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BC Travel Tuesday: Week 10 Oswego Hotel Victoria

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 — 8:00am PDT
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There’s only one thing on the mind of everyone in BC right now and that’s hockey. However, after the dust settles tonight (and heart rates return to normal) wouldn’t it be nice to get away? I’m a little late for our BC Travel Tuesday feature but we still have a few properties to go in the series (which expanded from 10 weeks to 12).
backyardbc is a new travel website designed specifically for residents of British Columbia. Essentially a “be a tourist in your own backyard” program, participating hotels & resorts offer residents of BC exclusive rates and specials, designed to motivate BCers to travel more within the Province. Each offer has its own unique reservation code, and all bookings are done directly with our hotel and resort partners. Visit backyardbc online, on Twitter, or Facebook and see more of BC!

The winner of BC Travel Tuesday Week 9: Fairmont Empress Victoria is Dennis L. (and he has been notified by email). This week’s property is also located in Victoria’s James Bay, just a short walk from the Inner Harbour, the Legislature and the city’s top attractions.

Photos courtesy of the Oswego Hotel

Oswego Hotel
Website, Twitter, Facebook, backyardbc listing
Location: 500 Oswego Street, Victoria, BC
About: “Stylish, modern and urban the Oswego Hotel is centrally located in Victoria’s downtown neighborhood of James Bay, just 2 blocks from the Inner Harbour, Legislative Buildings, Royal BC Museum and Beacon Hill Park. A short walk to Victoria’s Conference Centre and just minutes from Harbour Seaplanes, the Helijet terminal, the Victoria Clipper, and the Victoria Express the Oswego Hotel is ideal for business travel. ”
Prize: Two night’s accommodation in a one bedroom suite, includes parking and WiFi.
Value: $600

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post and/or post the following on Twitter:

I entered this week’s @backyardbc @miss604 #bctraveltuesday contest

Gift certificates for hotel and resort stays will be sent directly to each weekly winner so they can arrange their visit personally with the property. Some restrictions apply, based on availability. Must be 19 years of age or older to enter and win.

Update The winner is Sharelle Dayco!

View all posts in the series by following or subscribing to my BCTravelTuesday tag. Open to residents of BC.


  1. Erin says:

    Another great hotel! Oswego has a great online presence, and I can’t wait to stay there one day!

  2. Dorothy says:

    I’ve stayed in the hotel next door to this one. The Oswego is on some beautiful property with great views.

  3. Giggles says:

    What a treat this place would be!!

  4. Ann says:

    Great location! Can’t wait!

  5. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. Oh and: Go Canucks Go!

  6. Donna says:

    It really would be nice to see Victoria again. I haven’t been in years. Bet there’s lots of great new places to check out & explore!

  7. Christa says:

    My boyfriend goes to school in Victoria and I’m always looking for an extra special reason to visit. A night at the Oswego would be fantastic!

  8. Charles says:

    I can dig it!

  9. Darcy says:

    This hotel sounds stylish, great prize!

  10. I love Victoria and would love the chance to stay at this beautiful hotel!

    Thanks to Oswego Hotel for providing such a lavish prize and to you Miss 604 for providing the means:)

  11. lindawwww says:

    The Oswego Hotel sounds like a great place to stay. I’d love to win this prize!

  12. Deidre says:

    What an opportunity – to stay at this lovely hotel and visit our freinds would be amazing!

  13. Cal says:

    The hotel looks really stylish – Victoria needs more of these!

  14. Sarah C says:

    Oswego hotel? Looks very pretty. Victoria is such a beautiful city.

  15. Marline says:

    A chance to visit a fantastic hotel like Oswego Hotel would be great!

  16. Jenn K says:

    Beautiful hotel! I love Victoria!

  17. Andy says:

    Used to visit Victoria every year, but haven’t been back in a while. This would make for a great trip.

  18. David D. says:

    I would love to get over to Victoria, it’s been a while! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Laura says:

    I would love to take a trip to Victoria

  20. Eileen says:

    I hadn’t heard of this hotel before- it looks great.

  21. Jenny says:

    Looks like an amazing boutique hotel!

  22. Tanya says:

    I would love a mini-getaway right about now!

  23. Jenny says:

    I love Victoria!

  24. Mariella says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  25. Muckymoo says:

    Wonderful, count me in!

  26. tania says:

    This hotel looks beautiful!

  27. rino says:

    Oh! what a getaway!

