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Live Music Summer Recap & ShoreFest Rundown

Saturday, July 31st, 2010 — 11:31am PDT
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Going through our photos I realized that I haven’t yet posted about some of the concerts and live music I’ve experienced this month.

Ryan Dahle at the Biltmore
Familia and the Manvils played a showcase the other night celebrating Ryan Dahle‘s current album, Irrational Anthems. Dahle also produced the Manvils’ latest album.

Ryan Dahle at The Biltmore Manvils at The Biltmore

Ryan Dahle at The Biltmore

It was great to see Ryan Dahle on stage again since I was a big Limblifter and Age of Electric fan back in the day. You can pick up his album (available in record form) and preview some tunes on his website.

Blake Shelton at Tulalip
I admit, I’m not a country fan however I’m enough of a music fan to know live shows are almost always a good time, no matter the genre.

Blake Shelton at Tulalip

Blake Shelton at Tulalip Blake Shelton at Tulalip

Blake Shelton at Tulalip Blake Shelton at Tulalip

Blake Shelton at Tulalip

The outdoor amphitheatre at Tulalip is a great setting with a lawn, full service washrooms, VIP tents, and beer service. Headliner Blake Shelton saw one of my tweets about being in attendance and gave a shout out to “Canadians” on stage. Once the show was over the opening act, Chance McKinney headed inside the resort to play at the cabaret – a more intimate setting.

Wil at ShoreFest
ShoreFest is a free concert series at English Bay that has been presented every fireworks night this summer. We had the chance to see a few acts such as Wil, Kuba Oms and Spirit of the West.

Celebration of Light 2010: Spain

Celebration of Light 2010: Spain

Wil at ShoreFest

Tonight ShoreFest presents Jim Cuddy (8:00pm), Patrick Brealey (7:00pm), Yukon Blonde (6:00pm) on the main stage. While over on the Rogue Sunset Beach stage tonight there’s Jim Byrnes (4:45pm), Barney Bentall, Tom Taylor, Shari Ulrich (3:45pm), and Headwater (3:00pm). The both Shore stages open at 12:00pm.

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