says:

      Turn off lights and use the beautiful sunshine to light up house. If the house is too warm, go outside and sit under shady tree, if possible, its usually more cool outside anyways. Forget the AC and use a small fan. While summer in Vancouver is only a few months long each year, hopefully planet earth is forever.

    149. Amanda says:

      Turn the pilot light off on your furnace and gas fireplaces. Open all your windows and doors to get a nice cross breeze instead of using AC or fans.

    150. Manpreet says:

      Things I have done this summer are:
      -washing my vehicles on the grass so that I not only washed my vehicles but watered the grass at the same time
      -using energy effiencient light bulbs (all year round)
      -leaving clothes out to dry
      -taking out plugs from the sockets for appliances not being used ie: toaster, phone charger, radio

    151. Robert says:

      turn off those lights and open the blinds!

    152. Peter says:

      Hang your clothes outside to dry!

    153. shelly says:

      eat lots and lots of watermelon!

    154. Christine says:

      Unplug electronics when finished using them! Sit outside and read instead of inside with lights on. BBQ instead of using the oven.

    155. Jennifer says:

      I live in the Okanagan where the heat builds throughout the day, so we have a specific routine to help keep our house cool 24 hrs a day (without airconditioning).
      At night, when the evening breeze picks up, we open all our windows to bring in the cool air. In the morning, we shut all these windows and draw the drapes and blinds down tight to block out the sun while we’re at work. It makes a huge difference, for very little effort.

      Also, we cook outside with the BBQ rather than the stove and oven so the house doesn’t heat up with the ambient cooking heat!

    156. Kate says:

      Turn off the AC, and open the windows.

    157. Octavio says:

      Installing dimmer switches and motion sensors, upgrading to energy efficient lights and appliances.

    158. Karoline says:

      Doing the laundry with cold water.

    159. Keep the lights off and open the curtains! Try and do out door activies and makes sure you leave the lights off before you leave the house! Bike or take the bus and leave the car at home πŸ™‚

    160. Melissa says:

      wash clothes in cold water,lights off&hang dry clothes

    161. Jaime says:

      Turn off lights in the house and open the windows… You can use the late sun rays to light your living room and get the nice cool summer breeze!

    162. maria says:

      -use a rain barrel to collect water for watering plants
      -hang your clothes to dry
      -open windows instead of using ac
      -walk or ride a bike instead of driving everywhere

    163. Greg L. says:

      hang dry washed clothes

    164. Fiona says:

      Number one tip is to dry your clothes on the line outside! We also use a fan to cool off the bedroom before we go to sleep, then turn it off. A little bit of fan on the hottest nights can go a long way πŸ™‚

    165. Hetesh says:

      Dry your clothes on a rack or a line outside! And always unplug those chargers for your phone.

    166. Devin F. says:

      Some methods I’ve taken to reduce hydro usage in my condo have been replacing standard light bulbs with energy efficient LED/Fluorescent bulbs, only using cold water for washing laundry, hanging clothes to dry inside, time-controlled thermostat and energy efficient appliances & televisions.

    167. Deb says:

      I close my curtains during the hot sunny portion of the day (haven’t done it too much this year!) and then open all windows when I am home during the cooler evening hours. Also use my automobile sun shade on my kitchen window to ‘deflect’ the heat away from the house.

    168. Bernadette says:

      A few of the tips for energy saving are:

      1. Take the kids out for a walk, have them play outside instead of being indoors and in front of the tv, computer and their game consoles.

      2. Turn off the lights when you are not in the room
      3. Turn down the thermostat on the water heater and the feed to the faucets, so that less hot water is being consumed
      4. Letting the sunshine in the house
      5. Doing a load of laundry with warm water instead of hot water for your “white” load

    169. Lyndsey says:

      1. I hang most of my clothes to dry, and/or if i need the drier- dry on cool air
      2. we keep our blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep the place cool, open em up (and the windows and night for a nice breeze
      3. we don’t run the dishwasher. I will hand wash to save on heat/electricity/water
      4 we eat more raw food in the hot season, so we aren’t using the stove/oven very much
      5. I do less laundry, only 1-2 loads every week or two
      6. Lots of hot yoga means, cool showers/ water rinses- saving on hot water!
      7. I bike and walk everywhere…no cars, or rarely use transit!!

    170. Tracy says:

      take cold showers after coming back from the beach!

    171. Ceci says:

      Don’t use the a/c so much and just have your windows open.

    172. Christopher says:

      Leave windows open at each end of the house to create a cooling flow of air throughout

    173. Eric says:

      How about reducing overall energy use by keeping the lights off and the curtains open until dusk, hanging laundry outside to dry and keeping the thermostat at its lowest setting during the daytime and using the suns heat to warm up the house for the evening. All easy!!

    174. Mary says:

      my favourite: hanging my clothes to dry

    175. larry says:

      I carpool to work and use cold water to wash clothes also always hand wash my dishes right away never let them build up uses less water changed all my light bulbs to compact flourecents

    176. au says:

      A microwave uses about two-thirds less energy than stove.
      Another tip, whenever possible, always choose Enegry Star products.

    177. Rebecca says:

      Dry your clothes outside while you still can!

    178. Anna says:

      Turning off the tv/ computer while not using and open the blinds for light.

    179. Steve says:

      Go hang out in the mall or park instead of staying home πŸ™‚

    180. C.A.Hadikin says:

      My best energy saving tip is instead of using a fan or an air conditioner wet a small hand towel with cold water or even ice water and then put it on top of your head. I know it sounds funny and strange but it really works and it will save you money and power.

    181. Mae says:

      Like many posters have suggested, hanging your laundry instead of using the dryer saves a lot of energy. Also, take inventory of your old appliances. Do you really need that 20+ year old 3rd fridge in a household of 4 people?