  28. mike. says:

    i havent been to victoria in a long time, but if i win i will go back really soon!

  29. Nadya R says:

    would be wonderful

  30. Christine says:

    Go Canucks Go!

  31. wono99 says:

    looks nice.

    go canucks

  32. Emma says:

    Looks beautiful!

  33. Zoe says:

    Have walked by this hotel many times when in Victoria, looks absolutely lovely!

  34. Donna L says:

    James Bay is great, it’s close to the water and yet tucked away quietly with a primarily residential neighborhood.

  35. Sanaz says:

    Looks like a great place to stay!

  36. Albert C. says:

    Another Beautiful Hotel in Victoria!

  37. Mike says:

    Damn, I could use a couple nights in Victoria! Fingers crossed

  38. Summer says:

    My folks just stayed there, and loved it!

  39. Kristyn says:

    Looks Beautiful!

  40. Leah says:

    pretty please, pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Lisa says:

    I need a reason to visit Victoria for a couple days!

  42. Minna says:

    A chance to stay here and try Red Fish Blue Fish would be the cherry ontop of winning The Stanley Cup!

  43. Sara says:

    Wow, it looks lovely!

  44. Maryanne says:

    Looks fancy, I would love to go!

  45. Diane says:

    I just saw that the Oswego has a 15% off sale for June, but free would be even better ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Paula says:

    Looks like another wonderful vacation – count me in!!

  47. Dan says:

    I have a friend who stays here once/twice a week for business and raves about it. Stayed here last October when I ran the half marathon in Victoria. Great location and very cozy.

  48. Kim says:

    This would be a great prize to win. The Oswego is gorgeous!

  49. Anne says:

    After today, a getaway would be nice.

  50. Vinnie says:

    I would love to take the boyfriend to Victoria for a getaway. We haven’t gone anywhere since a Whistler weekend a year ago. And he hasn’t taken a single vacation day this year yet!

  51. Marina says:

    Would LOVE to get away to Victoria for a weekend! Especially to this gorgeous hotel.

  52. Ceci says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely getaway!

  53. Belinda says:

    i always thought they just offered regular hotel rooms, but one bedroom suite sounds awesome.

  54. Brenda says:

    Sounds like a great hotel

  55. Cliff says:

    I could use a weekend getaway!

  56. Garrett says:

    Love Victoria, and would love to visit this summer!

  57. May says:

    What a fantastic getaway from the everday!

  58. Davina says:

    Looks neat!

  59. C Wilson says:

    What an amazing location. Got my fingers crossed!

  60. Becky says:

    That would be awesome! I’ve never been to the Oswego hotel!

  61. Lynn says:


  62. Gayle says:

    Looks very nice, wow!

  63. Roger says:

    I would like to see the Oswego hotel and Victoria! Haven’t been to Victoria for at least 15 years. Thanks

  64. Tooth Fairy says:

    I’ve never hoteled on the island before, thanks for sweet opportunity!

  65. Adrian P says:

    beautiful photos, I’d love to stay there

  66. Katie says:

    It looks like amazing. I love to try new hotels!

  67. Leah says:

    I would love to go to Victoria, and for once, not have to stay with relatives in a musty spare room squeezed in with storage boxes and a sewing machine. Love the family, but hey, the Oswego’s not too shabby!

  68. Steven Barringham says:

    Could use a getaway at the end of July to celebrate my birthday.

  69. scott says:

    Would be nice.

  70. Carol says:

    I love Victoria. What a great prize.

  71. Robyn says:

    This would make my summer staycation much better!

  72. Jennifer M. says:

    I need this vacation to console myself that we didn’t snag the Stanley cup. ๐Ÿ™

  73. JRF says:

    Another local location I would love to stay at as a mini get away.
    Hope I’m the winner!!

  74. thesehappydays says:

    Wow! You have featured some amazing hotels that I’d never thought of. The Oswego Hotel looks amazing!

  75. HarjitCh says:

    After this sad Canucks loss, it would be nice to get away.

  76. Lucie says:

    Wow- it looks absolutely stunning there!!!!

  77. J says:

    a weekend away would be nice.

  78. Maria says:

    I would love to win this

  79. Kara says:

    Nice looking hotel!

  80. Brenda says:

    Looks like a great place to stay at!

  81. Donna H says:

    I would love to go to this hotel! Sounds great!

    Thank you!

  82. Rebecca says:

    Would love to go and have a wonderful getaway.

  83. Alex says:

    Wonderful hotel!

