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East Coast Good Times Out West

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 — 3:35pm PDT
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Doolin’s Irish Pub is presenting its 4th annual “East Coast Good Times” lobster dinner on Wednesday May 19th. John and I attended last year and it was a bib-tying, finger-licking, codfish-kissing good time.


For this year’s event they have offered up ten seats to Miss604 readers so I’ll be drawing 5 winners who can each bring a guest for dinner. The menu will include a whole lobster served with vegetables on the side and plenty of Alexander Keith’s ale. There will also be the traditional Newfoundland Screech-In if you care to partake.

Lobster Fest MmmmmIf you would like to attend the East Coast Good Times lobster dinner here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post (1 entry)
  • Use the Facebook “Share” button to post this to your profile (1 entry)
  • If you are a blogger, write your own post and link back here (2 entries)
  • Should you choose the second or third option, please leave a comment regardless to make sure I see your entry.

    What: East Coast Good Times lobster dinner
    Where: Doolins Irish Pub, 654 Nelson Street
    When: Wednesday May 19th, 2010 at 6:00pm
    More info: @doolins on Twitter

    Update The winning lobster-fest diners are taraden, Jenn W, Jessica, Pete, and Steve Keenan. Have a great dinner!

    Fine print: Total value of each dinner (for two) is about $100. I will draw 5 entries at random on Sunday May 16th.

    Current contests on


    1. Alex Cameron says:

      I am commenting because I love lobster, it’s super delicious.

    2. Julia says:

      Wow, sounds like a fun night! Would love to be entered in this draw. Thanks!

    3. Brian says:

      Fingers crossed! I’m heading off to the Maritimes the following week, so this could be a perfect warm-up!

    4. Jamie says:

      I’se the by who would like to eat the lobster! Please enter me in the draw. Many thanks.

    5. Brooke says:

      Mmmmm. Lobster.

    6. Kate says:

      Lobster & Beer? OK!

    7. Corey Tracey says:

      MmMm Lobster …. treat to the east-coast experience.

    8. Heather says:

      I love Lobster! Please pick me

    9. Corey Tracey says:

      MmMm Lobster …. treat to the east-coast experience…. +2 = Share button!

    10. East Coast comes to the West Coast and what better way to celebrate then with Lobster, nom nom nom… very good!

    11. Oana says:

      Oh absolutely!!

    12. Tricia says:

      mmmm… lobster!

    13. angela says:

      Sounds yummy!!!

    14. Mariska says:

      Never had East Coast lobster before! Count me in! ๐Ÿ™‚

    15. Linda says:

      Lobster! I’m in!

    16. maria says:

      I wish i was having this for dinner now!

    17. sandy says:

      MMMMMM…count me in!

    18. Dan says:

      I almost hate to say it, but I’d have to give East Coast lobster a slight edge over West Coast Dungeness crab.

    19. deni says:

      sounds fun! Yum!

    20. taraden says:

      mmm.. sounds delicious. Even the screech, lol! AND it would give me a night out and much deserved break from my 3 yr old son!!

      I used all entry methods for this one….

      post on my blog….

      And on my Facebook…!/taraden

      Cheers to all that entered and good luck!

    21. simone says:

      I’d really like to win these tickets, fingers crossed.

    22. Lynda says:

      You had me at bib-tying! Sign me up! ๐Ÿ˜€ I will do the Facebook Share thing too! WOOOHOOO!

    23. Troy says:

      Dat der lobster gonna be sum good I tells ya by!

    24. Sherry says:

      OMG! I love lobster…..hope you pick me! Have bib will spill butter.

    25. Joyce says:

      Lobster? Yes please!

    26. Kristen says:

      Lobster + Beer = yes please!

    27. Alex says:

      I love lobster…hope I get picked.

    28. Debra says:

      Wow! This sounds great! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before now!

    29. Anna says:

      Lobster is so yummy! I hope I get to go try it ๐Ÿ™‚

    30. Matthew says:

      Eat lobster to suppress my feelings about the Canucks

    31. lori says:

      lobster & Irish goodness – yum!

