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Regency Lexus CT200h Launch Party

Friday, April 1st, 2011 — 11:10am PDT
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A while back I came to know the family behind Regency Auto through a mutual friend and since that time we’ve worked together on a few events such as the upcoming launch party for the new Lexus CT200h hybrid.

Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus

The party will be Thursday, April 7th and everyone is invited to come down to 1778 Burrard (at 2nd in Kits) between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. There will be refreshments, giveaways, a DJ, catering by Copper Chimney, and a non-profit component supporting Charity: Water.

Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus

The CT200h is a sporty little hatchback that packs a punch even when it’s completely in ‘electric’ mode. John and I had the car for a day and liked all the tech (lots of room to plug in gadgets), the pick-up, the compact size, and of course all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from a luxury vehicle.

Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus
Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus

Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus

Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus

For a little incentive to show up at the launch event (tagged #RegencyParty on Twitter) Regency Lexus has exclusively partnered with me to give away a $1000 gift card for Holt Renfrew for a reader who can complete the following:

  • Head down to Regency Lexus on Burrard between now and April 7th then take a Foursquare photo or Twitpic with a product specialist and tag it #RegencyParty @Miss604, sharing to Twitter.
  • AND/OR… Leave a comment on this post listing one of the CT200h’s available colours (Hint: There are 7 options).
  • Once you’ve left a comment or stopped by the showroom, you must then be present at the party on April 7th in order to win.

    This is a pretty big prize so I think a comment entry or checking out the car for yourself would definitely be worthwhile. I will be giving a complete list of my comment, Foursquare, and Twitter entries to Izzam at Regency Auto so that he can do the draw on Thursday. Good luck and let me know what you think of the CT200h.

    Disclosure: No purchase necessary, open to anyone of driving age who can complete the requirements for entry. I did not receive any type of product or compensation for this campaign. You may enter the contest until 4:00pm on the day of the event, April 7th.

    Current contests on


    1. My personal fave: Matador Red Mica!

    2. Marc Smith says:

      I love the Smoky Granite Mica. I look forward to the launch party. Thanks Rebecca

    3. Alex says:

      Starfire Pearl White looks very nice

    4. Lawrence says:

      Daybreak Yellow Mica [Yellow] would look pretty cool

    5. Allison says:

      fire agate pearl is a colour. And a very nice one at that.
      But seriously, how cute is that car!?

    6. Phy says:

      My favorite would be Starfire Pearl – white cars are the best!

    7. Taigi says:

      Have to agree with Phy. Starfire Pearl looks nice.

    8. nance428 says:

      wow that rearview screen is pretty sweet!!! makes me want to trade in my acura!

    9. nance428 says:

      still like black the most….

    10. Anna says:

      Starfire pearl is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

    11. Teresa K says:

      Obsidian (Black)

    12. Jessica says:

      I’m actually quite intrigued by the Matador Red Mica. That would be my favourite with second place going to Daybreak Yellow Mica.
      It’s a hot ride! No surprise since it’s a Lexus:)

    13. missmarz says:

      I like the sleekness of Smoky Granite Mica

    14. Garrett says:

      Fire Agate Pearl!!

    15. John says:

      Fire Agate Pearl

    16. Roanne says:

      Starfire Pearl

    17. Gregory says:

      Have to go with the Fire Agate Pearl.

    18. Kevin says:


    19. Rebecca says:


    20. Danni K. says:

      Smoky Granite Mica & Tungsten Pearl! Very nice!

    21. Renee Thomson says:

      smokey mica granite, black, matador red

    22. Carlysoo says:

      Starfire pearl is quite divine!

    23. Karen W says:

      Obsidian is by far my favorite color!

    24. eman aziz says:

      Have to go with my favorite Obsidian.

    25. Mav says:

      Day Break Yellow

    26. Ad and Bon Fletcher says:

      I like Smoky Granite Mica…(Grey). Haha. Way to make Grey sound exciting!

    27. Ann says:

      fire agate pearl

    28. christina luo says:

      starfire pearl white looks gorgeous

    29. Janette says:

      Tough choice! Smoky Granite Mica or Fire Agate Pearl….sweet ride.

    30. Scott says:

      I like the Matador Red Mica best.

    31. Lyndsey says:

      Smokey Granite Mica. I always wanted a job where I could name paint colours.

    32. dennis says:

      Starfire pearl looks awesome!