  84. Richard says:

    Another great looking hotel in Victoria, another week with my fingers crossed!

  85. laura peter says:

    oh, pick me, pick me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. So glad I just found this site – fabulous!!!

  87. Leanna says:

    This place looks fabulous. Thanks for the continued great contests.

  88. maria dela cruz says:

    Victoria is so relaxing

  89. jeff says:

    A getaway is just what the doctor ordered.

  90. Mark says:

    Leaving a comment on the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

  91. maryanne says:

    This hotel looks beautiful. Thanks for hosting these giveaways!

  92. Shannon says:

    Looks like a pretty rad hotel!

  93. Caroline says:

    This does look wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to win a stay in beautiful Victoria.

  94. Brenda says:


  95. Justine says:

    A couple days on the Island would be perfect!

  96. Arieanna says:

    Crossing fingers!

  97. Vanessa says:

    Sounds amazing!

  98. Tracy says:

    Looks Beautiful!

  99. Steph :) says:

    I have a friend in Victoria and would love to go there for a few days to visit.

  100. Glenda says:

    I’d love to go!

  101. Carina Vause says:


  102. Dave K. says:

    I’d love a break to “wind dowm”.

  103. Teresa says:

    What a nice upscale place!

  104. Ryan says:

    I would love to take my wife for a romantic getaway. Thanks!

  105. Jen says:

    I love Victoria and the Oswego is such a great hotel!

  106. Jeremy says:

    I would love to go for a visit to Victoria and stay with Oswego ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Sylvia F says:

    Yes I definitely need a getaway after what happened in Vancouver!!! thanks for everyone who went downtown and helped clean up! I wish I could have gone myself to help!

  108. janice says:

    I would love to go to Victoria!! Only been there once!

  109. veronica says:

    Looks beautiful!

  110. Alv says:

    It’s my birthday this month.

  111. Ashley says:

    Some great hotels featured as prizes! I want to visit them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. jean says:

    looks amazing!

  113. Paul says:

    Seems like a great place to stay

  114. Andrew says:

    I haven’t been to Victoria in years. I would love to rediscover the city.

  115. Rachel says:

    I love Oswego! Getting away for a weekend in Victoria is one of my favourite summer treats.

  116. Kerrie says:

    Going to Victoria has always been a dream of mine and it would be wonderful to go venture one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

  117. Valerie says:

    I haven’t been to the island to visit my grandparents for years. They also come to the city as an outing. It would be a treat to visit them there.

  118. A.J. says:

    Love how this hotel has a view!

  119. Wendy says:

    YAY say we won, pls say we won :))

  120. Jodi says:

    I have heard that this hotel is great. Would love a weekend in Victoria!

  121. Ann says:

    What a beautiful place to vacation in

  122. Josh Hall says:

    looks like gorgeous place to stay

  123. Tricia says:

    Looks amazing!

  124. Danielle says:

    Victoria is beautiful and I love going for a weekend getaway! Haven’t had a chance to stay at the Oswego yet!

  125. Rob says:

    Yes please! Sounds like a great spot, and I love Victoria

  126. Andrea W says:

    I love James Bay!

  127. jackie says:

    Oh, that would be such a treat!

  128. myra says:

    looks so lovely!

  129. Andrew evans says:

    Victoria rocks!

  130. Cathy says:

    This looks fabulous!

  131. jessica t says:

    Great giveaway! Hope I win!

  132. Bonnie says:

    Summer is nearly here and this would be a great getaway.

  133. Anita B says:

    What a great looking place to stay! And James Bay would be close to the Inner Harbour and other wonderful Victoria locations. Exciting!

  134. Leigh says:

    This is a great hotel! Stayed there with the hubby and kids a couple of years ago, and it was fabulous!

  135. Ava says:

    Born and raised in Vancouver, and I’ve never been to Victoria! The Oswego Hotel looks like a great place to stay!

  136. heather says:

    The hotel looks amazing! I love Victoria and could really use an excuse to go there soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. Lily says:


  138. Pooya says:

    Love to visit this place ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Alan says:

    Gorgeous hotel!

  140. Kate says:

    Looks beautiful!

  141. glenno says:

    was the hotel named for a British trading post that was founded in Oswego c. 1722

  142. Tiffany says:

    I haven’t been to Victoria for a long time. A trip is long overdue!

  143. Barbara says:

    Very nice hotel, would love to stay there.

  144. zee says:

    awesome thanks!

