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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 — 3:09pm PDT
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I realized that I let my 6-year “blogiversary” slip past me yesterday as it was on November 22nd 2004 that I wrote my first blog post. I had the site up on Blogger for a while before that and had no idea what to publish. What I ended up posting was random and scattered. I spoke of rain, trains, and pancakes with candles made of butter.

First Blog Post

This blog grew from a silly hobby to being a true passion. I went from writing about snack food and coyotes in my driveway to co-authoring a book about blogging in 2010. The blog has brought me friends, colleagues, connections, the courage to start my own business, and amazing adventures.

What I’m most proud of is that has also helped raise close to $30,000 for charity over the years thanks to the generous support of readers. Without your clicks, comments, Tweets, and support, would not at all be what it is today.
Thank you.

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  1. Patrick Lok says:

    Congrats on six years Rebecca! I wonder how many hours that is…

  2. fotoeins says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary, and to six years of blogging! As a former resident of Vancouver, I’ve gained and learned a lot about the historical “then and now” posts, some of which I never knew, and all/most of which are in no doubt due to Chuck Davis’ influence.

    Finally, I would love to see a repeat of ” … rain, trains, and pancakes with candles made of butter.”

    Thank you, miss604.

  3. Janis La Couvée says:

    Rebecca – congratulations on 6 years of dedication. You were the first Vancouver blogger that I ever read. It’s been a pleasure to follow you from afar.

    You have been responsible for fundraising through your blog and offline efforts (Twestival) and were a major motivator for Twestival Victoria too!

    Thanks for providing the push that we needed to get Twestival Victoria off the ground.

  4. giggles says:

    Congratulations on your six year anniversary! I know what you mean about a blog taking on life of it’s own! You can never imagine the like minded folks you connect with!! Thanks for your time and effort to keep us all entertained!!!

  5. Raul says:

    As I said at WordCamp Fraser Valley (and I’ve said at all of my blogging/social media talks), I wouldn’t be half the blogger I am right now if I hadn’t read and learned from you, over coffee, lunch, attending and liveblogging events, etc. You have mentored me and taught me a lot of what I know about blogging, so – happy blogiversary! More importantly, you’ve become one of my best friends and I’m proud of our friendship. Much love always.

  6. Philip T. says:

    Just awesome! Congratulations on growing your blog in the right direction! Thank you for all your hard work and providing us with interesting information!

  7. Jenny says:

    You mentioned me in your very first post ! I’m honoured.

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