Whale in False Creek

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 — 3:13pm PST
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This afternoon a grey whale (probably the one spotted in Howe Sound this weekend) wandering into False Creek. The whale swam right past Science World, the Olympic Village, and Granville Island where a few lucky onlookers were able to snap some photos.

Photo credit: @katerainy on Twitter

Photo credit: CTV Chopper 9

Photo credit: Vancouver Public Library on Flickr
Grey Whale in False Creek
Photo credit: Bike Hike Travel on Flickr

If you were able to capture the grey whale in a photo please consider adding it to the Miss604 Flickr Group and I’ll showcase it here (with credit of course).

Update CTV is reporting that the whale is still flirting with Vancouver waterways and was spotted well into the evening last night.

If you are trying to spot the whale I’ve been told to scan the horizon and keep your eyes peeled for air and water coming up from the blowhole. That big splash will immediately catch your attention.

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  1. Nabil Azab says:

    This is awesome! so majestic…

  2. Without a hint of sarcasm, I am so glad you report on this stuff. It’s so fulfilling to see nature engage us in this way — reminds us of what we should, and shouldn’t put into the ocean. I certainly hope he finds his group, and some food, again and continues heading north to breed..

  3. Tyler says:

    The whale was spotted again in False Creek today (or so I’ve heard).

    I havent actually gone out to go look for it, though if I had myself a water vessel, I would definitely go out and look for it 😉

  4. […] new job!) we went for our little walk down to the Inukshuk at English Bay. No, I did not see the Gray Whale that has been visiting False Creek, though it would be cool to see it. I unfortunately saw the result of a Gray Whale hitting the bow […]

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