  145. caelen says:

    victoria is a beautiful city – would love the opportunity to explore its glamour!

  146. Kelly says:

    Been TWELVE years since I’ve been to Victoria…would love to go!

  147. Emily H says:

    I love Victoria…I’d love to go.

  148. E. Tang says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. Hong Tran says:

    Had my farewell party at the Oswego hotel last may. Delicious food, excellent wine, gorgeous view and wonderful hospitality. Would love to come back ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Linda says:

    I take the ferry over to Victoria every year. It would be great to stay at this lovely hotel on my next trip.

  151. Janet says:

    Looks beautiful.

  152. Ennie says:


  153. Will says:

    A very urban, downtown getaway this week, huh? Beautiful. I’m game!

  154. Mav says:


  155. Jenn W says:

    I would love to have an excuse to escape to the island

  156. Janell says:

    Really excited to have a chance to stay – heard many, many awesome things about the experience and the views!

  157. Michelle W. says:

    Love these contests!

  158. Julia says:

    Please, can I win this one? ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Dilara says:

    I’ve heard rave reviews about Oswego Hotel!

  160. Fiona says:

    lovely! We love Victoria

  161. Ian says:

    I wanna win this sooooooo bad. I kinda miss victoria!!!

  162. Grace says:


  163. jeanie says:

    would be a fun mini staycation! =)

  164. here i am!!!!!! right here!!!!

  165. linda says:

    I’m in. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. JA says:

    This sounds great!

  167. Heather B says:

    Crossing my fingers that I get to win this island vacay!

  168. dyena says:

    fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  169. Christine says:

    I want to win!! Looks awesome

  170. Scott says:

    Yes please.

  171. tracy Saddul says:

    another great hotel. .I can’t wait go to back to Victoria.

  172. Robbin says:

    Hope I’m not too late to enter this! <3

  173. Michael Kwan says:

    Wow. I haven’t been to Victoria in ages. This sounds like a good excuse to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  174. Jarrah says:

    My bf and I are planning to go over there for a weekend getaway and it would be awesome to win this.

  175. Mike says:

    Another week and another one I would love to win. C’mon!

  176. Natalie says:

    pick me pick me pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. Chad Dreyer says:

    Hope I win….Thanks

  178. Mary Weber says:

    Would LOVE to win this!

  179. Kyle M says:

    I would like to go to Os we go! Send me back home! Thanks!

  180. Jenn says:

    This looks amazing and I am oh-so in need of a holiday!!

  181. MJ says:

    If I win I will donate 20 goats to the pygmy village of your choosing.

  182. Tu says:

    A beautiful Victoria, my home town. Itd be great to visit family and enjoy this beautiful hotel

  183. Christne says:

    Wow, that sounds lovely!

  184. tim says:

    haven’t been to victoria in 10 years! would love to visit.

  185. Alexis says:

    I’m in Victoria every couple of months. Would be great to have a real getaway instead of staying with family!

  186. Monique says:

    What an awesome prize – who wouldn’t want this!

  187. Mike says:

    Would love to win this!

  188. Adrienne says:


  189. Leah P says:

    That hotel looks gorgeous! Would love a romantic getaway to the island with the hubby.

  190. Brenda says:

    It would be so wonderful to get away to the Island! Lovely prize indeed!

  191. Sheldon says:

    I live on the Island, but I’d love to get away from my house!

  192. Sharelle Dayco says:

    I would love to have a getaway with my husband to Victoria! Enter me in the draw please!

  193. Toni says:

    I need a vacation! I’m wrapping up a very long book project that contains several photos from the BC Archives (we obtained permission) and it would be great to stay in this gem of a hotel and visit the museum where the archival photo gems came from.

  194. Leah says:

    James Bay is beautiful! This would make a great little getaway!

  195. Andrea says:

    a vacation is much needed – please!

  196. Katie says:

    Wow, this looks fantastic and would be a wonderful getaway. It has been quite a while since we’ve had a vacation with just the two of us.

  197. anne says:

    would love to have a little getaway in Victoria!

  198. Leah says:

    Mmm! The view looks georgous over there!

  199. Jan says:

    I would love to win a stay at the Oswego Hotel. Thanks for the contest.

  200. Penny says:

    Oswego looks great!

  201. Tanja T says:

    Count me in!

  202. Mae says:

    I haven’t been to the island in a few years. It’s about time to visit again!

