Vancouver Craft Beer Week: Phillips Brewmaster’s Dinner

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 — 10:23am PDT
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Vancouver Craft Beer Week is steadily approaching as the city gets ready to celebrate craft beer from around the world. From Belgian wheats to Brooklyn brews and the very best of BC, you can enjoy events that feature multi-course beer pairings or pub crawls around town. One of these events is taking place next Tuesday, May 10th at BierCraft.

Wheatking Blue Buck Longboat Amnesiac IPA
Source: Phillips Brewing on Flickr

When Tuesday, May 10, 2011 from 8:00pm – 11:00pm
Where BierCraft Bistro (3305 Cambie, Vancouver)
What Phillips Brewmaster’s Dinner: Five course beer-pairing dinner featuring delicious beers from Vancouver Island’s award winning Phillips Brewery. Chefs Don Farion and Stephen Chandband present a locally inspired menu designed to pair perfectly with the fantastic hand crafted beers of Matt Phillips who will be in attendance to discuss his beers and answer questions.

Tickets are $55 and there’s room for about 30 more people (at the time I have written this post). I also have a pair of tickets available for giveaway until Friday, May 6th at 10:00am. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post with the name of a Phillips beer (1 entry)
    Hint: you can look in the beer fridge or at the labels in this post
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
  • I entered to win @VCBW tickets to the Phillips Brewmaster’s Dinner from @Miss604

    Must be 19 years of age or older to enter and win. Please enjoy responsibly and plan a safe ride home from Vancouver Craft Beer Week events. is a proud sponsor of Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2011.

    Update The winner is Ryan – congratulations!

    Current contests on


    1. Danielle says:

      Phillips is my fave! Especially the Longboat Chocolate Porter!

    2. Erin says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter!

    3. Tracey Flattes says:

      Wheatking Hefeweizen – so good!

    4. Tristen says:

      Yum…Amnesiac Double IPA!

    5. Brian says:

      All about the Blue Buck!

    6. Sean says:

      As a former Victorian I have loved Phillips for a long time. The Longboat Chocolate Porter is great as a treat but I love the Blue Buck!

    7. Karl says:

      Amnesiac Double IPA – I love all its hoppy awesomeness

    8. Sue says:

      Always BLUE BUCK!!!!!

    9. EffEcks says:

      Blue Buck sounds so maritimes. Love it.

    10. Janna says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter! Mmmm.

    11. liza says:

      WHEATKINGs and pretty things…

    12. Ian says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter! WOOT WOOT!

    13. Rikushix says:

      Longboat Double Chocolate Porter!
      One of my FAVORITE beers!

    14. Selma says:

      Blue Buck – my fave summertime beer. Beer and food pairing? Amazing!

    15. Rebecca says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter! My husband would love this!

    16. Samantha says:

      I love the phillips Blue Buck!

    17. Paul Shore says:

      Phillips Double Barrel Scotch Ale is the best beer of all time.

    18. mike snetsinger says:

      Blue Buck – was my first phillips beer – love the ipa and choclate porter, heck love em all

    19. Blue Buck is awesome! They did a ginger beer for a while which was good

    20. ian says:

      MMMMMMMMMMMM Beer!!!!!!!

    21. ian says:


    22. Cindy says:

      Blue Buck – feels so good on the lips!

    23. marisa. p says:

      Go Buck! Blue Buck, yum!

    24. Megan says:

      Blue Buck is one of my favs!

    25. Keith says:

      Blue Buck is the official rehearsal beer for my band!!

    26. Nat says:

      Blue buck has changed my life.

    27. colin says:

      longboat chocolate porter!!

    28. John says:

      blue buck !

    29. Sanaz says:

      I like the Wheatking Hefeweizen

    30. Torey says:

      Longboat Double Chocolate Porter. yum.

    31. Jessica Roberts-Farina says:

      As far as I know, this event is on Tuesday, May 10th. There is another VCBW event (Belgian Beer Showcase) on Monday, May 9th at Biercraft on Cambie.

    32. JA says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter is great 🙂

    33. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      @Jessica You are correct. I had originally drafted the post to give away tickets to the Red Racer event for Monday, which has since been canceled.

    34. Jen says:

      Amnesiac Double IPA is a favourite in our house!

    35. David D. says:


    36. Grace says:

      Chocolate porter!!