    182. Cecilia says:

      Spend as much time as you can outside! healthy for you and you won’t be spending on electricity watching tv at home!!

    183. Mav says:

      Cool. Done it before would love to again.

    184. Katie says:

      Keep the lights off! It’s bright enough outside!

    185. Joe says:

      Planning to visit this summer regardless.

    186. Denise says:

      Leave windows on – No electric fans or AC!

    187. Eran says:

      The air outside is probably cooler than inside. Aim a fan to draw air from the outside into the house

    188. Carmen says:

      – Shorter, colder showers
      – Dry your clothes outside
      – BBQ and fresher salad foods to avoid turning on the stove

    189. Janice says:

      Use fans not acon.

    190. Lori Davis says:

      Unplug all unused electrical home appliances ie: toaster, hair dryer, fans, etc..
      Replaced all light bulbs to energy effiencient light bulbs (all year round)
      Walk Walk Walk

    191. Jamie says:

      Hanging clothes to dry
      Taking a cool shower
      Going out to do things

    192. Kristina says:

      I unplug my laptop and cell phone charger when they are not in use!

    193. Heather says:

      Hang your laundry out! Say no to AC! Turn off your lights and tv’s and get outside!

    194. Joyce Lo says:

      Keep the windows open during the day to keep cool instead of using the fan or an air conditioner.

    195. Amanda says:

      It’s hot in the summer so have colder showers, let your hair air dry and turn off your furnace. Most of there is lots of sunshine coming through the windows, turn off your lights. Go outside enjoy the weather and stay away from that TV, game system and computer. Forget your tredmill WALK OUTSIDE.

    196. Shane Yorke says:

      Use your bike to commute, turn the air conditioner off and head to the beach, instead of tv how about a walk in lovely DT Vancouver

    197. Kristen says:

      We keep all the lights off as late as we can and do more outside on the patio. With a West-facing condo, we get natural sun until about 8pm. Ever tried showering in near-dark? It’s actually kind of fun (but not recommended for those with poor coordination!).

    198. Kailyn says:

      Turn off the lights and open those blinds and curtains for natural light.

    199. Marga says:

      Don’t be an energy hog, unplug!


    200. Susannah says:

      If you have a west-facing room, open the windows in the morning. Draw the blinds near the evening and maybe stay outside. πŸ™‚

    201. Danielle says:

      Shut off our heat breaker, only dry clothes in dryer if we need it ASAP. Walk as much as possible too.

    202. Jason Klatt says:

      We hang our clothes out to dry to save energy, plus we use Tide Coldwater.

    203. Tom says:

      Turn off the lights.

    204. Kristi says:

      I would love to take go to the PNE again with my sister and her family. Last year I got to take my 3 year old niece on her first ride ever and she loved it! It would be a blast to go again! πŸ™‚

    205. Jason says:

      Make sure you turn everything off when you go on vacation.

    206. Patrick says:

      Close blinds and windows during the day keep the heat out… Open em in the evening to cool down

    207. Onkar says:

      Switch to cold when doing your laundry. 85 – 90% of the energy used to wash your clothes is used to heat the water. By turning the dial to cold on your washing machine, you help the environment, save energy, and save money.

    208. Tiffany says:

      make sure the lights are off when its not in use or when you’re out of the room πŸ™‚

    209. caitlin says:

      instead of using air conditioning, keeping your blinds down through the afternoon really helps keep cool.

    210. Tawcan says:

      Try your clothes outside instead of using drier.

    211. Kerry says:

      Use cold water only when washing your clothes. Hang dry instead of using the dryer. πŸ™‚

    212. Rheanna says:

      Dry your clothes outside in the Sun, and eat cold foods to avoid using the oven.

    213. Terry says:

      My kids are in town from Kamloops and would love to go to the PNE AND Playland while they are here. This would be a great priZe to win.

    214. Terry says:

      We live in Kamloops and keep all the windows open at night to cool the house downand close them during the day and close the blinds to keep the house cool so we don’t have to use our air conditioning.

    215. Gillian Burns says:

      Sprinkle cold water on bed sheets before going to bed – so it will cool you down without having turn on the air conditoner or fan.

    216. Robin-Lynn says:

      Hang-dry clothes as much as possible, turn the furnace off for the summer, unplug all kitchen appliances/hair appliances/game & cell phone charges when not in use and use the BBQ as much as possible! The living room lights are very rarely on all year round, prefer candle light! :o)

    217. tina says:

      turn off the a/c and open up all the windows on hot days to save electricity

    218. Janet says:

      Eat foods that don’t have to be cooked such as salads, cold cuts, cereal and milk, etc. Saves on turning on ovens, stoves, etc. Open the windows to let in cooler air instead of fans. Take cooler showers and shower rather than bathe to use less water. Go out and enjoy the great summer days instead of staying in and using energy at home and turn things off before you go out!

    219. Stephanie says:

      Cook outside on your BBQ. What could be better.

    220. Kirsten says:

      Turn off the TV and get outside!

    221. Kevin says:

      Close the curtains during the day to keep the house cool

    222. Kelly says:

      Wait for a full load of laundry before washing and use cold water!

    223. Taz says:

      open the doors and windows for cool air cross breeze…no need for fans or AC

    224. Use the sunlight to read instead of using a lamp.

    225. Vince says:

      Shut down your A/C when you’re not in your home.

    226. candice says:

      please unplug your cell phone chargers when not in use ~ otherwise it is still drawing energy that is being wasted

    227. Shannon W. says:

      We unplug our microwave between uses … and anything else that doesn’t need to be constantly on

    228. Rivers says:

      Don’t use AC, open your doors/windows and let the wind cool your house.

    229. Romi says:

      My summer energy saving tip is hanging the laundry on the lilne in my backyard.

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