    32. Megan says:

      Lobster? Beer? I’m all for it!

    33. Jenn W says:

      This sounds like a blast!

    34. Michael Kwan says:

      A whole lobster and flowing Keiths? Count me in! Facebook shared too:

    35. Tracy says:

      Yes please to lobster!

    36. Laura says:

      Awesome! I’m part newf and still haven’t kissed my cod yet!!!!! Let the baymen win!

    37. laura says:

      Omg this is awesome!! Im part newf and still havent kissed my cod yet! Cheer the displaced baymen on!!

    38. Brenda says:

      I love lobster, and as a new business owner I haven’t gone out a whole lot lately. This sounds like fun!

    39. James says:

      I think the Screech will be better at suppressing your feelings about the Canucks.. And everything else..

    40. Richard says:

      I can’t eat lobster, but my girlfriend would sure love this.

    41. Sabine says:

      I never had a whole lobster before. That would be a great prize!

    42. miraj k says:

      lobsters are delicious!

    43. A L says:

      That’s a lot of food!

    44. Pete says:

      I love lobster!

    45. PLO says:

      One whole lobster? Yum!

    46. Ying says:

      You’ve got to have a big bib for this meal!

    47. Rose says:

      OMG. I love that silly bib.

    48. ari says:

      Love to win this

    49. wono99 says:

      oh man that looks delicious!

    50. laura says:

      i <3 lobster.

    51. Brenda says:

      oooh I love lobster!

    52. Simon says:

      A little Jiggs dinner as well? ๐Ÿ™‚

    53. FMC says:

      Such an awesome giveaway. Would love to win.

    54. FMC says:

      Posted on my facebook

    55. Becky says:

      Would LOVE this. Am from New Brunswick, and missing lobster badly!

    56. James says:

      you had me at “Newfoundland Screech-In”

    57. Heather says:

      Always love a good lobster feast!

    58. Steve Keenan says:

      Alexander Keith’s!!
      Giv us a bitta dat luh !!!

    59. Leanne says:

      I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this, but I seem to miss it every year! Take this Westcoast girl to the Eastcoast for a night, please!

    60. ALO says:

      Oh well, I try keeping a lobster as pet once.

    61. SIMON says:

      Hi I like to be part of the lobster for 2

    62. Teresa says:

      This is making me hungry.

    63. Jeremy says:

      I LOVE lobster! What a great night that would be!

    64. Jen says:

      I would love to win this prize ๐Ÿ™‚ The pictures you posted from last year look amazing!

    65. Jen says:

      I shared this post on my Facebook page!

    66. Dee says:

      Delish! I haven’t had lobster in such a long time.

    67. Lilia says:

      Pick me! I would love to attend this party!

    68. The Princess says:

      PLEASE pick me! The Pig and I would love to check this out and review it for our blog!

    69. Sal says:

      Lobster, yummy!

    70. aria says:

      I love the east coast and lobsters.

    71. Janice says:

      I’d love a lobster dinner!

    72. Jessica says:

      Looks like a great time! Hope I get picked!

    73. Jessica says:

      Also posted to facebook.

    74. Veronica says:

      Cool! Those lobsters look huge…

    75. Jeremy says:

      “Shared” on my Facebook page!

    76. Lindsay says:

      mmmmm lobster (and keiths)

    77. Areta says:

      A great prize!

    78. Xingji says:

      Lobster sounds good.

    79. Ann says:

      I’ve been craving a good lobster dinner for months.

    80. Safiq maje says:

      Mmm lobster my old friend it’s been so long..

    81. Bonnie says:

      More please~! Love lobster!

    82. astarte says:

      there is nothing better than east coast lobster!

    83. Gerry says:

      Give away something and Wow, every body is your friend.

      I’ll share with my acquaintance’s.

    84. Sherry says:

      just checking to see if winners picked yet….maybe I am still in the running!

    85. sandy says:

      lobster lobster lobster! am i too late?

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