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Britney Spears at Rogers Arena

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 — 10:30am PDT
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Britney Spears is bringing her Femme Fetale Tour to Rogers Arena on Canada Day, July 1st with special guests Nicki Minaj, Jessie and the Toy Boys, and Nervo.

Britney Spears

She’s come a long way since 1999’s Baby One More Time and ticket sales for this tour exploded when they were the deal of the day on local Groupon sites. Tickets range from $29.50 to $350 (reserved seating, all ages) and there are still some available online.

I also have a pair of tickets to give away courtesy of Live Nation. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post naming your favourite Britney song or video (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win tickets to @britneyspears in #Vancouver from @LiveNationWest & @Miss604

    I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

    Update The winner is Stephanie!


    1. Kristina says:

      Love the video for “I’m a Slave 4 You”!

    2. Natalie says:

      Fave song & video: Toxic!

    3. Tracy says:

      Favourite song; Breathe on Me

    4. Cecilia says:

      Fave Song: Circus

    5. ashlee says:

      Favorite song – classic Britney – “Oops I Did It Again” πŸ™‚

    6. Taigi says:

      Oops I Did It Again

    7. Kristen says:

      How I Roll or Crazy!

    8. Donna L says:

      I’m a Slave For You is my favourite. I still remember all her kick bum MTV award performances.

    9. Jodi says:

      I love toxic for the music video and song! I would looove to go to her concert!

    10. Hez says:

      The new video, I Wanna Go, is amazing! But I’ll always love Slave 4 U.

    11. Brenda says:

      Toxic, including the Glee version!

    12. Laura Ellis says:

      Slave For You!

    13. Alynne says:

      I LOVE the video for Toxic and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs, too!

    14. Stephen says:

      One of the best pop songs of the decade… ‘Gimme More’!

    15. Yvonne says:

      I love Overprotected – the video and song

    16. Leah Gregg says:

      Oh man, it’s hard to choose but I think “Slave 4 U” is my ultimate fave. HOLLA!

    17. Heather says:

      This latest song “Till the World Ends” makes me want to move like it’s nobody’s business!

    18. Jen says:

      I’m a Slave for You!!!

    19. jean says:

      Favourite Song and Video: Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know.

      I love britney!

    20. Elena D says:

      My favourite Brtiney Spears song is Out From Under.

    21. chris says:

      Fav song Breathe on Me

    22. Kristyn says:

      My fav Brit Brit video and song has got to be Oops I Did It Again! I remember my jaw dropping when I first saw that red unitard, she certainly knows how to make a splash!

    23. Hardev says:

      Until the world ends is a great song… the music vids cool too

    24. Shawnna says:

      Fav Song: Until the world ends

    25. Albert C says:

      Toxic !!

    26. Brenda says:

      I like Circus!

    27. Jeanie says:


    28. Manpreet says:

      I loooooove “gimmmeee more” πŸ™‚

    29. Christine says:

      PIECE OF ME!

    30. Taunya says:

      Video & Song – Overprotected πŸ™‚

    31. Deborah says:


    32. Leslie says:

      one of my favourites is “outrageous”

    33. rino says:

      until the world ends

    34. tania says:


    35. Michelle W. says:


    36. belinda says:

      Till The World Ends

    37. manpreet says:


    38. Andre says:

      Baby one more time!

    39. Margarete says:

      I’m A Slave 4 U πŸ˜€

    40. Ava says:

      Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know

    41. lilsnikkers says:

      stronger is by far my favorite video !!!!!!!

    42. Bill says:

      Definitely “Hold It Against Me”

    43. Brenda says:

      So many! I’m going to go with “Sometimes”.

    44. MJ says:

      OMG! “Hit me baby 1 more time!”

    45. Eddie says:

      Baby One More Time .. for sure!! That’s Britney!

    46. I love brit brit. she so crazy! I would love to see her show. best song: Toxic! no contest!

    47. Alex says:

      Toxic is my favorite.

    48. Jade says:

      Unusual You.

      Let’s hope there are no air quality problems this time around!

    49. A says:

      Slave for you

    50. Natalie says:

      I love Slave 4 U or Me Against the Music!

    51. Chad says:

      Would you hold it against me! It fits my true love of punny! Its up there with the “underwear” line in the Bare Naked Ladies song! πŸ™‚

    52. Sarah says:

      My favourite is Stronger. Great message.

    53. Megan says:

      Favourite Britney song is Womanizer!

    54. Shawn says:

      Toxic baby.

    55. Sandra says:

      Definitely Womanizer! Should be a fun concert!

    56. Maryanne says:

      Definitely Oops I did it Again. I was for Britney from the start!

    57. Brittany Yu says:

      I saw her Circus tour and it was awesome. I love Toxic though. My fav song.

    58. Nadi says:

      Fav song. Shattered.

    59. Ariel says:

      Lucky! πŸ™‚

    60. Stephanie says:

      I would love to take my daughter as a surprise for doing so well in school. we love dancing to toxic on the Wii dance party 2.

    61. Sara says:

      I love the song ‘Unusual You’

    62. C Wilson says:

      My Fave is “I’m a Slave 4 U” :0)

    63. melissa says:


    64. Kathryn says:

      fave song:I’m a slave for you

    65. liz says:

      I want to take my daughter to her first concert,we both love TOXIC!So exciting BritBrit’s coming

    66. Kym says:

      Fave Brit moment has got to be the horny air hostess in Toxic!