    37. jean says:

      original IPA!

    38. Ryan says:

      Blue Buck is my favourite beer and BierCraft is my local. What could be better?

    39. Summer says:


    40. Parker says:

      Love the Blue Buck!!

    41. Brenda says:

      Chocolate porter

    42. Cliff says:

      I really like the Double IPA

    43. Renfrew says:

      Blue Buck

    44. Charles says:

      Their Ginger beer is my fav

    45. Beth says:

      Longboat chocolate porter – yum!

    46. Stephen Rees says:

      Amnesiac – wonderful stuff

    47. Liam says:

      Mmmm…Longboat Chocolate Porter…yum

    48. John says:

      IPA all the way!

    49. Tim says:

      I like beer. Beer likes me. Wheatking!

    50. Meghan W says:

      Always wanted to try Chocolate Porter.

    51. noel says:

      Blue Buck

    52. callistus says:

      Chocolate Porter

    53. Yutaka says:

      Blue buck Yummm

    54. Lori says:

      Blue Buck for sure!

    55. Erica says:

      Blue Buck is my fave!

    56. Gina says:

      Blue Buck

    57. Mariella says:

      Blue Buck!

    58. Laura says:

      blue buck!!!!!

    59. Michael Kwan says:

      Can’t go wrong with a nice Hefe. Wheat King for me… (I have a feeling John Biehler would agree.)

    60. Don says:

      Phillips IPA beer

    61. Gary says:

      Phillips Blue Buck

    62. Katie says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter

    63. Heather Lindsay says:

      Blue Buck!

    64. Fiona says:

      Phillips Blue Buck – oh heck yes!

    65. Heather Bailey says:

      Phoenix- the original

    66. Teresa says:

      Blue Buck

    67. Martica Jay says:

      Phoenix Gold and Dr. Funk Dunkel keep it mellow man

    68. Liam says:

      Blue Buck!

    69. Tooth Fairy says:

      I’m gonna go with the Wheatking Hefeweizen for my choice!

    70. Michael says:


    71. Steve says:

      Blue Buck Lager is awesome. Thanks for the contest!

    72. Vanessa says:


    73. Robin says:

      Blue Buck!

    74. Christine says:

      Chocolate good 🙂

    75. Iris says:

      Chocolate Porter

    76. Cori says:

      Blue Buck!

    77. Gazza says:

      Blue Buck!

    78. melissa says:

      YUM…Original is my favorite!!

    79. adam knight says:

      love love love the long boat chocolate porter

    80. Ryan says:

      Amnesiac double IPA!

    81. Angie says:

      Blue buck… My first intro to phillips….

    82. Rob says:

      Blue Truck, I mean Blue Buck! 😉 such a great beer, by any name.

    83. vanessa says:

      One word. Amnesiac.

    84. I’ll go with their Hop Circle IPA, but Blue Buck is a great session beer.

    85. Hilary says:

      I love the Dr. Funk Dunkel!

    86. Jarryd says:

      Blue Buck!

    87. Jess says:

      Can’t wait to try the Coffee Stout!

    88. David Godsall says:

      Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA!

    89. Lindsay says:

      Mmmmm, Blue Buck. When it hits your lips!

    90. Jeanine says:

      mmmmm chocolate and beer. Together. Longboat chocolate porter.

    91. Andrea says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter!

    92. maria says:

      Amnesiac Double Ipa

    93. Tonya says:

      Blue buck and the longboat chocolate porter are amazing regulars and their pumpkin seasonal ale is definitely something to write home about!

    94. Ennie says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter

    95. Jase says:

      Blue Buck!!

    96. Chris says:

      The Phillips’ Longboat Chocolate Porter is amazing! I’d love to join the brewmaster and some Vancouverites for a delicious dinner and beers.

    97. Tracy says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter

    98. Maryanne says:

      Blue Buck is my favourite!

    99. Bonnie says:

      Longboat Chocolate Porter 🙂

    100. // Sarah says:

      Love the Blue Buck!

    101. Phy says:

      Longboat chocolate porter!

    102. Alison says:

      I <3 beer!

    103. Marline says:

      I’m currently enjoying the Amnesiac Double IPA…mmmmmmm!

    104. Karen O' Mahony says:

      I <3 Phillips chocolate porter

    105. Lindsay says:


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