  203. Veronica says:

    As always, this will be an amazing gift to celebrate my anniversary on July, hope we win it!! I love Victoria!

  204. GeriMNegrete says:

    It’s Awesome. Is the way to spend your life luxurious!

  205. Brad says:

    Been to Vic but never stayed here. Would love a chance to check it out! Thx

  206. Ruby says:

    Would love to play tourist in Victoria for the weekend and this would be a wonderful place to stay!

  207. Lisa says:

    Looks beautiful, I would love to win this. Thank you.

  208. Joey says:

    Victoria is a lovely city. Haven’t visited since last summer – would love to go!

  209. Andrew C. says:

    Victoria in Summer!

  210. Katherine says:

    I โ™ฅ Victoria

  211. Dora says:

    Great prize! Would love to win the chance to stay in such a great hotel.

  212. Sita says:

    Love this contest!

  213. Richie says:

    This would be amazing

  214. Davin Garg says:

    These Backyard BC guys and gals are amazing. Thanks for pairing up with them. Would love to visit Victoria! Thank you.

  215. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful hotel… love spending time on the island!

  216. Nancy says:

    Woud LOVE an excuse to visit Victoria. (It’s been years!) This hotel looks fab!

  217. Jennifer says:

    Looks awesome.

  218. AC says:

    I’ve never heard of Oswego, but it sure looks beautiful.

  219. Norman says:

    Victoria is awesome!

  220. Ashley says:

    I would love to win this!

  221. Kelli says:

    I would like to take my fiance. He’s never been to Victoria!

  222. Lauren says:

    We were just saying the other day how nice it would be to get to the island for a few days! And this hotel looks gorgeous….

  223. Heather W says:

    Parents are coming to town…need to help them getaway – from me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  224. Joy says:

    Would love to go back again this year and take a local vacation. It’s been far too many months since I’ve been to Victoria.

  225. Phy says:

    Looks fantastic there!

  226. Jessica T says:

    I’d love to win!!

  227. Kevin says:

    I actually stayed here last weekend for the Victoria Dodgeball Championship, what a nice hotel!

  228. Winona says:

    i would love to stay at a nice hotel like this in victoria

  229. Peter says:

    I won two round trip flights on Harbour Air from Vancouver to Victoria, this would be the perfect prize round out the weekend!

  230. Sandra says:

    Love traveling in my own backyard, and this looks beautiful!

  231. Julie R says:

    Would be a wonderful place to stay when I come down for any of the wonderful Victoria summer events like #symphonysplash or #mosstreet #paint-in!

  232. Jason says:

    What an awesome hotel… I love Victoria โ€“ this looks like a fantastic place to stay!

  233. Alex Cameron says:

    I’d like a free fancy hotel trip to Victoria!

  234. Laura says:

    I love Victoria!

  235. Carly says:

    Yay Victoria!

  236. Lindsay says:

    This looks gorg!

  237. melissa zilkie says:

    This place looks awesome!

  238. Thor says:

    ditto Victoria!

  239. Mary says:

    its been years since ive been to victoria.

  240. Nicky says:

    Here’s to potentially winning and not having to stay at the in-laws with their delightful baby screaming!

  241. LauraB says:

    Love victoria!

  242. Natasha C says:

    Looks Divine!!! I would love to spend some time there and check out out!

  243. Gina says:

    Hope it’s not too late to enter ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. Dilara says:

    Haven’t been to Victoria in ages; would love to win this!

  245. Michelle W. says:

    This would be so great!

  246. Roberta S says:

    sounds wonderful!

  247. Caroline M. says:

    please put my name in the draw. Also tweeted , userid cotec007

  248. Fraser says:

    two thumbs up — way up!

  249. Abigail says:

    Would be great!! supposed to be studying for a final tomorrow!! it would be a great BREAK!!

  250. Leane says:

    a hotel stay would be incredible.. definitely need a break

  251. Andrew C. says:

    Nice hotel!

  252. Angelle says:

    would love to win this beauty of a prize!

  253. Lucie says:

    It does look nice. A modern touch to contrast with the older parliament buildings.

  254. Bonnie says:

    Wow — would love to win this wonderful prize!

  255. shannon says:

    oh I would love to get some time away.

  256. Tom says:

    Sounds good

  257. Jacob Naval says:

    This is often this excellent resource that you are delivering and you also provide away free of charge. I like seeing internet sites that realize the value of offering a high quality resource totally free. It?s the prior what goes throughout appears schedule.

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