    67. D. Cedric says:

      My fav would be TOXIC!! : )

    68. Mai says:

      I’d love to win tickets! My fav song is stronger! πŸ™‚

    69. Patricia says:

      Love the new song, I wanna go.

    70. Teresa says:


    71. Laura says:


    72. Audrey says:


    73. Joey says:

      Favourite video: Toxic

    74. chista says:

      fave song = circus!

    75. AC says:

      Piece of me

    76. Meghan says:

      Break the Ice–cartoon Britney!

    77. Grace says:

      I dont wanna say this..but probably toxic. Its just stuck in my head!

    78. Ian says:

      I’m a slave for you!

    79. Steven says:


    80. Lynne says:


    81. Shannon says:

      Toxic is super catchy but there will always be a special place for Hit Me Baby πŸ™‚

    82. Kelli says:

      If I hear, If You Seek Amy I cannot get it out of my head so that’s gotta mean something:)

    83. Laura says:


    84. Laura says:


    85. Deidre says:

      This would be a lot of fun! Song: β€œSometimes”.

    86. Jenn W says:

      My fav is Slave fo you! Hope to see her in a few weeks!

    87. Julie Nicholls says:


    88. Aretha says:

      …Baby One More Time

    89. Alice says:

      Oops I did it again!

    90. Sylvia F F says:

      I love Britney’s Femme fatale, didn’t even know it was Britney spears when I first heard it! Awesome workout song!

    91. Sylvia F F says:

      oops i meant to write “til the world ends” (on the Femme Fatale” CD!!)

    92. Renelle A says:

      Boys….with Austin Powers! πŸ™‚

    93. Helen says:

      I know it’s old school, but I still like “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
      oh, how I would LOVE to win these tickets to give to my daughter!

      (maybe she would even let me come along!)

      I tweeted too!

    94. seapotato says:

      My fave song is Lucky!

      karen_lee2jr at yahoo dot ca

    95. rachel says:

      overprotected !

    96. Kelly Man says:

      Everytime by – Britney Spears

    97. Ally says:


    98. Bons says:


    99. manda says:

      ‘i wanna go’ haha

    100. Vincent says:


    101. Steph :) says:

      Hit Me Baby One More Time

    102. Garrett says:

      Hit Me Baby One More Time!

    103. Sam says:

      Baby One more Time- Best ever!

    104. Andrea says:

      Til the world ends…

    105. Nikky says:

      Crazy – my favourite!

    106. Eva says:


    107. Verna says:

      “I Wanna Go”!! (to the show ha)

    108. Ashley says:

      Oops I did it again

    109. Mary says:

      Gimme more

    110. Emily says:

      Seal It with a Kiss

    111. mike. says:


    112. Christine says:

      Fave song and video is her new one..I Wanna Go.

    113. kendra says:

      I love I wanna go!

    114. J Kittson says:

      Im a Slave for you

    115. Tessa says:


    116. Baby One More Time!

    117. Wanda says:

      Song: big fat bass (ft. Will.I.Am)
      Amazing song!

    118. Mav says:

      Slave For You.

    119. liz says:

      Love Britney’s Toxic.Womanizer is also a close favourite.I have to get to that concert it’s going to be sooo good.

    120. Raia says:

      Baby one more time..classic.

    121. maria says:

      My fave song is Toxic, video too!

    122. Sunshine G says:

      Baby, One More Time!

    123. alex c says:

      does anyone know if there’s going to be an after party in vancouver??

    124. Jackie Sampson says:

      Oops I did it again! is my fave song πŸ™‚
      jlas at live dot ca

      and tweeted!/carsmummy/status/85608133334007808

    125. Cathy says:

      Stronger has a good tune. I’m also a fan of Into the Zone that she did with Madonna.

    126. LauraB says:

      Fav song..Toxic!

    127. Cindy says:


    128. Haermoni says:

      My fave Britney song “Radar”

    129. Richie says:

      slave for you.

    130. Sita says:


    131. Natasha C says:

      I LOVE Britneys video for her song “Everytime”. I wonder if she’s singing it on her tour this year?

    132. Ruby says:

      fave song is Toxic

    133. Mark says:

      Hit me baby one more time!

    134. John Mah says:

      Toxic !

    135. Roberta says:

      Gotta agree with most people, Toxic!!

    136. Cecilia says:

      Best song/video from her in my opinion would have to be ‘Everytime’ The song is haunting and simple and absolutely gorgeous.

    137. Courtney says:

      Toxic! Did a dance with my best-friend in a school talent show way back in grade 5! She has always been my favourite!!

    138. tracy says:

      the Everytime video!

    139. lisa says:

      yes, toxic is so classic britney

    140. Winnie says:

      Favourite song … Lucky!

    141. Jennie says:

      Fav song: 123

    142. Jennie says:

      I just twitted!
      Follow me: Made_InChinaa πŸ™‚

    143. Fav song’s gotta be Toxic!

    144. Trevor says:

      Taking it back with hit me baby, one more time. The schoolgirl thing killed it πŸ™‚

    145. Amanda C says:

      My favourite song is Lucky! πŸ™‚

    146. Ivy says:

      Favourite song: Lucky!

    147. Freddie D says:

      Guys seem to be a big fan of Toxic…especially the music video

    148. Glenda says:

      stronger is my fave!

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