    33. Kamela says:

      Smoky Granite Mica, fantastic color! See you at the launch party

    34. Bonnie H says:

      Tungsten Pearl

    35. Cameron says:

      Starfire Pearl

    36. Janice says:

      Smoky Granite Mica

    37. Dianne Chow says:

      I would choose the Matador Red Mica [Red]

    38. Christine says:

      Fire Agate Pearl ๐Ÿ™‚

    39. Anthony Ma says:

      smokey granite Mica is the BOMBSKIES

    40. Tanya says:

      Starfire Pearl White is a beauty

    41. Robin says:

      Love the Smokey granite mica!

    42. Jonathan says:


    43. Michelle Wong says:

      Smoky Granite Mica for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

    44. Regina says:

      Matador Red Mica shows off that personality, definitely my choice…Do we get a test drive on the day?

    45. nocal says:

      Starfire Pearl [White]

    46. A.J. says:

      Obsidian black looks pretty suave to me!

    47. Karen says:

      The Fire Agate Pearl looks good, can’t wait to check it out in person.

    48. Josip says:

      I like Fire Agate Pearl.

    49. Laureen says:

      I like the Smoky Granite Mica… such a pretty gray!

    50. Jack Wu says:

      Obsidian all the way =)

    51. Stephanie Li says:

      Too bad there isn’t pink! But the Starfire Pearl is gorgeous.

    52. mona says:

      Daybreak Yellow Mica — I like it!

    53. Simone says:

      The super sleek…smoky granite mica!

    54. Ami says:

      Starfire Pearl for sure!

    55. Scott says:

      Smoky Granite Mica is nice.

    56. Julia says:

      Tungsten Pearl [Gray] is definitely my pick

    57. Alan Liu says:

      The Smokey Granite Mica is nice….

    58. Faai says:

      I love Daybreak Yellow Mica.

    59. Rob says:

      Starfire Pearl is nice

    60. Amy says:

      Starfire Pearl (White) is definitely the one that stands out for me!

    61. Wendy says:

      Obsidian (black) rocks! She’s a beauty!

    62. Dal says:

      Starfire pearl. Lovely!

    63. Priscilla Cheung says:

      Starfire Pearl White – classic & favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

    64. Justin Lee says:

      Starfire Pearl ๐Ÿ™‚

    65. Megan says:

      I love to stand out so the Daybreak Yellow Mica would be my colour!

    66. Alex Cameron says:

      Obsidian [Black] because the name is awesome!

    67. Andrew says:

      Starfire Pearl White

    68. Sonia Kainth says:

      I only have one word – amazing!

    69. Lawrence Lua says:

      Starfire Pearl White would also be the colour of a shirt I’d get at Holt Renfrew ๐Ÿ˜€

    70. Larry says:

      I like tungsten pearl would stay the cleanest longer

    71. Sanaz says:

      I think the black one looks best

    72. myra says:

      Matador Red Mica …rawwwrrr

    73. Melinda says:

      the matador red mica looks hot!!

    74. Annie says:

      Smoky granite mica ๐Ÿ™‚

    75. Tracy says:

      Starfire Pearl is my favourite!

    76. gillyerin says:

      That Starfire Pearl is white hot!

    77. I like the obsidian (black). stealthy!

    78. Anna says:

      I like that Obsidian (Black)

    79. May C says:

      Obsidian (black)

    80. Bons says:

      Love Starfire Pearl (white).

    81. Guri says:

      Tungsten Pearl Gray

    82. Darryl F says:

      Fire Agate pearl – Hawt!

    83. Rachel says:

      Matador Red Miga is my choice

    84. Alice says:

      Starfire Pearl White looks amazing!

    85. Mila says:

      Matador Red Mica is a gorgeous babe!

    86. Terence Yee says:

      Obsidian ftw!

    87. Adam F says:

      Starfire Pearl White

    88. Bonnie Fletcher says:

      Matador Red Mica

    89. Cameron W. says:

      My favourite is Starfire Pearl White.

    90. brady carpenter says:

      starfire pearl white!

    91. Brendan Li says:

      Starfire Pearl White

    92. Brendan Li says:

      Smoky Granite Mica

    93. Fire Agate Pearl is my favourite

    94. Rebecca Bollwitt says:

      The party starts in 2 hours so I’m cutting off the comment entries now. Thank you to everyone for entering and I hope you’re present at the event if your name is called. Good luck!

    95. Ryan Cheung says:

      Starfire Pearl White

    96. Ben Tong says:

      Starfire pearl looks naice

    97. Stephanie says:

      love to win!! thanks!!!!

    98. RSmith says:

      Love the starfire pearl!

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